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Downwind paddling SIC Maliko Run Maui

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Top maui paddlers run the north shore of Maui in open ocean stand-up boards gliding on open ocean wind swells.

Starboard Riders Dave Muir and Tama Audibert wins 1st and 2nd place in the Tahitian Waterman league.

Friday, May 28th, 2010

Starboard receives  1st and  2nd place honors in the Tahitian  Waterman league,
the Worlds premier paddle board event.

Starboard team rider Dave Muir ( Australia) and Tama Audibert ( Tahiti)  indicates that Starboard shapes
are not only working in “normal” conditions but also are the best in the  most demanding conditions like Tahiti’s  Teahupoo  .
Waterman league report:
“After two epic semi finals, it was to be the Australian Dave Muir that came out on top of the first, throwing massive spray off every turn and linking right through from the point to the inside. Tama Audibert was the next to go through, taking out legends Arsene Harehoe and Vetea David in the process. In the other semi, it was to be Aaron Napoleon and Tahutini Heifara who came out on top, despite a strong push from Hawaiian Ikaika Kawai and Kekoa Uemura.

It was however to remain Dave Muir’s day, as he dominated the finals of the He’e Nalu TNTV Sapinus Pro presented by Air Tahiti Nui! Powerful turns with critical positioning earned him the Title here in Tahiti on this beautiful Thursday morning. Although it was not the giant barrels of yesterday, there were still some phenomenal waves to be ridden and Dave found them and used them to his advantage – a worthy champion in every respect. It was then a battle between Aaron Napoleon and Tama Audibert for 2nd place, with Tama clinching the advantage just seconds before the horn sounded with a complete last wave that brought him just 0.27 above Aaron, who was, until that point, safely in 2nd. In fourth it was to be Tahiti’s Tahutini Heifara.”

Starboard Team Management report:
“Earning your respect as a new rider isn’t always easy, but Dave’s humbled personality and fearless style proved himself against all odds.
He started his professional career in Tahiti –09 where he became the people’s Champion after having by far most hits on the Waterman league’s online scorings.
He continued in to –010 and the Hawaiian Sunset beach event. Even though he was a little unfortunate with getting the connecting waves during his heats he still walked away as a Champion after receiving the unique Price of Honor, -a handcrafted paddle given out by the most respected judges.
Dave is a Champion in many ways and we at Starboard SUP are extremely proud of having him on our Team.

Congratulations to Dave, Tama and Scott Mc Kercher.
Scott  has been the cornerstone in the development program.
He coached our team to victory and also found himself in 17th position.”

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tahiti contest.

Monday, May 24th, 2010

Well we’re into the second day here at the waterman’s league world tour and have been trying to figure the place out.Pretty fun wave with a bit of a shifty peak. Not many barrels yet, but apparently the swells have been too south. dave Muir has had people talking as he’s been ripping the place apart on his 9,8×29. The first round of the trials were held today in pretty challenging choppy onshore conditions. They decided to call it quits because conditions were just too sloppy, so round two is on hold till 6.30 tomorrow morning. I managed to get second in my heat of three people so am still in the game. But there are quite a few tahitian rippers in the trials, so it’s not going to be easy. Unlike the pace of life here. It’s sunday today, and everybody is on ultra cruise mode. We’re doing it pretty tough too staying at Le meridean hotel which is right in front of the wave. It’s too perfect.

Nutrition and Me

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

SUP racing Food Wars. Byron Kurt, E J and myself talking body fuel…
Chuck’s Pre Race Nutrition
Pre race prep nutrition has always been very important to me, whether I’m racing, training, paddling long distance or SUP surfing; I always make sure I’ve fueled the machine.
During a normal week of training, I get all my nutrition supplements from Nutrition Zone and I have 3 stacked protein shakes a day, Blended ingredients – (High protein/carb matrix powder, glutamine powder, Amino acids, multi vitamins, fish oil tablets, 2 bananas, strawberries, blue berries, egg whites, Flax seed oil, bee pollen, honey, scoop ice cream and non fat milk) around 1500 calories each along with my regular 3 meals a day.

Everybody has their own way of fueling the body while training and what works for me may not work for you, but you can have a lot of fun experimenting.
The day before a race is where I stretch and take it easy and boost my carb intake with pasta, potatoes, rice and bread. I also make it a point to over hydrate with lots of water all day long.
The morning of the race, I wake up early and have a big bowl of oatmeal and a protein shake. it’s really important to eat food that digests easily so that you don’t have a full stomach and get a cramp while racing.
An hour before the race, I will drink a high potassium, electrolyte filled pre work out shake and half a protein bar, followed with another 22 ounces of water. As long as I’m completely hydrated, I can paddle a 10 mile race without taking any water with me. If I’m paddling long distance like the Molokai crossing, I will eat a bunch of Hammer gels, drink pure coconut milk and have a bag of plain pasta or a carb/protein drink to keep me fueled for the long haul.
At the end of the race, I will run to the car and drink another high protein/carb shake and a bottle of coconut milk to help replenish my muscles and help with quick recovery.
I have this ritual that I share with another racing competitor “Thomas Shahinian” that after every race we both eat a huge piece of Claim Jumpers double chocolate cake and a tall glass of milk. I have a huge sweet tooth, so to me that is the same as an ice cold beer. ha ha
The most important thing to remember when choosing your pre race and post race nutrition; is to stick with what works for you and if you want to change and test other products, make sure you do it with plenty of time before a race, so that if it does not agree with your body, you can always go back to what worked in the past. Many times, racers will try something new while racing without testing it before hand and then they get sick or hit the wall or bonk because their body reacts differently then what it’s used to when your pushing it at a high level.
Train hard, eat often, remember to rest and on race day, never look back the race is in front of you, but always remember to smile when it’s over. Happy racing and I hope to see you on the water.

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My world of racing

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Name     Chuck Patterson
Home     Dana Point, CA
Height & Weight    6’2   ,   220 lbs
Equipment:       Hobie 12’6 Elite Carbon Race, 14′ Elite Carbon Race, 18′ Unlimited Elite carbon Race
Paddle:           Kialoa, Nalu & Shaka Pu’u paddle blades with custom 86″ stiff shaft.
Additional:       Rainbow Fin co.  CWP Race weed fin 10″-12″, OnIt racing speed polish, Watermans sunscreen, Hobie sunglasses, H2O Audio waterproof Ipod music case & headphones, pre & post race nutrition by Nutrition Zone.

I enjoy training in rough, windy conditions on a shorter board then what I would use on race day. Long & short distances, sprints & down winders; I love challenging myself in everything.

Mark Johnson shaping my Hobie 18' unlimited race board

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