[SURF] Incredible Footage of Ian Walsh at P-Pass & more

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The word perfection is overused in the culture of surfing. Perhaps it's time we reseated our expectation back to when it actually meant something. When last did someone tell you it was epic, all time and perfect and i...

[VIDEO] Chris Emerick Motion

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My buddy Chris Emerick from Hood River has just recently released a sick demo reel of his motion clips shot all over the place. Super fun and definitely a guy you want to hire for your complete video production.ht...

[Outrigger] Malalo Pailolo Running Bump 6 man

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You know there is riding bumps and then there is riding bumps! This is an absolutely epic bump run from Team Mellow Johnny's and Malolo Nui racing in the latest Pure Canoe.Filmed by Earl Kam Pailolo Channel 2013.

[Quadcopter] Robert McInstosh Magic Flight

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Amazing flying by drone flyer maestro Robert McIntosh over the California Desert.

[Surf] Patrick Mullen POV Shacks in Mainland Mexico

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Patrick Millin getting incredible point of view tube time footage during a recent trip down to Mexico

Huge Bells Beach ’81

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The Rip Curl Pro this weekend definitely got the juices flowing at the household. For some reason sharing the content is disabled by ASP in a an archaic attempt to somehow restricting people to their own website. So I...

[SUP] Livio Menelau Downwind at Maliko

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Mark Raaphorst built a new camera mount that Jeremy Riggs connected to the back of a SIC race board, then  teamed up with Livio Menelau to take it out for a test run out of Maliko Gulch.

[SURF] Alex Gray Slaber Nackle

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Alex Gray stands tall in hydraulic vortices all around the world.Created By: Mike NultyMusic by: Tame Impala "Half Full Glass of Wine"

[SUP] Perfect Little Maliko Downwinder

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Doesn't get much better than Jeremy Riggs at Maliko Gulch during the Summer runs at Maliko Gulch in Hawaii

[WOW] Huge Landslide Almost Takes Them Out

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Heavy situation when boaters are alerted by the sound of breaking trees and just avert a disaster.

[SURF] Absolutely Epic Day in the Mentawai’s

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Macaronis report sees some unbelievably good surf during the middle on Winter in the Mentawai's Islands. This edit shot specifically on April 9-16, 2013 shows Macaronis, Secret Rights and Greenbush on fire. They did h...

The Box During The ASP Contest in West Oz 2014

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Before the ASP World Tour hit The Box in WA for it's inaugural heats, some the best surfers in the world were lighting it up with solid tube riding performances in anticipation the coming Round 5 and onepalmMEDIA.com ...

Summary of the 2014 Duzi Canoe Marathon

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Incredible summary of the 2014 Dusi Canoe Marathon that finished amidst a frenzy of celebrations when Andy Birkett and Sbonelo Zondi crossed the finish line at Blue Lagoon in Durban. In front of thousands of supporter...

[SURF] Massive Chilean Left Experience

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Nate Fletcher and Kohl Christensen travel to Chile to follow a perfect swell and what they find is life changing. Cold water, heavy water and a massive yet perfect left hander breaking just off a fishing village. Afte...

[SURF] Mad Skilz Skimboarders at The Wedge

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I have no idea how I missed this edit from last year. The boys at The Wedge in Newport Beach, CA have stepped up there game in smaller surf pretty amazing stuff.

[SURF] Bennie Richardson Pulls Amazing Ride at Shipsterns

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Bennie Richardson managed to navigate a serious inverted drop and navigates ledges, warbles and mutant steps to get shacked off his gord on the ledge. Amazing ride!

Laird Hamilton on a foil board

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Laird Hamilton is known for a lot of things but less so for his foil board escapades. This will open your eyes!

Pa’a `Eono Iron Crossing – Maui to Molokai to Ohau 2011

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The Pa’a `Eono Outrigger Race is an historic race and it is the first of its kind in recent times and helps bring back part of the history of canoe paddling.The PA’A ‘Eono Hoe is a progressive distance race.  For...

I lost my paddleboard and was alone 2 miles offshore in a gale

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Mark Rathsam the Deputy Lifeguard Chief for the City Of Del Mar was having an uneventful day when he received a concerned call from Brian Szymanski. Mark had been friends with Brian for many years and knew that he was...

Belharra Meets Hercules – Massive Paddle Sesh

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Huge possibilities come to reality at Belharra in France as some of the world's top big wave chargers attempt to ride "Hercules". This edit has an incredible angle of World paddleboard champion Jamie Mitchell's attemp...

[SUP] 6 Annoying Things About Stand Up Paddling (& Others)

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SUP's 6 Most Annoying Traits I love Stand Up! In fact I'm doing Molokai on a Stand Up this year. The fact is that observing SUP closely enough exposes some annoying traits so why not talk about them. 1. I'm a Team R...

Camelbak Molokai Hydration Pack for SUP Racers and Stand Up Paddlers

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BUY the Camelbak Molokai Hydration PackThe popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding continues to grow, with board sales more than double this year over last. Looking to address the specific hydration needs of this e...

Carnage at the Na Wahine O Ke Kai Paddle Out 2012

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I had only seen pictures but here are some scenes from the paddle out through high surf at Hale O Lono harbor for to starting line of the 2012 Na Wahine O Ka Kai canoe race from Molokai to Oahu on September 22, 2012. ...

Are you ready – Rise and Shine!

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Truly motivational video from Nike inspiring people to fight for victory till the last breathDownload the MP3 Rise and Shine Nike CommercialDownload MP4 video Nike 'Rise and Shine' commercial - Find Your Great...

Sick Shots from the Best of the Web

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The new Best of the Web 5 by Luc BergeronSubscribe to Luc on Vimeo

Carpe Natibus

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Shot this winter in MauiNew video here : vimeo.com/72300807Like us on Facebook : facebook.com/PetoleProdDirected by Olivier SAUTET MUSIC : When I'm small - Phantogram

New Garmin GPS | The Foreunner 910XT Perfect for SUP

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Garmin continues to expand its huge range of GPS products with the release of the Forerunner 910XT, a multi-sports watch that can be used for paddling, cycling, swimming and running.With more Molokai Channel cross...

P-Pass on Fire

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Salivating shacks are the norm at this notoriously heavy spot somewhere in the Pacific. The crew includes Dave Wassel, Alex Gray, Koa and Alex Smith, Luke Davis, Ricardo Dos Santos and Gordo.. 

Alex Martin – Horrible Mavericks Wipeout

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It stands to reason that being prepared for the worst before paddling Mavericks is a very good idea.  Alex Martin doesn't make the section on a solid set wave, suffers a three wave hold down and is saved from tour acr...