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Lightest Weight, Quickest Response

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Lightest Weight, Quickest Response

Paddleboards are relatively long so swing weight is simply crucial. Every 100 grams saved can be felt when carving on a wave. Our new Brushed Carbon wave boards are up to 3kg lighter than our AST technology, which already is the industry Benchmark. The incredible weight saving makes the Brushed Carbon boards feel 1 to 2 feet shorter. The boards are monitored by the tightest QC system available. A combination of a ultra light carbon weave and medium density extra high quality PVC sandwich foam wrapped around a light density EPS core. The full PVC wrap sandwich with Carbon our strongest offering for big wave days. The first real performance technology to be introduced to the world of paddle boarding.

Brushed Carbon Technology
• The lightest technology
• The quickest response
• Light paint job protecting overheating
• Full deck and bottom wrap of high quality carbon
• Full deck and bottom wrap of high density PVC foam.
• Ultra lightweight Startouch deck grip.
• Blue Hexcel flex fins.

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Board Review – Surftech Joe Bark 12′ Stock Paddleboard

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

These boards are ridiculously good for training. They are very durable and easy to paddle.

It must be noted that I’m too big for a stock board, so my review might be a bit hindered by my fat butt, especially in terms of glide and upwind performance. It would be great if someone with a little more practical experience (meaning weighing <185) chimed in. However, the board worked well for me on a few downwind runs here in California and it is Surftech Joe Bark 12' Stock Paddleboardperfect for training.

Ty Zulim at Surftech loaned some of these to the Old Dana Cove Paddleboard Club for our weekly sprint workouts this year and everyone was stoked on the boards. Several good SUP paddlers ended up purchasing one as a result to use as a back up or fun board to cross-train on.

I’m a fan!

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Review Information Equipment Reviewed
Reviewer Name: Pete Stirling Manufacturer: SurfTech Bark
Reviewer Weight: 200lb Model Name : Stock Paddleboard
Reviewer Level: Advanced Model Year: 2010
Date Submitted: September 28, 1010 Class: Stock 12′
Type: Paddleboard Specifications: None

Board Review – Lahui Kai Unlimited Paddleboard

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Pete Stirling on Lahui Kai Unlimited Paddleboard

I paddled this model in all the SoCal races leading up to and in the Molokai. I also paddled it in the Catalina Classic. The boards handle extremely well in a variety of conditions.

The one thing that really stuck out was the level of comfort while knee paddling and the stability. The board doesn’t have deep kneewells or a huge chest rise, which makes it more comfortable, but it was extremely stable as a result of the flat/double concave bottom.

The only complaint with the quartering was that the rails are boxy, so the board gets moved around a bit, but it is nothing you can’t get used to quickly. The board has great glide, but it definitely prefers someone who stays on the peddle. However, side by side tests with contemporary US shapes showed little to no difference in glide.

The tiller system is much different than what we are used to in SoCal. It seems a bit ‘looser’, but it is also capable of much sharper turns and more responsive than what we see around here.

The weight seemed perfect, not too light and not too heavy. Into the wind the only downfall was that the board is rather light at 20lbs. However, it wasn’t a major setback at any point and I easily made up lost ground on the downwind leg.

Laying into it I was able to get it up to mid 7’s and could easily hold ave 6-mph.

Downwind the board is epic! It picks up absolutely anything and rides it out.

This was just a great all around board. I’ll definitely keep paddling this design.

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