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Johny Kessel & brian Szymanski

PaddleAthlete’s prime goal is to provide content producers from disparate paddling related activities an avenue to showcase their videos, photos and articles. Paddleathlete is a curator and the place you go to in order to discover stories and conversations that you may never have heard of otherwise. We started PaddleAthlete for the simple reason that we both love to surf and paddle and we wanted a single place to go to pimp the paddling related material we think is either pretty cool or we think you’ll think is  interesting. We watch and read all this stuff ourselves and would love to have you contribute by sending us anything we’ve missed. We have the website, the free iPhone App plus you can see us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

See you in the water,

Johnny Kessel and Brian Szymanski

About Us

Brian Szymanki has lived in Cardiff, CA his entire life and is the owner of  The Ding King Surfboard and SUP Repair in Encinitas, CA.  An ex. professional surfer and an accomplished surfboard shaper, Brian is also a well known as the current SUP Race designer for Starboard International. His boards have won major SUP races including the prestigious Battle of The Paddle and numerous other races across the globe.  Brian is also an accomplished prone paddleboard and SUP racer having won the Stock division at the Catalina Classic which for many is the toughest paddleboard race in the world, as well as the stock SUP division at 2013 Carolina Classic. Brian has paddled the M2O in the Molokai Channel on numerous occasions on both a SUP and a paddleboard, where he competes every year with his cohort and business partner Matt Friedman.

Johnny Kessel is South African and lives, surfs and paddles out of Cardiff Reef, CA in the U.S. He works as a Cloud Technology Consultant in and around San Diego. Johnny started paddling at age 5 when he got onto his first Surfski as a nipper with the Clifton Lifesavers in Cape Town South Africa and has been in the water ever since.  Johnny has paddled the M2O in the Molokai Channel on both a SUP and a Paddleboard . He’s actually pretty slow 🙂 but knows his way around technology so it’s all good.



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