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Starboard introduces the world’s first multiplex flex blade and shaft range

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Blade Technology

The angle of the paddle blade though the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of each stroke. All our blades are foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle blade squanders little energy.

The blade’s size can be compared to the gears of a bike: the higher the gear or the smaller the blade, the less effort each stroke consumes with less forward motion generated. The lower the gear or the bigger the blade, the more energy will be used and the more forward motion will be activated. For long paddle sessions, lighter people, or those with a high cadence stoke, a smaller blade is recommended. Many people who entered SUP with a surfing background prefer the larger blade sizes that provide the immediate power produced by a few strokes for fast and late drops into waves. Starboard offers seven blade sizes in three constructions to fit your power requirements, comfort needs, and budget.

Starboard’s Carbon Tech and Vision Tech blade constructions are both hand laminated and built with the same lightweight Divinycell PVC core and super-strong ABS rail for durability.

Carbon Tech blades feature full carbon outer skin lay-up for maximum performance.

Vision Tech blades feature a fiberglass outer lay-up with a Carbon-Pine spine providing a more forgiving feel with extra rebound.

Tufskin blades are strong, durable ABS foils based on the Endura 525cm blade and they have a forgiving nature

Shaft Technology

Everything in the universe is relative and the flex of a paddle shaft is no exception. The general reflex momentum of the paddle shaft is crucial as a paddle with correct flex and rebound characteristics will provide better power transfer and more speed with less fatigue. Starboard has carefully selected shafts with optimal stiffness, deflection and rebound to maximize the power potential of each stroke, while ensuring the required durability for heavy loads when used in surf.

Premium Carbon shaft features the regular stiffness and rebound preferred by most riders in most conditions. Our heavier team members prefer the flex characteristics of the Premium Carbon shafts

Carbon Reflex shaft has more flexibility and higher rebound at the end of the stroke than the Premium Carbon shaft. Both carbon shafts feature matt finish for enhanced grip. Lighter riders like Connor Baxter and the ladies team get more performance with the more flexible Carbon Reflex shafts.

Starboard’s new Glass Rebound shaft feels lively in hand with the flex and rebound characteristics more typically found in high-end carbon shafts. The Glass Rebound shaft provides a truly winning combination by providing an economical fiberglass shaft with the performance characteristics similar to a carbon shaft. Glass Rebound shafts feature matt finish for enhanced grip.

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SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1

It’s on! From today on to September 11, the 3rd edition of the SUP 11-City tour takes place. Athletes will experience the ultimate challenge as they paddle 220 kilometers (136 miles) in five days with heavy weather conditions, with wind forecasts up to 7bft. And tough it was today, with a south western wind blowing 5 bft. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the rest of the week will not improve. Freezing it is in Friesland.

Heavy first Day
It was a tough race today with strong wind conditions: south west 5 bft. Mainly crosswinds for the participants. Leaders in the first stage of the race were Bart de Zwart, Ryan James and Paul Jackson. For the women Anne-Marie Reichman, and Jackson were leading. Finally Bart de Zwart reached the finish first after 5,5 hours, closely followed by Erik Devaux, and third Paul Jackson. For the women it was Anne-Marie who finished first after a race of 6,5 hours, secondly Jackson and third Horsefield. The first of the teams was team Hightide. Several participants had to end the race before the finish in Sneek, because of the heavy weather conditions. Despite the rain, the sun appeared so now and then between the clouds, a good way to warm up the atmosphere.

“A big storm passed by last night. At the start it was a little calmer with 20-30 knots.
I had a good start with 3 others right behind me. Ryan James, Paul Jackson and Jake Jensen. We had head wind right from the start. We worked together for a couple of hours. 2 km before or reststop in Sneek I pushed up the pace with who Ryan came along and we had minute on the other two at the stop a nice gap to start the rest of the race.
We worked hard for the next 2 hours and increased the gap. Hard work with fierce winds. And then we got to the lake 30 knots from the side and almost impossible to get to the otherwise where we wanted. Ryan start well but fell a few times. It was about 30 minutes paddle on our left side.
When we finally got to the other side, it was still Ryan and me. It came to a sprint to the finish where I narrowly beat Ryan by 3 seconds.

1st Bart de Zwart 5 hrs 28 -Starboard
2nd Ryan James 3 seconds -Starboard
3rd Paul Jackson 8 minutes 10 seconds -Fanatic
In women Anne- Marie came in 1st” -Starboard

-Bart de Zwart

Free SUP lessons
Besides organizing the ultimate challenge in SUP, we also like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know this new, fun, healthy and outdoor sport. Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.
Follow the tour?
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook

See you in Friesland in SUPtember!

SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1 is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

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Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up

The Starboard team descended on Dana Point for the Third Annual Battle of The Paddle in San Clemente California. October 2nd and 3rd saw 863 paddlers and over 10,000 spectators which made for BOP the largest Stand Up Paddleboard event in the world.  This year brought out top athletes from every corner of the world to compete.  Starboard’s team definitely had the US presence; bringing in our top riders from around the world. The riders brought their best physically and mentally and Declan Sacre brought the best boards for them.

Some of the highlights to catch up on; Starboard SUP Team honors go to Bart De Zwart (52:52) in the open race, riding a 14-foot board out paddled and out maneuvered every size of paddleboard out there to get fastest time. “Because there were so many racers (350) they had staggered starts for the unlimited, 14 foot and 12’6. Connor and Zane went on the 12’6 and me on the 14ft.” Said Bart. “The start went well with just about 10 racers ahead of me I slowly started to work my way to the front. With so many racers getting around the buoys was a challenge again. Near the finish I only had 2 unlimited racers seconds in front of me but since they started one minute ahead of me I only had to stay close to get the overall. After the last wave ride I finished right behind the 2 unlimited.”

15 year old Connor Baxter did Starboard proud coming in 6th overall in the men’s elite is definitely amazing. The testing grounds for athletes to push themselves and their equipment to the limit is the Elite Class. This year it was broadcast live to 60 countries and showed the best paddlers worldwide giving their all to go down in history as the Battle of The Paddle Champion.  160 people in this class, 5 miles, 4 laps, and 100 yard beach sprints, make this battle what it is.

Zane and Connor were neck and neck pushing the limit in the 18 and under 14ft class taking 1st and 2nd respectively. Zane is quoted as saying “Battle of the Paddle was held on no better time possible, the weather was beautiful, clear and warm, the waves were big enough to make the races exciting, and today the day after the event, it was 55 degrees and raining all day.”

The Starboard team did great things at the Battle Of the Paddle. This event brought out the best in each person there and has grown the sport and competition tremendously. Pat Huber the director of Rainbows Sandals Marketing is quoted as saying “We do it solely because we believe SUP is good for the family as it is something most everyone can do. It has brought a lot of families closer together, including our own.”

battle of the paddle bart stand up paddleboard

BOP California

Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up


The SUP Holland 11 City Paddleboard Race Round Up: 5 Days 136 Miles 1 Start

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Hey guys,

You all probably already know about the 11 City Tour through Holland that one of our top stand up paddleboard pro’s Anne Marie-Reichman produced, directed, and starred in to support the Right to Play Charity. This is the 5 video 5 days 136 miles of the 11 city paddleboard race round up, tons of respect to all of you that made the 220 kilometers (136 miles) paddle this year. (Sorry guys some of these are from 2009, we’ll have the most up to date soon enough

If you didn’t hear about them go ahead and check out this article I wrote a little while back to get your bearings “The semi-official 5 Reasons to Go To Anne Marie Reichman’s Race SUP 11-City Tour and 3 Reasons Not To”

This event was in part to support Right to Play an organization many of our paddleboard pro-riders have had the honor to work with in the past. This organization really does do amazing things

“Right to Play is supported by Athlete Ambassadors, who have experienced the power of sport, and its ability to build essential life skills such as self-esteem, discipline, fair play, respect and teamwork. They serve as powerful role models for children, and exemplify the positive power of sport.”

It all Began With This Start

We’ve got a couple of guys demonstrating the drafting technique through the cities canals.

Hey guys, we just got back from the SUP 11 City Tour here’s some videos Anne Marie shot. We’ve got a bunch more clips and such in our event roundup over at ye’olde’starboard blog if you want to check them out

The SUP Holland 11 City Paddleboard Race Round Up: 5 Days 136 Miles 1 Start is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog


K-15′s For a Cause

Monday, September 13th, 2010

K-15's For a Cause

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Rider Girard Middleton (Owner of SoBe Surf) took First Place at the National Kidney Foundation Pro Am Surf Fest Stand Up Paddle Surfing Competition this Labor Day Weekend, the largest Charity Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing Event in the world! “it was My first win, and was especially meaningful to me…Dedicated to my Father who is in rehab from a recent stroke and not doing well. Before the event, my mother asked me to win this one for him.” says Middleton, who also placed 3rd overall in the 6 mile ocean race event on the Starboard K-15 racing paddle board.  Girard pulled through for his father with style and grace winning the Paddleboard Surfing Competition on the Starboard 8’x26” “Tiki” model.

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Riders took the top two spots  with Girard Middleton and Iain McFarland finishing 1st and 2nd respectively… congrats also do to Paul Chambers a stand up paddler from Hawaii placing Third on his Starboard Element, Stuart Schuck from S. Carolina 4th, and last year’s winner David Siljestron 5th, and Jon E.B finishing 6th.

Starboard’s Stand Up Paddle Boards Swept The NKF SUP Ocean Race Open Class

Starboard K-15’s sweep the top 3 spots at the National Kidney foundation Pro Am Surf Fest this Labor Day Weekend! Congratulations to Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Riders Iain McFarland and Girard Middleton of “SoBe Surf” who took 1st and 3rd… another in a long line of wins for McFarland…. And to Frank Dillenburg for placing 2nd overall!

“The NKF of Florida, Inc. is a vital resource for kidney patients and their families – helping them learn how to cope with the physical and psychological aspects of the disease and providing them with hope for the future.”

Girard Middleton’s father is a man I’m sure much like Girard; always a smile on his face, a genuine humbleness about him and a life dedicated to pursuing his passions.

Our hopes and best wishes go out to his father, be well and recover.

Keep paddling,

Benton Jones

Starboard International

K-15′s For a Cause is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

Rare clip of Dan Gavere: Owning the rapids on his Whopper Paddleboard

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Recently we posted Dan Gavere’s Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of Surfspots and one of you guys pointed out this rare video of Dan owning on his Whopper Paddleboard.  We couldn’t not put up this video of Gavere paddling Punchbowl Falls.

If you’re craving more stand up paddle board videos check out Dan’s entire channel (he’s got some amazing videos of Nikki Greg  paddling  the Glenwood Wave)

Dan Gavere’s Stand Up Paddleboard Video Channel

Nikki Greg Paddleboarding the Glenwood Wave

Definitely a well down paddleboard video I’m looking forward to more paddleboarding videos from Nikki Greg and Dan Gavere! Check back here for all sortsa good stuff from them and our other paddleboard pro riders soon.