Advertising Terms

PaddleAthlete [PA] Advertising Sales Terms and Conditions, July 2010

Take Over Delivery
Placed as time slots. Covers all of Explorersweb home page and news pages.
Premium Ad Impression Delivery
The booked ad impressions will vary slightly at final delivery. Over delivery is accepted up to 10% above booked quantity. The price of over delivery shall be 50% of base delivery. Over deliveries above 10% will be free of charge.

Easy Ad Time Slot Delivery
Easy ads are placed on all Explorersweb section home pages and news pages. Easy ads is offered at time slots, not impression base.

Copy deadline
Copy material shall be delivered a minimum of 5 work days to PA by email to If copy material is delivered late the advertiser will be charged campaign cost per day base.

Copy acceptance
PA reserves right to reject copy deemed inappropriate for publication. PA  must inform the advertiser within 3 days of receiving the copy of any rejections.

If copy is out of format, PA shall inform publisher of necessary changes without delay.

Delivery and Audit
For premium ads PA offer auditing from 3rd party firm specified on the Insertion Order. PA and advertiser will accept the outcome of delivery numbers offer from such 3rd party firm and may not hold each other responsible for any errors by 3rd party audit company.

No audit is offered for Easy ads.

Payment terms
Advertiser agrees to pay for advertisement in advance unless other payment arrangements have been made and are contracted on the Insertion Order. If post payment are arranged invoicing will be on monthly basis with a 15 day credit time. PA will have the right to transfer invoice to third party payment collector without notification.

Advertiser and its agency shall be jointly responsible for all content of advertisement including text, illustrations, trademarks, and any other matter, and shall defend, indemnify and hold publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense or other liability resulting from any claims or suits for libel, violation of rights of privacy, plagiarism, copyright infringement and any other claim of suit that may arise out of the publication of such advertisements. Advertiser and agency are presumed to have read this contract and agree to term and conditions without further notice.

PA is not liable for errors in advertisement to greater extent than cost of same advertisement paid to PA.

After advertiser has confirmed the Insertion Order cancellations are allowed in writing up to (4) weeks before flight date at a cancellation fee of 10% of the total campaign cost.

Cancellations between (4) weeks and (2) weeks before flight date are allowed in writing at a cancellation fee of 20% of campaign cost. No cancellations are accepted later than (2) weeks ahead of the flight date and the advertiser is responsible for the full campaign cost.

This agreement is governed and interpreted by the laws of New York, USA. Sales tax in the states of Colorado, New York might apply. Any other tax is the liability of the advertiser.