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Revisit those feelings! Fun OC1, Paddleboard and Surfski Videos From The Past

Friday, December 31st, 2010
Molokai Solo 2000
Molokai Solo 2003
Danny Ching armless 2005
2006 Molokai Solo
Mick’s 2009 Race
Médéric Berthe at Catalina 2010
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Kamp Kalama……….

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Well I just got back from a fun trip to the state’s which saw me go to the Maverick’s Opening Ceremony in Northern California which is now the Jay Moriarity Event and then straight to Hawaii for the Eddie Opening Ceremony. Both Ceremony’s were awesome and a honor to be involved with. After the Eddie I had about 7 days to hang out and do whatever I please. The Triple Crown was on and the whole surf circus in on the Nth Shore so I called my mate Davo on Maui and said hey I’m on my way.

I love Maui and hanging with Dave and his Family.. They have a beautiful place up on one of the Mountain’s there and its so refreshing to be able to go back after a day on the ocean and Unwind. Every time we get together we always find stuff to do whether its ocean based or land based. It’s funny cause we have this relationship that’s pretty cool that we can talk about anything to do with Paddling,SUP Surfing,Technique, how we are training and what we are doing to improve, nutrition and how we can help each other out to get better and saving the world etc haha.. But we want to kick each other’s ass at everything as well.. We are how shall I say COMPETITIVE with each other. Its a good thing but. I think we thrive on it. Dave won Molokai this year on the SUP and after the previous year and his troubles in the race i think i was more stoked than him. I saw the effort he put in this year and the pain from the year before. But what i do know is that he wasn’t completely satisfied! Why? Because he doesn’t have the fastest time across the channel on a Paddleboard. Yes he does on the SUP but i have a faster time on the paddleboard.. He wants that record. And he told me so. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it is really special to have a bond like that which is open and honest and where we are willing to try to help each other to beat each other? Funny hey..
My time this trip on Maui was no different to most. I call it Kamp Kalama. From beach workouts to 1 man Maliko runs to my 1st Mountain Bike trail run we did alot. Then add our HORSE competitions on the Basketball Court(yes Dave is a Fanatic Lakers Fan) and our famous 7 hr Cornhole contest with about 25 Coors Light’s to boot and u have a action filled week. Oh yeah i forgot to mention we taught 3 Tour de France riders from Team Garmin how to SUP and got them out on Dave’s 4 man.
But i must say the most defining experience of my trip was a pretty funny moment i had while i was babysitting Dave’s son Cash. He was asleep upstairs and i thought how easy is this till i hear Dadda Dadda.. So i raced upstairs to Cash saying Poop Poop and pointing to his Diaper. So hear i am trying to work out what to do next while the whole time Cash is telling me how to change his Diaper.It was too funny. I pulled it off but. I was pretty Proud. haha.
So in finishing if anyone is thinking of going to Maui and needs that extra help with there stroke or some coaching then Dave is your man. Check out his blog and you will see what i mean. He has a wealth of Knowledge that goes far beyond Paddling. You will come out a better person as well… Or check out his Kamp Kalama Camps he does.
Thanks for another great trip mate and watch out I’m practising my Jump shot’s haha.
Im going to attach a video of Dave predicting my next year of racing. Don’t miss it it’s quite funny.

Kalama Interview from Jamie Mitchell’s Blog on Vimeo.

Dave Kalama’s Blog on PA


Video – Leco Salazar SUP ripping

Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Leco Salazar World Stand Up TourHere some interesting footage of Brazilian Leco Salazar. He is one of the top Brazilian SUP surfers and won the Mormaii Ibiraquera Pro, the Brazilian stop on the Stand Up World Tour in September, 2010. Looks to me like he may either be leaving his center fin out or just using small thruster side fins to keep his board super loose, using the pintail design to keep control.

Leco’s father, Picuruta is a 10 time longboard champion and a Brazilian surfing legend and Leco is following in his father’s footsteps and is absolutely ripping.


SUP Clinic – Nikki Gregg & Dan Gavere April 3-8th 2011

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Join us us in beautiful Costa Rica at The Zancudo Lodge for an all-inclusive 6 day and 5 night adventure of training, fun & inspiration at our 2011 SUP clinic; with SUP fitness evangelist and founder/owner of NRG Lifestyle Fitness Nikki Gregg and her partner Dan Gavere of Werner Paddles. Nikki is known for her fun, yet challenging, workouts where results are hard earned. As Nikki likes to say, “There is nothing worse than a boring workout!

Package includes:

  • All transfers to and from San Jose and Zancudo lodge.
  • Max 1 night lodging in San Jose.
  • All lodging at Zancudo Lodge.
  • Three full meals a day at the lodge.
  • All alcoholic/non alcoholic drinks during meals.
  • Two seperate day tours at the lodge.

Dave Kalama – Use Your hips while paddling

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Many of the technical parts in a good stroke come from canoe paddling because canoe paddling and canoe strokes have been practiced and refined for hundred, perhaps thousands of years. Extending your arm all the way forward, twisting the upper torso towards the extended arm, bending at the waist slightly to extend all the way forward, extending the shoulder itself forward to get absolutely every inch of reach you possibly can.  All of these are vital to maximizing your potential, and any good canoe paddling coach will pound them into your practice. But there is one thing you won’t hear from canoe paddling coaches because its unique to Standup Paddling. Using your hips.

Hip movement is an overlooked but critical element of thrusting forward. I like to tell people to envision pulling yourself to the paddle as opposed to pulling the paddle to you. The main reasons for this is because when you envision pulling yourself to the paddle, you will naturally try to pull your whole body to the paddle. By default that means pulling your hips( or your center of mass) up to the paddle, whereas when you try to pull the paddle to you, you will automatically drop the hips back and anchor them there so that you can pull the paddle to you, just as you would pull a rope in a “tug of war”. What’s the difference between the two? Pulling your body to the paddle creates forward momentum, pulling the paddle to you doesn’t.

As always, you need to exaggerate the movement to feel it’s effect, and then add it to your conscious practice. As you do that it will pattern into muscle memory and become part of your stroke. To integrate the hips thrust them forward while you are pulling on the paddle, so that as the shoulders and torso pull back the hips thrust forward and meet in an upright body position. You will feel the board thrust forward as the movement draws your feet under your hips and you straighten. Just thrusting the hips into the stroke at any random moment won’t do much. It has to be synchronized with the pull of the paddle, so that your maximum point of hip thrust corresponds with your maximum amount of pull on the paddle. That hip thrust can easily account for an extra inch or two of forward movement per stroke. Again, as an individual action it doesn’t account for to much, but when added up over thousands of strokes it can begin to make a significant difference.

In pure flatwater paddling or long distances you won’t use this stroke element constantly, it uses your large central muscles which burn a lot of energy. But if you practice the movement so you can engage it smoothly over the length of a sprint it can help you catch bumps for down wind. In sprint races it can be your ace in the hole, that lets you break away from the pack, or pass your rival before the finish.

Best of luck with integrating this into your stroke. I know these fine tuning elements can be hard to master through a written description. I’ve had a lot of success in teaching these refinements at Kalama Kamps and individual training sessions. It’s really interesting to see how much faster people can paddle when they  pull together all these bits–even in a single day of instruction. If you visit Maui remember I am available for one on one coaching when my schedule allows. The winter big wave season makes that a little more difficult to coordinate, but if you’re interested just contact me through the “Contact Dave” tab at the top of the page or just fill in the Contact Dave form in the sidebar.

Aloha, Dave

Visit Dave’s site: A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

Mark Colino – The Ice Man cometh….

Saturday, December 11th, 2010

If you live where temperatures go below freezing in the winter, you have 3 choices when it comes to flat water paddling:

Jamie Mitchell Suzi Cooney for Kaenon Sunglasses

  1. Don’t ( Not acceptable if you’re truly hooked).
  2. Buy a plane ticket to somewhere warm
  3. Dress appropriately and go!

Since #1 & #2 aren’t in my current budget, I’ll share some tips for #3.

  1. Before getting dressed, put some high energy music on to get you psyched & elevate your heart rate.
  2. Get dressed indoors!  Don’t wait until you are at your launch spot to get dressed.  If you start warm it’s easier to stay warm.  If you start cold it’s harder to get warmer.
  3. Wear a wicking layer under your paddling pants or sleeveless longjohn (Starboard makes a nice one)  & a tight fitting wicking layer under a looser paddling jacket. You will sweat no matter how cold it is.  A full wetsuit is too restrictive for flat water training or touring where you’re most likely are not going to fall in.
  4. Wear 7mm booties & 6mm mitts.  Your feet are farthest from your heart & not moving much, so get thick booties!  Bring a water bottle with hot water in it and pour it down your boots right before you start.  Gloves allow for better grip & switch on the paddle, but mitts are warmer since your fingers are all together. Come spring, when you take them off you will find you actually improved your efficiency!
  5. Wear a moisture wicking beanie (Da Kine makes one). If you go heavy wool style, you’re sweat will start to freeze on the hat. (not good)
  6. Don’t forget your hydration pack. Even in the cold your muscles need to be hydrated.
  7. Don’t paddle alone & wear a leash!  In freezing temperatures, things can wrong real fast!
  8. If you need motivation, imagine yourself beating an arch rival who is sitting at home getting slow & heavy.  Or how fortunate you are to have the physical ability and means to be able to sup.

Remember, excuses don’t excuse us! They accuse us. I’ll see you out there.

Mark Colino is “Head” Coach of Stand Strong Paddle Fitness, a sales rep for Starboard SUP’s & a Northeast mullet head.  for more info go to

Dave Kalama – One Fun Day

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

A couple of weeks ago we had a very nice surfing day here on Maui. Here are a few shots from that day. Aloha, Dave

Photos by Jerome Houyvet

Visit Dave’s site: A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

Event – Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup & Expo 2011

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Saturday March 12, 2011 Dana Point, CA Baby BeachHey Paddle Athletes! Kick off the SUP season by having a great time with surfing legends & icons!

The second annual 2011 Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup will be held March 12, 2011 at Baby Beach, Dana Point Harbor. Please join Mickey and his friends for a day of paddling fun, a Waterman Expo, camaraderie and a delicious BBQ. The event kicks off the 2011 Stand-Up Paddleboard schedule and is designed for SUP enthusiasts to get ready for another exciting SUP season. Event proceeds to benefit local organizations such as the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association DSBIA and DLSA Doheny Longboard Surfing Association.

As part of the Dana Point Festival of Whales, The Mickey Muñoz Mongoose Cup will begin with the Fun Paddle around Dana Point Harbor Island. The Fun Paddle will be launched after introduction of Mickey Munoz and the elite Mongoose Cup Safety Paddler team and a vital “Rules of the Road” paddling safety meeting. Paddlers are encouraged to always practice safe paddling etiquette, as well as, assist in keeping the harbor clear of litter & garbage.

“With the explosion of stand-up paddle boarding there are a lot more people paddling in the harbor. Safety and etiquette have become much more critical. Since Dana Point has become a Mecca for paddle sports, we wanted to have an event that’s message is about the importance of water safety and paddling etiquette”. “We also want to take the opportunity to demonstrate stewardship towards one of our favorite places to paddle, Dana Point Harbor, and keep it clean”, says surf legend Mickey Munoz.

The Mongoose Cup will have an exciting and informative Waterman Expo that include surf & paddling vendors, SUP sport activities & competitions (kid’s racing), clinics on board repair, training techniques and demonstrations. Exhibitors will have SUP pros on site giving instruction throughout the day. Attendees will be able to see and try all the latest SUP equipment, as well as, pick up helpful pointers and information on the sport of stand-up paddling.

After lunch, participants will be organized into “Luck of the Draw” relay teams that will race for the Mongoose Cup trophy. Each elite Mongoose Cup Safety Paddler will be required to pick from the bucket names of three participant paddlers to complete their 4 person teams. Mongoose Cup Safety Paddlers are elite level watermen & women (legends & champions of the sport) who all share a great friendship and association with the event icon Mickey Munoz. The start and finish for the flat-water relay race will be at Baby Beach. To be eligible for the Mongoose Cup teams must race 12’6″ & under SUP boards.

The Mickey Munoz Mongoose Cup is an event open to everyone. The Fun Paddle is open to any type of paddling craft and theMongoose Cup will be contested solely as a stand-up paddleboard relay race. The entry fee is $40 and participants will receive a commemorative Mongoose Cup long sleeve tee shirt, cool promo items from sponsors, a delicious BBQ lunch (sponsored by the City of Dana Point) and chance to paddle with surf legend Mickey Munoz.

The Mongoose Cup event starts at 9:00 A.M. with the Fun Paddle. The Waterman Expo will be open 9:00 A.M. until 4:00 P.M. The Kid’s SUP Races will be at 11:00 A.M. The “Luck of the Draw”Relays will start at 1230 P.M.

The Mongoose Cup is sponsored by the City of Dana Point, Dana Point Harbor, Dana Point Festival of Whales, County of Orange.

For Event information:

Event Director: Barrett Tester

Tel. (949) 276-4431×216


Event Co-director: Nyle Schafhauser

Tel. (714) 262-8370



For Mongoose Cup online registration, go to or use the ticket block below.

Oregon Open Ocean Classic 2011

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

8 mile offshore race from North to South will start at Otter Rock State Park and finish at Nye Beach in Newport, OR. Through surf start and finish will challenge the participants on both ends, while predominant northerly winds make for great open ocean paddling. This event is open to Stand Up and paddle board entrants. A flat water race up the beautiful Yaquina Bay estuary on the off day will make this a fun filled two day event.

Race Banquet will be on Friday eve. Offshore and flat water race will be on Sat & Sunday.

Visit the race website



Paddle Royal – The San Juan SUP Cup 2010 Stand Up Paddle Race

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Satnd Up Paddle RaceThe Paddle Royal San Juan Cup  is the flagship event for this revolutionary sport in our region, the third edition of the Paddle Royal – The San Juan SUP Cup is the richest SUP competition held in the Caribbean.

Velauno Paddleboarding, with the help of several sponsors, is putting up over $5,000 in cash prizes plus trophies and raffle items! This amazing event brings together the Worlds Best SUP Pros, the Caribbean’s Top Elite SUP racers, ambitious amateurs and the kids fleet on a scenic tour of San Juan and the Condado Lagoon.
Saturday December 4 will see the start for the Elite Racers in beautiful Condado Lagoon. From there, the fleet crosses under the Dos Hermanos Bridge into the challenging Atlantic Ocean and heads downwind down the North Coast of San Juan. The 500-year-old El Morro Castle welcomes the competitors into the protected San Juan Bay. Racers are treated to the most spectacular views of the old city as they work their way upwind among stunning cruise ships back to the lagoon. After nearly 8 miles of hardcore paddling, the last stretch is a smooth water paddle over the crystal clear waters of Condado Lagoon to a beachfront finish in front of hundreds of spectators.Meanwhile, the Weekend Warriors compete inside the beautiful Condado Lagoon in a 3 mile course that has them cross several bridges, step off their boards and run and finish in grand fashion on the beach, in front of friends and family.

The afternoon will feature an amazing SUP event for kids of all ages and the evening’s raffle will keep the competitors close as they enjoy the random distribution of thousands of dollars worth of prizes by our many sponsors.

Sunday’s events will consist of cardiovascularly challenging short races inside the lagoon with the evening festivities focused on the awards ceremony at the host hotel, the beautiful Conrad Condado Plaza, where we will hand out beautiful trophies and cash prizes to the winners and placers in all the divisions.

The event will receive major coverage by the local mass media and international sport magazines and websites. VelaunoTV will create a special edition commemorative DVD and showcase the event on local TV and via its You Tube Channel.

  • Date: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, December 3-5 at the Condado Lagoon
  • Racing Classes: Unlimited and 12’6” Pros, 12’6” Weekend Warriors, Keiki (kids)
  • Prizes: $5,000 in Cash plus Trophy Prizes
  • Elite Course: 6.5 miles Around San Juan
  • WW Lagoon Lap Course: 3.0 miles in and out of Condado Lagoon
  • Lagoon Sprints: Short intense races inside Condado Lagoon
  • International Competitors: We have very strong interest from all over PR, California, Florida and the Virgin Islands. Last year we had over 75 competitors. This year we expect over 200 competitors among all the divisions.
  • Host HotelConrad Condado Plaza is right on site and offering deeply discounted rooms (limited availability!)
  • Event Highlights: Free SUP tryouts, Kids Races, Waterfront Concert, Prize Raffles, International Press Coverage, Full DVD Video Production
  • 2009 Event Video Link:
  • 2009 Event Images Link:
  • Spectator Attendance: While hundreds of people witnessed the event first hand last year, thousands enjoyed the action via VelaunoTV, Facebook and our YouTube Channel.

A Word.doc registration form can be found by clicking – here

That form will download into your computer. Find it in your download folder. Please open it, fill it out completely and email it to

Main Site

Mentally recovering from a sub-par performance

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Excerpt from Book “Paddling out of your mind” by Mark Colino available from Distressed Mullet

Post your own content to PaddleAthlete

Get over it, and get on with it! The catch phrase my sports psychology professor drilled into us to avoid wasting time and energy. It was now time to practice what I preached to the many athletes I worked with over the years.

I trained, ate right, and acquired the best board possible for the 28 mile NYC SEA Race. It was close to my home turf and I expected a lot from myself. I built up its importance and started to put a lot of pressure on myself. Some of the best paddlers from Hawaii , California & the East Coast were present.

I got schooled, spanked, slaughtered and left in the dust. 4 days later, I was still “beating myself up” over it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to avoid falling into the abyss of self doubt:

1) Realize some things are out of your control, such as the weather, what other paddlers do, and if it’s a sup surf contest, the judges.
2) Ask yourself 3 questions; what did I do that I don’t want to do next time?, what did I not do that I want to do next time?, and what I do well and want to continue doing?
3) Learn from the past, set goals for the future, but live in the here and now. As Kung Fu Panda once said “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is the future, but today is a gift. That’s why they call it the present”.
4) Success is never final and failure is rarely fatal. Get over it and get on with it!

Stay wet & stand strong!

Northeast Mullet Head Starboard rep Stand Strong Paddle Fitness coach – Mark “el hammer” Colino

Video – 2010 Molokai2Oahu Recap

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010