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Pa’a `Eono Iron Crossing – Maui to Molokai to Ohau 2011

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

The Pa’a `Eono Outrigger Race is an historic race and it is the first of its kind in recent times and helps bring back part of the history of canoe paddling.

The PA’A ‘Eono Hoe is a progressive distance race.  For 2011, stage II was added:

  • Stage I – Pailolo Channel – Flemmings Beach, Maui to Kaunakakai, Molokai.  ~ 25 miles
  • Stage II – Kaiwi Channel – Papohaku Beach, Molokai to Maunalua Bay, Oahu ~ 32 miles

It featured six-person canoes, much like the Moloka’i Hoe orNa Wahine O Ke Kai races. But in the ‘Eono Hoe, the same six paddlers were required to start and finish the race (in other long-distance races, each team is allowed to have three or four relief paddlers available in an escort boat).

One goal of the Pa’a ‘Eono Hoe is to establish guidelines that allow builders to create faster racing canoes while keeping most of the basic design concepts of what constitutes a six-man outrigger canoe.  The intent is not to lift all design restrictions, which may lead to radical manipulations and questions about what defines a canoe.  PA’A wants to keep our sport unified while designs progress so we can continue to race each other on a level playing field…and ultimately go faster – after all, it is RACING.

In effect, it was a race of endurance and innovation.

Race Results

2:34:23 1 3:44:55 1 2 164 Team Kamanu OD MOpen Kamanu Composites Ka’apahu Kailua
2:40:56 2 4:01:59 2 4 162 Livestrong OD MOpen Pure Canoe Design Malolo Nui Kailua-Kona
2:41:44 3 4:19:00 5 8 7:00:44 Outrigger ConnectionOD MOpen M2 HardDeckVosa Kailua
3:02:06 4 4:16:32 4 8 7:18:38 Waikiki Beachboys  OD MOpen Kapa’a Kapa’a Honolulu
3:12:11 5 4:15:30 3 8 7:27:41 LANIKAI CANOE CLUB OD MOpen V-6 KAWAINUIKaneohe
2:47:13 1 3:47:52 1 2 178 Primo Spec MOpen Lightning
3:17:40 2 4:40:21 2 4 7:58:01 Hui Lanakila Spec MOpen Lightning Kaneohe
3:28:23 3 4:46:15 3 6 165 Lae Ula O Kai Spec MOpen Lightning Meherio PitiKahului
3:34:31 1 5:23:38 1 2 163 Hui Makule O’NappySpec M60+ Lightning Wailuku
3:46:08 1 5:07:11 1 2 176 30K Strokes Spec WOpenLightning Kailua
Pa’a ‘Eono – 6+ paddlers
Stage I Pts Stage II Pts TotalFin ID Team Name Division Canoe What model OC6 are you are racing with? City
3:23:08 4:24:59 Lanakila California Spec MOpen MIrage Kealahou Redondo Beach
3:34:31 1 5:04:05 1 2 169 Hui Nalu Spec M50+ Lightning Honolulu
3:30:48 4:51:58 172 Lovell Taylor OD WOpen 200lb. MirageLovell TaylorHonolulu
Pa’a ‘Eono – one stage
Stage I Pts Stage II Pts TotalFin ID Team Name Division Canoe What model OC6 are you are racing with? City
NA NA 4:47:14 NA NA 174 40 ounces to freedom Spec M40+ Lightning willie imua kaneohe
NA NA 5:17:45 NA NA 175 Beachgirls & Leahs Spec WOpenMirage Aukiki Honolulu
3:22:05 NA NA NA NA Waikiki BeachBoys Canoe Club  Spec WOpenLightning Olali Kailua
3:06:47 NA NA NA NA Wa’akapaemua Spec MOpen Lightning Haualialia Kaunakakai

Hennessy’s 2011 Return to the Pier Race

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Race Info

  • 3.5 Miles: Hermosa Pier to Manhattan Pier and back
  • Water start / Water finish


  • Sign up and Reg@ 330 to 500pm in front of Hennesseys. No pre reg only day of.
  • Prone and SUP welcome. trophies for all divisions.
  • Party awards and raffle inside Hennesseys after the race

Print out an Entry Form


For general questions Call
Tim Ritter or Lina 310-316-5652

Robert August Inaugural Stand Up Paddle Challenge

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Pura Vida Ride is pleased to announce the inaugural Robert August Stand Up Paddle Challenge on June 18, 2011. This event is the first of its kind on the Guanacaste, Costa Rica coast and will be hosted by Robert August and is sponsored by Las Catalinas, Surftech, Pura Vida Ride, and Lolas del Norte restaurant. This event has been organized to involve all age groups and abilities and will include three exciting events focused on competitive racers, sports enthusiasts, novices, and the entire family!

Thanks to our generous sponsors we have an amazing lineup of prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place contestants including full carbon fiber paddles, equipment rental gift certificates, Lolas del Norte gift certificates, and other swag bags for contestants and winners alike. Every entrant receives a race day t-shirt and Robert August Stand Up Paddle Event Poster with the opportunity to have a Robert August autograph.

Our Elite Class Race will feature one lap around our challenging and spectacular 2.5-mile (4km) paddle course and 0.4-mile (0.6km) beach run for a total distance of approximately 3 miles (5 km). This is an open class race for all ages.

The Family Class Race is designed to get everyone in the water and participating! Any human powered craft is allowed, including kayaks, surfboards, rafts, and of course stand up paddleboards. Every craft must include two racers, preferably an adult and a child. This fun and easy 1-mile (1.6km) race will be as much about getting wet and having fun, as it will be about winning! Top 3 winners will be awarded prizes. The secondary contestant (Child) does not have to pay to participate in the event.

The Sprint Class Race will be an exciting and fast paced challenge and will consist of a 0.4-mile (0.6km) beach sprint followed by a 2.5-mile (4km) paddle around our racecourse. This is an open class race for all ages. Top 3 winners will be awarded prizes.

Registration costs are $35 per person and free for children under 14. Registrants can race in multiple events for one registration fee. Signups and more detailed information can be found at

About the Venue:

Playa Danta in the Las Catalinas community is poised to become a pre-eminent international stand up paddle destination. The Guanacaste coastline along the north west of Costa Rica is a dramatic and rich area that offers inspiring venues for all kinds of ocean water sports. Playa Danta is located in the heart of the Guanacaste “Gold Coast” and is particularly unique in that it is an amazingly scenic flat-water bay with near-shore islands within a one-mile paddle. The bay boasts three islands within a 2 mile area, and other islands in the distance that allow for compelling and exciting longer distance paddles.

The wildlife off the Playa Danta coastline is unparalleled. On a typical paddle you can expect to see manta rays, schools of tropical fish, turtles, jellyfish, flying fish, and the list goes on. It is not uncommon to see dolphin and pods of whales on their migratory path. A full outfitter shop is located 150 feet from the water’s edge and includes a rental and retail store devoted to SUP and other outdoor sports. Lola’s Norte, a highly popular and delicious beach front restaurant is located adjacent to Pura Vida Ride and offers simple, fresh, and scrumptious lunches under umbrellas on the sand.

Liberia International Airport (LIR) is just 45 minutes from Playa Danta and offers daily non-stop flights to Miami, Houston, Dallas, and other destinations. Airlines serving Liberia are predominantly American Airlines via Dallas or Miami, Continental Airlines via Houston, and Delta Airlines. Various other carriers offer flights from Canada and Europe as well.

Water and air temperature along this stretch of the coast are consistently around 85 degrees year round making SUP conditions absolutely ideal. Sunrise and sunset both come early in the tropics and don’t change much throughout the year. First light comes around 5:15am throughout the year and sunset comes around 6:00pm. Tides fluctuate dramatically in the tropics making tide selection and knowledge critical when looking to find surf waves or when exploring off shore reefs. A typical tide fluctuates about 10 ft between high and low.

Guanacaste has a “green” and a “gold” season. The green season begins in May with daily light and temperate rains, increasing moderately through June, July, and August and becoming torrential during September and October. The landscape during this season is lush, tropical, and breathtaking. November marks the start of the “gold” season when the rains stop and the coastline begins to dry out increasingly until April, which is the hottest and driest month of the year. During this season the landscape looks more like an African dry landscape and the hills turn “gold”.

The best season to visit Playa Danta for stand up paddling is between November and February when the rains have stopped and the winds are calm. During these months we can have clear blue skies and sheet glass ocean conditions all day, and sometimes all week. In March, April, and May, we have hot, dry weather and higher winds. The winds typically kick up in the afternoon from the northwest and can cause blown out white cap conditions. Typically the morning hours from 5:00am till 10:00am still provide glassy, cooler, and first class paddle conditions. In late May the winds die and we start to get seasonal daily rains and cooler temperatures. May, June, and July also provide great paddling conditions tempered at times by storm systems and daily rain showers. September and October are the rainiest seasons of the year and are not recommended for traveling to Costa Rica.

Eventbrite Register Link :



Battle of the Paddle Hawaii 2011 Recap with Watermans Connor Baxter

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Words by Connor Baxter

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2011 BATTLE OF THE PADDLE once again lives up to its name. First off this was a great event with three different disciplines that I competed in – The Elite, The Long Distance and The Team Relay.

Well I want to start off with the most fun event – The Team Relay. This was by far the best event to end the day and the competition with. With the relay not only does one person have to be fast, but the whole team has to be fast. And I couldn’t have picked a better team. Zane Schweitzer, Bart de Zwart, Gillian Gibree and me made up the Starboard team. We had Zane start because I don’t think there is a better starter then him, then Bart went second and he is super duper fast in these grueling upwind, side wind conditions, then came the most important part of the team, Gillian, the girl on our team – she is a sprinter and excelled in this race – paddling hard and keeping our team up front. Then I was the anchorman. Each team member had to go twice. So when it came down to me, the last guy to go, we were in second and the C4 team was out in front. Their last person was leaving the beach when our third person was just getting in. So when Gillian tagged me I knew what I had to do and I caught up and passed the C4 team and came into the beach in 1st place. We were super stoked and were really happy to be on the brand new 2011 production 12’6” surf race.

The next event I am going to talk about makes my body hurt just thinking about it, The Elite Race on Saturday. This is why everyone came to Oahu. This race was held at 3:00pm, which was nice because I got to sleep in. Going into the race all I was thinking of was top three, top three, I am going to be in the top three. The race was a beach start with four laps weaving around buoys, through surf & flat water, which turned out to be about 7+ miles. When I heard the horn blow at the start, well actually I didn’t hear it only the people down by the horn heard, I ran once I saw everyone going. When I got to the first buoy I was in the top five. And then moved up into the top three by the next buoy. I pretty much stayed in the top three for the whole race except when I caught up to Danny Ching and Travis Grant and I was by them for a little bit going around the buoys together. But the best and worst part of this race was Slater Trout and me had a battle for the entire race. We were within feet of each other, pushing as hard as we could, never letting off. On the third lap I knew I had to get a little gap on him before the run. So when we rounded the last outside buoy I sprinted as hard as I could and got onto a little wave, which Slater didn’t. And by the last lap I turned around and saw Slater’s head down and paddling a little slower. When I crossed the line I was in 3rd Place just a few seconds behind Danny and Travis. I was really pleased on my performance and I got $2500, which is always a nice bonus.

Then we got the grueling Long Distance race. For this race I was feeling well prepared, but the only thing that was missing was the WIND. When I got up to Hawaii Kai there was absolutely no wind. I started off good and was in front of Danny for a little bit but then he pulled away for me and then it was a battle with Scott Gamble, until we got to Diamond Head and a wave took him out – which I barely made it over. But then Georges Cronsteadt , who was behind me, caught up. I was on the inside of him and he kept pushing me into the beach, so when we had to go out to round the buoy, I had to stop paddling and go out to round it. But I came in 3rd Place, which put me on the podium.

So it was a super good weekend with great results and good memories.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Nike 6.0, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Dakine, EFX Technology, GoPro Cameras, On It Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Sunrite Maui, SIC and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers and volunteers!!!

Aloha –
Connor Baxter



Interview – Stand Up Paddle World Tour Surfer Sean Poynter

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

Master SUP shaper/racer  Brian Szymanski interviewing SUP World Tour professional Sean Poynter at his shop in April, 2011. Sean was about to leave for France and the Tahiti competing on the SUP World Tour.


Chuck Patterson leaves Hobie to sign with NAISH!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

NAISH SUP Team member Chuck PattersonWe heard today about Chuck Patterson’s decision to leave longtime sponsor board Hobie to sign to NAISH. Honestly, we believed Chuck to be a Hobie guy for life, but apparently the resources NAISH is able to provide was too much of an incentive. NAISH has a huge legacy in Windsurfing and Kiting obviously, and most likely Chuck had been exposed to Robbie during the time he was competing professionally in those sports. So no shocker there!

NAISH also has a broader international appeal, much like Starboard, and Chuck’s ability to connect across the pond is likely going to improve his own personal brand (if that’s possible) and  help develop the “Paddle with the Pro’s” Clinic opportunities with female SUP racer Karen Wrenn, who between the two of them have more experience in the sport than almost anyone outside of Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg.

He now finds himself in the company of paddling masters, Vetea “Poto” David and Dave Kalama who has been with NAISH since October, 2008 as well as top racer Jenny Kalmbach and SUP Surf champ Kai Lenny. We will likely see Chuck spending a ton of time training and competing in longer more grueling races – recently he came 2nd in his age group class on a NAISH Glide 14‘ at the Hawaii Battle of the Paddle, even after suffering from a serious Staph infection a few weeks before which was definitely still in his body at the time of the race.

Chuck is a fantastic guy and as an ambassador to the sport of SUP, we at wish him the best of luck!

Find the NAISH Glide SUP at REI!

Cheyne Horan’s Segment from Blazing Boards

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

In Chris Bystrom’s 1985 Blazing Boards, Cheyne Horan’s segment is truly inspiring. He is riding his famous single fin keel design and is performing at a level unmatched at the time. Please watch closely at his overall approach and the lines he draws and compare where he places his board to his modern WCT contemporaries. I don’t think anyone can argue that Horan’s surfing was the precursor to today’s progressive surfing. In my mind, Horan suffered from what has happened repeatably in competitive surfing: he was so far ahead of the judging criteria that he was not scored appropriately and thus never claimed the world title(s) he deserved.

Cheyne Horan’s Segment from Blazing Boards

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

In Chris Bystrom’s 1985 Blazing Boards, Cheyne Horan’s segment is truly inspiring. He is riding his famous single fin keel design and is performing at a level unmatched at the time. Please watch closely at his overall approach and the lines he draws and compare where he places his board to his modern WCT contemporaries. I don’t think anyone can argue that Horan’s surfing was the precursor to today’s progressive surfing. In my mind, Horan suffered from what has happened repeatably in competitive surfing: he was so far ahead of the judging criteria that he was not scored appropriately and thus never claimed the world title(s) he deserved.

The Loop Race – Coronado

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
Posted by John Ashley at

The Loop Race 2011

Anybody else out there going to race the Loop in Coronado?

I’m looking forward to this one even though I know that the net result is some serious pain. How do I know? I’m feeling it right now. I’m wallowing in that all over soreness that knocks the crap out of you.

Kiwi and I practice paddled the course today. This will be my first time ever racing in the Loop and Kiwi’s fourth. Since I’ve never paddled it before, I didn’t want my first time to be on race day. When you wait until race day to get out and run the course you deal yourself an instant psychological blow- the unknown is scary and when you don’t know where the end is, the race seems to drag on forever. That’s why, if possible, I always try to pre-paddle the route. I’m especially fortunate to have a paddling teammate (we’re both from Imperial Beach so that automatically puts us on the same team) who’s done the race a few times- Kiwi passed on a couple of tips that he earned through sweat and agony. Thanks mate! And, no, I won’t share them with you- well, maybe over a few beers after it’s over.

If you don’t know about the Loop, here’s some basic information about the race. First of all, this is a race founded by prone paddlers- our vertically challenged paddling brothers. What that means is that there won’t be many stand up paddle divisions (this is my general rule of thumb- if the race is put on by a prone paddler, even if there are twice as many stand up paddlers in it, there will be limited divisions for the stand up guys and gals). In the case of the Loop there is only Stand Up Mens and Stand Up Womens divisions- no age group breakdown and no board type breakdown. What that means is that somebody on an Unlimited stand up board will probably win- those of us who race stock are going to be lagging behind those eighteen and nineteen foot monsters….

Read the rest about this event at

Dan Mann
(619) 251-9114

So Many Races…So Little Time

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

With the booming popularity of SUP racing, it has become increasingly difficult to get to all of the major races. With at least four major race events anywhere from Maui to Florida, it would be hard to find an excuse to not be at a race this past weekend. Here are a few links to keep you up to date.

OluKai Ho’olaule’a (results here)

Battle of the Paddle Hawaii (results here)

Moonlight Beach Paddle

Key West Paddleboard Classic

Congratulations to all the athletes who got out there and raced this weekend.


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Gaviota OCR Endurance Challenge 9.5 Paddle/26mile run/38mile bike

Monday, May 16th, 2011

9.5 mile paddle / SUP / kayak

26 mile beach / trail run
38 mile mountain bike ride
NEWS:  The 8th annual Gaviota OCR Endurance Challenge is scheduled for Saturday May 21st, 2011 at 6:30am

Battle of the Paddle 2011 Hawaii Distance Race Results

Monday, May 16th, 2011

Results, Images and Videos  for BOP 2011 Hawaii Elite Elite Course Race

California’s Danny Ching returned to the winner’s podium today at the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle. Ching finished the 9-mile Hawaii-Kai to Duke Kahanamoku Beach downwind race in a stand-up paddle record time of one hour, 20 minutes and 27 seconds – almost five minutes faster than his winning time last year. The win earned him $1,100. Second place was Georges Cronsteadt (Tahiti, 1:21:50); and third was Maui teenager Connor Baxter (1:21:58). Australian Travis Grant, winner of the grueling elite course yesterday, finished sixth overall (1:24:28) but was the first home in the shorter 14-foot rudderless class.The women’s distance race was won by Big Island’s Jenny Kalmbach (1:37:53). A total of 168 paddlers completed the course that was presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection.

Ching was paddling an ‘unlimited’ 17-foot race board with rudder steering system. Cronsteadt was riding a 16-foot board without a rudder – technically harder to ride in the moderate tradewind and swell conditions. It didn’t help that he became entangled in a fishing net at the start of the race and was passed by the rest of the field. But Cronsteadt is famous for his ability to read the ocean and find every possible surfable bump and fought back to within 300 yards of Ching by the finish.

“I went unlimited so I definitely had faster equipment with the longer board and the steering system,” said Ching. “The steering system is huge. (Travis) went fixed fin and still was right there so unfortunately he wasn’t on unlimited today.

“The race wasn’t too technical for the most part. The beginning was flat and then it started to pick up a little bit. The only thing you could do at the beginning was sit in the waves so I was able to rest a lot in the beginning and fortunately at the end it picked up and the board worked great and I got away from everybody.”

Travis Grant was very happy with his performance despite his choice of equipment: “For the first part of the race I was right there with Danny. At that point I began to wonder what might have happened if I’d paddled an unlimited board! But it’s all good I was stoked to finish in the time I did – that’s a great time for a 14-footer.”

For Cronsteadt, the race was challenging from start to finish: “It was a hard race. I had no rudder on my board and just tried to catch a lot of waves and I came second. I’m happy. (With no rudder) you have to use your legs, all your body, your mind and you have to focus about every wave so I think it is different. No excuse, just go, go, go, push, push. Just after the start line my fin caught some rope and I stopped for one minute and everybody (went by) so I tried to relax and catch a lot of waves and I came second place, so I’m happy.”

Jenny Kalmbach rounded out a greet weekend of racing with her win today and second place yesterday, totaling $2,050 in prize money. Known for her epic long-distance paddles between Hawaiian islands, a nine-miler would normally be a walk in the park, except for the fact that it came one day after the rigors of yesterday’s elite battle.


At one point Kalmbach said it crossed her mind she might not finish: “It was a tough race…I thought it might get to that point. It was just hard out there, especially after yesterday. Yesterday we all battled and that was a tough race. Today there were three of us side by side and it’s frustrating when you’re that close because you just have to keep pushing, you can’t get comfortable. Luckily, coming around the point, I managed to catch some bumps and separate myself (from the others).”

Candice Appleby, winner of yesterday’s women’s elite race, finished fifth today in a time of 1:41:49.

There was another great turnout from the Napoleon family in the distance race, with three generations represented. The legendary Nappy, 70, finished 121st overall. Thirteen year-old Riggs placed 31st, and his father Aaron came in 11th overall.

The Battle of the Paddle picks up next at Dana Point, California, September 24 & 25. Please visit for more information.

Mahalo to the Hawaii Tourism Authority; Outrigger Hotels & Resorts; Surftech; Kona Brewing Co.; Maui Jim; Duke’s Restaurant; Patagonia; and Na Kama Kai for making the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle presented by Quiksiler Waterman Collection possible.



1st – Danny Ching, CA – 1:20:27

2nd – Georges Cronsteadt, Tahiti – 1:21:50

3rd – Connor Baxter, Maui – 1:21:58

4th – Bart De Zwart – 1:23:57

5th – Scott Gamble, HI – 1:24:09



1st – Jenny Kalmbach, Kailua-Kona – 1:37:53

2nd – Rachel Bruntsch, CA – 1:38:10

3rd – Laura Birse, Honolulu – 1:40:08

4th – Heather Baus, Puerto Rico – 1:40:19

5th – Candice Appleby, HI – 1:41:49



Downwind Clinic video- with Nicole Madosik, Jared Vargas, Morgan Hoeserey, Kainoa Beaupre

Monday, May 16th, 2011

One of our customers asked me if I could join him on a downwind paddle and give him some tips.  I invited some other customers and got help from some of my friends who also happen to be some of the fastest paddlers on Oahu to put together the first Blue Planet Downwind Paddle Clinic the week before the BOP Hawaii.  We filmed the tips we gave on the beach before getting on the water and I put them together in a series of downwind paddling clinic videos that are 4-8 minutes each.  If you have not seen the previous post, please also watch the video with Hawaii Kai run downwind racing tips.  The last video (Part 6) has some gopro video from the water where you can see some of the participants putting what they learned into action.

Blue Planet Downwind Clinic part 1 with tips from Nicole Madosik and Jared Vargas

Blue Planet Downwind Clinic – Part 2 with tips from Jared Vargas and Morgan Hoesterey

Blue Planet Downwind Clinic- Part 3 with tips from Robert Stehlik and Kainoa Beaupre

Downwind Clinic- Part 4-Kainoa Beaupre with more downwind tips and line to Kaimana

Downwind Clinic- Part 5, Kainoa Beaupre talks about the inside line from Kaimana to Fort De Russy

Downwind Clinic – Part 6: End of the beach clinic and into the water

Timing and Efficiency
There is a good game on called 40 strokes, where the goal is to go as far as possible with 40 strokes using the waves.  It teaches you timing and to use your strokes as efficiently as possible (although it is limited to two dimensions, in real life, going left and right can make a big difference).  I have been able to get a score of just over 1900 but have not been able to get over 2000 as some others have.  For tips, read some of the comments posted.


Read Full Article on Zen Waterman

Event – The Moonlight Beach Paddle and Swim 2011

Saturday, May 14th, 2011

Moonlight Beach Paddle and Swim 2010 Paddleboard Race3 & 6 Mile Paddle Board Races

  • Date: Saturday May 15th, 2011.
  • Start: 9:00am, at Moonlight Beach
  • Awards 10:30am. Top three finishers in each division will receive an award.
  • Divisions:
    • Stock-12 ft. and under,
    • 14’,
    • Unlimited,
    • Women- Open class.
    • Kapuna (50+).
    • Stand-up Paddleboard, under 12’6″ and over 12’6″
  • Beach start and finish.*
  • Course Map (pdf)
  • Moonlight Beach (Encinitas) Parking Information (pdf)

Extras: All participants will receive a race t-shirt and assorted sponsor swag, post race refreshments, and entry into draw prizes.

Awards: The awards ceremony will be held on the beach at Moonlight beach at 10:30am or after the final finisher arrives.

*In the case of heavy surf conditions, there will be an in water start and beach finish.

1 Mile Open Water Swim

  • Date: Sunday May 16th, 2010.
  • Start: 8:30am, 1 mile open water swim, to start and finish at Moonlight Beach (Encinitas) after the last Triathlon wave.
  • Awards: 10:30am. Top three finishers in each division will receive an award.
  • Divisons (for both male and female):
    • 1-12
    • 13-14
    • 15-29
    • 30-39,
    • 40-49,
    • 50+
  • New this year is the addition of the Swim Club Challenge for Age Group Clubs and Masters Clubs. Lowest average club time wins. Those racing in the club challenge are still eligible for individual category awards.
  • The open water swim race will be a mass start on the beach. The course will be a one mile loop finishing on the beach.
  • Course Map (pdf)
  • Moonlight Beach (Encinitas) Parking Information (pdf)

Extras: All participants will receive a race t-shirt and assorted sponsor swag, post race refreshments, and entry into draw prizes.

Awards: The awards ceremony will be held in the upper parking lot at Moonlight beach on the stage within the expo area at 10:30am.

Battle of the Paddle 2011 Hawaii Race Results

Friday, May 13th, 2011

Gerry Lopez Battle of The Paddle Hawaii 2011

View the 2011 Battle of the Paddle Hawaii Distance Race Results, Videos and Images here

Australian Travis Grant turned the tables on good friend and long-time paddling partner Danny Ching (USA) today in the Elite race of the $25,000 Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle, presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection, held at Duke Kahanamoku Beach. The women’s division was claimed by Honolulu’s Candice Appleby – her third elite Battle victory in as many years. He earned $5,000 for the win and momentum he hopes he can carry through to tomorrow’s 9-mile downwind distance race along Oahu’s south shore.

Battle of the Paddle 2011 Hawaii Results

Today’s elite course earned the unofficial title of being the most brutal in the four-year history of the Battle of the Paddle. It traversed through flat water, took paddlers in and out of the surf around a maze of buoys, with beach runs thrown in between laps. It provided more than an hour of opportunity for luck or misfortune to play their hand, however Grant and Ching somehow stayed neck-and-neck, exchanging the lead and trading waves to the finish. Their leading battle was spurred on by a pair of hungry 16-year-olds over the entire four-mile distance: Maui pair Connor Baxter and Slater Trout were embroiled in a battle of their own just two minutes off the pace. All four broke away from the start and never relinquished the distance between themselves and the remainder of the field of 93 elite starters.

Battle of the Paddle 2011 results[youtube][/youtube]

Elite Race Results (unofficial)


1st Travis Grant 121.05 New Record! DC or C4

2nd Place Danny Ching 121.56 404

3rd Connor Baxter  123.29 Starboard

4th Slater Trout 124.07 Infinity


1st Candice Applebee Surftech 1:34:54.

2nd Jenny Kalmbach NAISH 1:35:55

3rd Rachel Bruntsh 1:36:38

Elite Distance Race


1st – Danny Ching, CA – 1:20:27

2nd – Georges Cronsteadt, Tahiti – 1:21:50

3rd – Connor Baxter, Maui – 1:21:58

4th – Bart De Zwart – 1:23:57

5th – Scott Gamble, HI – 1:24:09



1st – Jenny Kalmbach, Kailua-Kona – 1:37:53

2nd – Rachel Bruntsch, CA – 1:38:10

3rd – Laura Birse, Honolulu – 1:40:08

4th – Heather Baus, Puerto Rico – 1:40:19

5th – Candice Appleby, HI – 1:41:49


MEN: Kawika Carvalho (HAW) 45:10

WOMEN: Halie Harrison (HAW) 52:35


Outrigger Reef Surftech Maui JimKona Brewing Lager Patagonia Na Kama Kai

Hawaii Duke's

6th is Travis Grant

Training Day with SUP Elite Racer Rob Rojas

Friday, May 13th, 2011
By Rob Rojas

Lets get creative!!!

Hey friends! Hope all is well out there in the active people world. I know everyone is out there striving to train harder, striving to paddle faster, striving to perfect their buoy turns, and always searching for that secret potion to improved performance. What I have been thinking about lately is how to make workouts more fun and how to get creative especially while away from home or the gym that we find all too familiar and perhaps even boring after a while.  

The other day I was at a well known populated island off the coast of California, (Catalina), on a trip. I had with me my inflatable SHUBU made by Boardworks, a Quickblade paddle, a pair of Oneill Hyperfreak shorts, an Oneill Squidlid, a mask, snorkel, and fins. I only had about an hour to kill as the sun was still behind the horizon and I was at Emerald Bay, Catalina. One of the most pristine mooring spots on the island.
I told myself “I only have an hour so I’m gonna kill myself, (figuratively speaking), during that hour. I inflated my SHUBU, (actually broke out in a sweat doing so), and started paddling around Indian Rock for my warmup. I saw the kelp was laying down pretty good which meant two things. Number one, I would get a good up hill paddle against the current, and two, when the current is running, so are the White Sea Bass. The White Sea Bass is a highly sought after elusive game fish fish found on the West Coast. Those who seek the White Sea Bass are a select group who don’t like to brag, are very patient, and exemplify what being a true sportsman is all about.

Dave Kalama – ESPN Interview

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

Before there was $50,000 awarded for a single drop, before anyone won a Big Wave World Championship, and before high school freshmen started towing in at Jaws, there were the pioneers. They were big wave surfers who used new apparatus to see just how big they could go.

That crew included the likes of Darrick Doerner, Buzzy Kerbox, the infamous Laird Hamilton and his tow partner, Dave Kalama. Kalama comes from a family of Hawaiian legends — watermen who excelled at several pursuits and in any conditions. He and his crew represented a hairball, yet calculated part of surfing that reached well into mainstream interest. Recently, Kalama was touring the Mainland US, doing Kalama Clinics and promoting Naish paddle gear. I had a chance to ask him a few questions about the state of big wave surfing at Island Surf and Sail.

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Aloha, Dave

Visit Dave’s site: A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

2011 Reno River Festival SUP Downriver Race Recap with Watermans Nikki Greg

Wednesday, May 11th, 2011

SUP duo, dan gavere and Nikki Gregg, finished on top at the 2011 Reno River Festival SUP Downriver Sprint in Reno, NV last weekend.  The four mile

course down the Truckee River was flowing at high levels (up to 3000cfs), was fast and intense with plenty of carnage.  All twenty racers took off during the mass start and battled their way through the rapids.

Near the finish was the most challenging and technical of all the rapids.  The spectator friendly finale rapid ran through the Reno whitewater course, where serious river skills came into play to make or break each competitor’s finishing times.  Even many highly skilled and experienced paddlers

ended up swimming through the finish line, some requiring a throw rope from the safety crew to pull them to shore and out of the fast moving current.


Dan Gavere had a clean run and won the race in just around 15 minutes, beating out 2nd place, Taylor Robertson, by one second.

Nikki Gregg also had a solid run, passing two competitors in the final rapid to earn a 1st place women’s finish and even crushing most of the male competitors with a 5th place overall finish.

This is the second year in a row that Dan has won this event and states that “This year’s Reno River Fest was super fun because of the high water levels and the record attendance of over 35, 000 spectators in attendance throughout the weekend.  It was the largest exposure to the sport of SUP that I’ve seen to date.”

Top 5 Finishers:

1.     Dan Gavere

2.     Taylor Robertson

3.     Michael Tavares

4.     Ken Hoeve

5.     Nikki Gregg

Photos of the event can be viewed at the following link:

2011 Reno River Festival Pictures


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Battle of the Paddle Hawaii – Ching and Grant in for a Battle!

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Media Contact: Jodi Wilmott

Right now I have an inflated expectation of speed… I have no doubt it’s going to come down to a battle with Travis.”

– Ching, hot off an intense outrigger season and focused on BOP –


Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii – (May 9, 2011) — When defending Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle champion Danny Ching (Redondo Beach, CA) returns to Waikiki this weekend, his mind will be on the prize but his eyes will be  on his long-distance training buddy and toughest challenger, Travis Grant. The Californian and the Australian have shared a training friendship and competitive rivalry for  the past seven years. Grant held the lead over Ching for the entire Elite race last year before losing it in the final lap.

The $25,000 Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle, presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection, will take place this Saturday & Sunday, May 14 & 15, Duke Kahanamoku Beach. The Battle will be webcast live and broadcast around Hawaii on Oceanic Time Warner Cable digital channels 250 & 1250HD.


For the past six months, Ching has been immersed in the one-man outrigger  canoe racing season, bagging a host of wins and a runner-up finish in the world championship. Last week he hung up his outrigger paddle  in exchange for his stand-up paddle and says he’s in top shape and ready to do battle in Waikiki.


As extra incentive, he’s brought his family and sponsorship team from Simple Mobileto celebrate his 28th birthday on day one of competition: Saturday, May 14. It will be even sweeter if it turns into a victory celebration.

I have no doubt it’s going to be a battle with Travis,” Ching said with a laugh. “I’ve been racing that guy every time we’ve lined up for the past 7 years, whether it be on a surf ski, OC1, or stand-up. We know each others strategies well! It’s like having a practice buddy on the other side of the world.

Having just come off an intense outrigger season last week, I’m in great shape and I’m feeling confident.

“Right now I have an inflated expectation of speed; I’m trying to go 8-10 miles an hour like I do on an OC1, when a SUP usually maxes out at around 7.5. The biggest thing to me is to get a clean (start), don’t make any mistakes – or you open the door for everybody – and let your paddling do the work.”

Live, global, start-to-finish coverage of the Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle, presented by Quiksilver Waterman Collection, will be delivered May 14 & 15 from historic Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Waikiki.


Thursday, May 12, 1:30pm, Outrigger REEF hotel, on the beach.


Malibu Downwinder 2011 Winners Results

Monday, May 9th, 2011

To everyone that came out yesterday.

The conditions turned on for us, the times were some of the fastest we ever had. Sorry about the lack of sun and my lack of voice. I hope you all had a good day. Here are the winners in each division. The complete results should be posted tomorrow. Thanks again and good luck to everyone in future races.

OC-1 LARRY FELIX 1:00.20
SUP 14′ ERIC STARNES 1:11.50
SUP 50+ JOE ROWAN 1:18.50


The Rabbi

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Video – Bark R&D Discussion

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Joe Bark and John Becker discuss the R and D process that goes into making the Bark boards for Surftech and team riders.


The Carolina Sup Cup – E.J Johnson Recap!

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

Unfortuanately the Carolina SUP Cup was the same day as the Watermans Applied Science Paddle for Humanity in Dana Point so we had to miss it, but EJ and Andy stepped in to give us the run down from the paddlers point of view.

Here’s EJ’s recap of The Carolina Sup Cup   4/30/2011

Westy, Betsy and I jumped in with The Pope to check out Happy Hour with Colin and Byron at CB Surf Shop for the meet and greet. After a few beers, Byron, Colin and I decided we would work together as a drafting team on race day to at least help get us to the ocean and once there, we would go our separate ways as it would be everyman for himself downwind.

The race directors had to switch the race course due to weather conditions in order to create more of a downwind run. We were met at the ocean by waist to shoulder high sets which I was able to make it through two waves and ended up getting knocked off by the third wave where I was then greeted by fellow paddler and Local NC friend Chill and we proceeded to downwind together the next 5 miles and  you had to take left runners the entire time to take the outside line to keep you from getting pushed  into shore.

I was able to pass most of my competitors by the time I got to the rock jetty which then put me in fourth place but the chop at the inlet ended up throwing me in again and was passed by Colin M. as  the next pack (Byron Kurt,Justin Cook,Matt Becker and I) converged together  we were headed into the upwind, up current,inner coastal flat waters it was at this point we all took slightly different lines which Byron ended up with Justin as I took my own line and it was an uphill battle for the next 3.5 miles. About half way through I hear a paddler on my tail and looked to see Larry Cain in his C1 surf stance sailing past me, I could have jumped in his slipstream and drafted him but I decided to tough it out like a man and take my own line.  We were greeted at the finish line with big cheers and ice cold water.

All of the finishers sat on the dock and waited for the remaining paddlers to come in to cheer them on as well.
I was pretty stoked at my time of 2:25 and 8th place with such an Elite group of paddlers.

14′ MEN—Main Men’s Event   12.5 mi.

1  VELA, anthony 14′ Men 02:15:03
2 KOSTERLITZ, Chase 3 – 14′ Men 02:15:06
3 TERRELL, Jim 14′ Men 02:20:29
4 CAIN, Larry 14′ Men 02:22:58
5 COOK, Justin 3 – 14′ Men 02:22:59
6 MCPHILLIPS, Colin 3 – 14′ Men 02:23:31
7 KURT, Byron 3 – 14′ Men 02:24:24
8  JOHNSON, EJ 3 – 14′ Men 02:25:00
9  HILL, Christopher 14′ Men 02:26:00
10 BECKER, Matt 3 – 14′ Men 02:28:49

Later that afternoon we headed back to the hotel and I packed up my cooler with some cold Coors Lights and headed down to the pool for a little R & R before the evening festivities began. I found myself walking around the parking lot drinking beers with my fellow Luchadores as I waited anxiously for my beautiful wife to receive her 1st place award for the 6 mile Money Island race!

A Huge Thank You to William Pope, John Beausang and the rest of the crew who helped put this all time event together.
Make sure to mark y’alls calendars for this all time event. For the inaugural year this truly puts North Carolina on the map as one of the best SUP events of the year!!

We look forward to next years Carolina SUP Cup!!!!

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