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Lets Unite and Make a Difference.

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Here is a Press Release about a Fundraising Event a few friends and i have come up with.. If you can please try and get a team together or come paddle by yourself for however long and take part. Only $25 per person to be involved in a great event that will help countless people.. Thanks JM

Media Release


For Immediate Release

In response to the recent Queensland floods Gold Coast stand up paddleboarders will this weekend come together and paddle in teams for 24hrs in an effort to raise much needed funds for the victims of Queenslands largest natural disaster.

The paddle marathon which is being led by nine time world paddleboarding champion Jamie Mitchell, his brother Justin Mitchell who runs the Jamie Mitchell School of Paddle and Surf and Paul Jackson owner of Paddleboarding retailer ROAR Industries will be held on Currumbin Creek starting at midday on Saturday the 5th of February and continue through until midday Sunday.

Jamie who will this year make his annual pilgrimage to Hawaii to take on the worlds best in an effort to secure an unprecedented 10th straight World Championship said “When you see the devastation caused by events like these it’s easy to be left feeling powerless to help, the fact is that you can help and this is our way of doing our small part to help those that have lost so much of what we generally take for granted.”

Paul Jackson who recently returned from winning Australia’s premier SUP distance race in Western Australia is intending to undertake the marathon solo said “The lives of the people affected by these floods have been changed forever, for us to take 24hrs out of our lives to raise some money for our fellow Queenslanders feels like the least we can do.”

Justin Mitchell a former international paddleboarding champ who now runs the Jamie Mitchell School of Paddle and Surf says that the event has already had great support from local business through the donation floodlights and other equipment needed to safely stage a paddling event throughout the night.

The trio of paddleboarding champs are encouraging all members of the paddleboarding community to get involved with the event this weekend. All monies raised through the paddle marathon will be donated to flood victims through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

Individuals and teams wishing to take place in this great community event should contact Justin Mitchell to register on 0416 075 994.

When – Saturday the 5th of Feb Starting Midday-to-Midday Sunday the 6th of Feb

Where – Currumbin Creek (Winders Park)

Contact – Justin Mitchell 0416 075 994

Event Race – Hanohano/Huki Ocean Challenge

Saturday, January 29th, 2011

Hanohano/Huki Ocean Challenge
Presented by Premiere Paddlesurf and Maui Jim Sunglasses
OC-1, Surfski, SUP race and Paddleboard Race
Mission Bay San Diego, CA

Great Food…Thanks to : Wahoos
Tons of Swag and a chance to win a brand new Huki OC-1, Surfski or 14′ SUP Race Board

Visit Race Site

Hanohano Outrigger Canoe Club
C/O Dan Van Dyck
1615 Legaye Dr
Cardiff, Ca 92007

Direct any questions to Dan at:   dvandyck[at] or (760)436-3589

2011 James River Paddle Challenge

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

This first-ever competitive paddling race around historic Jamestown Island near Williamsburg, VA is open to all classes of paddlers. Kayakers, Canoeists and SUP paddlers will compete in a 10 mile or 17 mile race course on the tidal section of the mighty James River. This race supports the James River Association’s efforts to protect and restore the watershed.

This is a flatwater paddling course, but winds and tidal currents can make for challenging conditions. The race is open to paddlers over the age of 18 unless a minor is accompanied by an adult in a tandem boat. Prizes will be awarded for every class of watercraft for which 3 or more entrants compete.

Register on
Registration Fee: $30 before 5/6/2011, $35 after 5/6/2011 Online registration closes at 12am on 6/9/2011 Check-In / Late Registration ($45): 0630 – 0800 Race Day

USCG Approved PFD and sound signalling device are required.

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Boardworks fires distributor in Hawaii

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

Boardworks  has ended it’s relationship with Hawaii distributor Planet Surf Gear due to what seems to be financing high inventory requirements and thinning margins in the Surf/SUP production  industry.

Dear valued Boardworks customers,

Blue Planet Surf Gear has been acting as the Boardworks Surf distributor in Hawaii for more than 12 years. We were recently given notice by Boardworks Surf management that our distribution will end in February. It has been increasingly difficult for us to finance the large inventory required to satisfy Boardworks and the brands represented while trying to make a profit in the increasingly competitive surf/SUP production board market with thinning margins. So, although it was not by choice, we see this change as a positive opportunity that will open new doors for us. Working closely with the Hawaii surf shop owners and retail customers to bring products to market that we feel passionate about and enjoy using ourselves is very rewarding. We will continue serving the Hawaii market with innovative Blue Planet branded items, Aquaglide boards and some new products to be announced soon. Our motto: “We help people have more fun on the water”.

Thank you & Aloha,
Robert Stehlik
founder, Blue Planet Surf Gear, LLC

Letter from Sparky – 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Stand Up Paddle Race Battle of the PaddleImportant letter from Sparky

Aloha racers and friends of the Battle of the Paddle,

We are very excited about returning to Hawaii May 14 & 15 for the Battle of the Paddle. Last year’s events were unbelievably exciting and lots of fun for us. We saw phenomenal growth in our sport and our event’s success is due to your enthusiastic support. We are very proud to continue the Battle of the Paddle for 2011.

Regrettably we have learned there is conflict with another SUP event on Maui in mid-May. Obviously this is a great disappointment and it certainly is not our intention to have competing events.

We want to mention that Rainbow Sandals was in contact with the Maui event group in late 2010 and it was communicated to us that they were scheduling for a later weekend in May. With this information we respectfully chose May 14 & 15 for BoP HI. Unfortunately since we have begun planning and inserted advertisements for the event, we are not able to change the Battle of the Paddle Hawaii dates.

For our upcoming Hawaii event, we ask you to register now so you can guarantee your spot in the races. Due to overwhelming demand, safety and permitting issues we ask all competitors to register sooner than later so we can better plan & prepare. At last year’s event we did run out of sandals, tees, jerseys and food because of last minute entries. If you wait until the event dates to register we cannot guarantee we will have your specific sandal or tees size available and the entry fee will be more expensive.

All names registered will be published and take priority in case we have to limit the number of race entries. By registering early you can also enjoy better rates for hotel rooms and flights to Hawaii. Stay tune for official Battle of the Paddle travel & accommodation rates from our sponsors.

Please contact event coordinator Barrett Tester (events@rainbowsandals) with any questions or assistance about your entry or registration for the Battle of the Paddle Hawaii.

We look forward to seeing you on Duke Kahanamoku Beach this Spring.

Much Aloha,

RUSTY Advertisement in Surfer Magazine Sparks Heated Debate!

Thursday, January 13th, 2011
Rusty Ad shows hypocrisy in surf industryIn the Surfer Magazine February issue, on newsstands now, the Rusty advertisement displayed here is receiving mixed responses. It has since incited quite a debate that started in the SURFER online forum, and has spilled out into FB and other online mediaThe opinions vary widely, some believing it to be unnecessary provocation especially considering Rusty’s business focus in SUP, while others consider it harmless. Below are a few quotes taken from the forums..
Rusty Ad shows hypocrisy in surf industry

“Lighten up. The ad only shows an SUP guy getting killed, not a real person”

“I find it laughable that Surfer mag rates this as a controversy while it neglects to confront the AI question head on. More fluff and meaningless drivel from a once proud publication that has succumb to advertiser and peer pressure. Pathetic.”

“I think that this a poor attempt to deliver humorous marketing. Rusty is just trying to hard. They always miss it by 100 ft. I think they should let the Austraillan based company run the show. Not to mention the President of Rusty proudly paddles his 12 footer around laguna.”

“It’s a harmless ass that shows a little comedy. You guys need to relax and let it be.”

“People need to chill the f@#k out. How can you not have a sense of humour if you ride a SUP?”

In fact this is not the first advertisement that follows the “SUP hater” creed. This Ryobi Ad targetting surfers below is actually quite creative, and it’s difficult to tell whether it’s has an intentional ironic bent or a whether it’s real at all? Essentially we all need to take some responsibility for the chaos in the surf lineups which have been the catalyst for the vitriol, including us Surfer/SUPers who understand how sensitive this can be. Lineups are under pressure to begin with and none of us like change – that’s the bottom line. It’s a like a perfect storm!


here’s an update 1/15/2010 – Somewhat half-assed apology from Charlie Setzler

As many of you know, there has been considerable discussion in this forum about Rusty’s recent clothing ad featuring Josh Kerr in Surfer and Transworld Surf, and the perceived anti-SUP sentiment that accompanied the ad. As a brand that takes our industry reputation very seriously, I wanted to personally respond to the concerns the ad has raised and reassure the surf and SUP community of its intent.

Rusty has always been an authentic surf brand that strives to be innovative, make great product and, most importantly, have fun. Our intent with the ad in question was to incorporate a fun, humorous tone into our marketing, and we regret that some people were offended by our attempt at humor. In no way does any of us at Rusty condone violence of any sort – this has no place in our society. That said, we have decided to pull the ad from all publications.

I’d also like to apologize to Rusty Preisendorfer and the crew at Rusty Surfboards for any criticism or negativity garnered from the ad. Rusty has been on the forefront of surfboard innovation for years, and an icon in our industry. He has been building SUPs for many years and is an avid SUP’er himself. While some of the criticism on this forum has been directed towards him, he was not involved in any way. The same goes for the crew at Boardworks — they were not party to our decision to run the ad either.

All of us at Rusty are passionate about what we do. We surf, skate, snowboard, wakeboard, SUP or some form of each, so we were very aware of the irony of the ad. While we may have missed the mark on this ad, we are certainly not anti-SUP and did not aim to upset anyone. Through this process, I have seen a very passionate group and appreciate your dedication and energy regarding the issue. We have taken your words to heart and encourage you to continue supporting the boardsports you love.


Charlie Setzler
Rusty Clothing

VIDEO: SUP Magazine Presents Shaper Visits: Hobie

Friday, January 7th, 2011

This is an video embed from SUPMagazine’s interview with Mark Johnson – Hobie shaper extraordinaire.

Check out Hobie’s lineup here.

See the original article here

Sunny Garcia attending Surf Expo

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

SUP Suplove, a leading Stand Up Paddle lifestyle company is excited to announce that ASP World Champion and 6 times Hawaiian Triple Crown winner, Sunny Garcia will be attending Surf Expo to check out the SUP scene and sign autographs for fans.


3rd Annual Cold Stroke Classic 2011 Brings Standup Paddle Boarders to Wrightsville Beach in North Carolina

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Wrightsville Beach, N.C.:

Standup paddling (SUP) is an emerging global sport of Hawaiian heritage that is gaining in popularity across the U.S. mainland. With its mild climate and proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal Waterway, and inlets, Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina is an ideal SUP destination. In recent years local outfitters have begun offering lessons, equipment rentals, and organizing SUP contests such as Coastal Urge’s upcoming 3rd Annual Cold Stroke Classic to be held on Saturday, January 15 in Wrightsville Beach.


10 Mile Stand Up Paddle on Oahu’s North Shore

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

Dead Man’s curve to Puena Point… 10 mile stand up paddle with a couple friends… One for my record books. We were escorted by the wind and at times, the waves too. This was my first time on a SUP and I wasn’t exactly sure what I was getting into.

The first stretch to Haleiwa was spent looking at the wakes of my friends cranking it. I could barely keep up. By the time we hit Waimea I was beat and the peacefulness of the Bay demanded me to relax and hit up the jump rock.

Physically and mentally recharged, we cruised on. The highlight of the paddle besides jump rock at Waimea and surfing some small waves along the way, the desolate stretch of coastline past Laniakea Beach left me in awe of how beautiful the north shore coastline is.  No houses and massive green sea turtles everywhere.


Connor Baxter in Africa – Paddling the Zambezi River

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

SUP paddling in the ZAMBEZI river 2010Some fun footage of Starboard sponsored paddler Connors recent trip to Africa. This is an area of Africa called the Caprivi Strip which is a narrow protrusion of Namibia eastwards about 450 km (280 miles), between Botswana on the south, Angola and Zambia to the north, and Okavango Region to the west.  From personal experience I can say that this area of Africa is raw and breathtaking !

If you’d like to shoot videos like this check out the latest GoPro HERO video cameras from the Official GoPro Online Store.

Mark Colino – New Years resolutions

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Mark Colino - New Years ResolutionIt’s that time of year again. Most people no longer bother to make New Years resolutions, or they are short lived as life’s distractions overwhelm the promises we make to ourselves during the celebratory final days of the past year. Maybe some advice from one of the the wisest men in history might  help you stick to your 2011 training resolutions. King Solomon (king of Israel in 970 bc) had humble beginings, gained it all, lost it all, and finally, got some back. He experienced life’s ups and downs and wrote 3 books of advice based on what he learned.


Congratulations Kai

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I would like to say how proud I am of Kai Lenny for winning the wave riding stand up world title. I had a chance to work with him a little bit on his wave riding technique and style prior to the event, so like any self respecting coach, I would like to take more credit than I am certainly due. The problem with trying to claim any credit is that the kid is so talented. But his success really comes from his work ethic and passion for the water in general.


Laird Hamilton SUP Trick Compilation

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Hanalei Grass Shack productions put together a fun video of Laird doing tricks and enjoying ‘one fun day’ at Hanalei bay in Kauai.