[Surf] Kepa Acero – Life Escapes you, Fight for Life

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"To live in accordance with how one thinks. Be yourself and don't try to impose your criteria on the rest. I don't expect others to live like me. I want to respect people's freedom, but I defend my freedom. And that c...

[SURF] Kirra Absolutely Firing

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The Mad Hueys rock on there Kirra edits!

[SURF] North West African Outbound

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Although not "new wave discovery" (see below) this North African adventure as claimed by producers Benjamin Sanchis and Marc Lacomare, this is an excellent edit with Marc Lacomare and Benjamin Sanchis.  This super sup...

[SURF] PORTUGAL has had a great Winter

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Aritz Aranburu, Gony Zubizarreta, Hodei Collazo, Imanol Yeregi and Indar Unanue have taken full advantage of the Portuguese super fun surfing season.

[SUP] Stand up Surf Paddle Compilation

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Pretty extensive compilation of clips from the world of stand up paddle surfing through 2014. It's missing some key footage from Jaws, Tahiti, Pipeline but entertaining nonetheless. Specifically interesting are: S...

[SURF] Au Chilon French Beachbreak shacks

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WQS charger Au Chilon Joan Duru schools us with his solid backside attack and insane barrel riding skills at some of France's key beachbreaks. About half way through we get a glimpse at some step-off's action.

[SURF] Mundaka as a Right

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There are fewer left points in the world, but they make up for the lack of quantity with incredible quality. Mundaka, Spain's notorious left sand point can be better appreciated by regular foot surfers as a Right!

[SURF] Hot Buttered’s Derek Hynd and Kye Fitzgerald Single Fin or Finless

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Finless guru Derek Hynd and Hot Buttered's freak Team member Kye Fitzgerald lay it down in the Sahara Desert.

[SUP] Mo Freitas Surf and Racing Year

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17 year old SUP master Mo Freitas has had a great year and  is already an all around Waterman. Growing up in Hawaii, at his young age, Mo has already raked in a vast amount of podium finishes. Some of his most impress...

[SUP] Sick Surf Session with Ryan Helm & Brandon Rambo

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[SURF] Jordy Smith at Africa’s Kirra

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Jordy finds some solace from his hard core paced world travels at an East Coast empty point lineup somewhere in Tropical Africa.

[SURF] Supertubos Peniche Turns on

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Supertubos is a left in Peniche, Portugual that was host to a bunch of solid international goofy footers like Anthony Walsh and Nat Young recently.  

[Paddle] Team Bark at the Catalina Classic Paddleboard 2014

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Chris Aguilar is a shooter who focuses on work for Bark Paddleboard and Quickblade paddles in South California. This edit shows Team Bark at the grueling 32 mile Catalina Classic paddleboard race for prone paddlers...

[SURF] Aussie Desert Slab

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South Oz displays it's ruggedness, perfection and power

CJ Hobgood faceplants on a rock

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CJ Hobgood almost faceplants on a rock whilst freesurfing at the Cascais Billabong Pro after claiming an aerial to Felipe  Toledo. Video by Bruno Lemos www.lemosimages.com @lemosimages

[SURF] Moroccon Hidden Treasure

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Surfing in Morocco searching for hidden treasures! Morocco goes off in early December various riders like Benjamin Sanchis, Romain Laulhe, Tristan Guilbaud and Aritz Aranburu traveled to Morocco to score big barrel...

[SURF] Cabo The Arch shows it’s true self before Hurricane Odile

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The Arch breaks infrequently, but when it does it cranks!

[SURF] Matahi Drollet Uber bomb during the filming of Point Beak 2

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Matahi Drollet, the 17-year-old brother of local legend Manoa Drollet blew everyone away towing around the Hollywood show at Teahupoo

Pa’a `Eono Iron Crossing – Maui to Molokai to Ohau 2011

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The Pa’a `Eono Outrigger Race is an historic race and it is the first of its kind in recent times and helps bring back part of the history of canoe paddling. The PA’A ‘Eono Hoe is a progressive distance race.  For...

P-Pass on Fire

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Salivating shacks are the norm at this notoriously heavy spot somewhere in the Pacific. The crew includes Dave Wassel, Alex Gray, Koa and Alex Smith, Luke Davis, Ricardo Dos Santos and Gordo..  

Are you ready – Rise and Shine!

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Truly motivational video from Nike inspiring people to fight for victory till the last breath Download the MP3 Rise and Shine Nike Commercial Download MP4 video Nike 'Rise and Shine' commercial - Find Your Great...

I lost my paddleboard and was alone 2 miles offshore in a gale

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Mark Rathsam the Deputy Lifeguard Chief for the City Of Del Mar was having an uneventful day when he received a concerned call from Brian Szymanski. Mark had been friends with Brian for many years and knew that he was...

[SUP] 6 Annoying Things About Stand Up Paddling (& Others)

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SUP's 6 Most Annoying Traits I love Stand Up! In fact I'm doing Molokai on a Stand Up this year. The fact is that observing SUP closely enough exposes some annoying traits so why not talk about them. 1. I'm a Team R...

Video – Yolo 2010 Seaside Celebration & Chuck Patterson Nikki Gregg SUP Race Clinics

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Yolo Board 2010 Seaside Celebration! Chuck Patterson SUP Race Clinic, Nikki Gregg SUP Boot Camp,Heritage Concert, Outtakes and more Fun Clips! Stand up paddle magazine & Buckner Productions Visit Chucks Bl...

Camelbak Molokai Hydration Pack for SUP Racers and Stand Up Paddlers

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BUY the Camelbak Molokai Hydration Pack The popularity of Stand Up Paddle Boarding continues to grow, with board sales more than double this year over last. Looking to address the specific hydration needs of this e...

Maui’s Maliko Run – The Mecca for Downwind Training and Racing

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Paddling Maliko Gulch to Kaului on a stand up paddle board is an awesome summer activity. The nine mile run is fully exposed to strong trade winds making it a great spot for windsurfers or stand up paddler's looking ...

Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg Featured in Skiing Magazine Article

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Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg have been featured in a Skiing Magazine article about whitewater stand up paddling. Here’s the link.  Check it out! http://www.skinet.com/skiing/fondue-party/athletes/2010/07/whitewater-sta...

Belharra Meets Hercules – Massive Paddle Sesh

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Huge possibilities come to reality at Belharra in France as some of the world's top big wave chargers attempt to ride "Hercules". This edit has an incredible angle of World paddleboard champion Jamie Mitchell's attemp...

New Garmin GPS | The Foreunner 910XT Perfect for SUP

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Garmin continues to expand its huge range of GPS products with the release of the Forerunner 910XT, a multi-sports watch that can be used for paddling, cycling, swimming and running. With more Molokai Channel cross...

Carnage at the Na Wahine O Ke Kai Paddle Out 2012

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I had only seen pictures but here are some scenes from the paddle out through high surf at Hale O Lono harbor for to starting line of the 2012 Na Wahine O Ka Kai canoe race from Molokai to Oahu on September 22, 2012. ...