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SUP Foil Surf Lymans 6-10 Starboard Hypernut GoFoil – HD

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Another fun part of our day today.

High [NCS Release] by JPB from NoCopyrightSounds


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JPB – High [NCS Release]


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SUP foil sur Go Foil en France

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

At 36secs we can see how forgiving is this foil when you fly too high !

SUP Foil R&D: testing the Easy Foiler Stand Up Paddleboard and hydrofoil

Sunday, May 28th, 2017

Foil R&D: testing the Blue Planet Easy Foiler prototype which will be available as part of our 2018 product line. This prototype board was a 7’6 Foil board with 10″ of it’s tail cut off to make it a 6’8″ x 30″ board. The shorter length makes the foil easier to control when flying and is less likely to touch the water when pumping. The foil is a new prototype designed for maximum stability, control, predictable handling, and adjustability. Both our foil specific boards and Foils are expected to be available in late 2017.
Drone footage by Evan Leong

For more information, please visit:,31853.msg355098/topicseen.html#new

We have been working on foil and board design which requires re-thinking design concepts. For a SUP surfing board, you want to maximize maneuverability and carving turns while still maintaining enough stability and glide to catch a wave. On a foil board, the board design is irrelevant once you lift off and you basically want to minimize the swing weight and size of the board once you are off the water. Turning and carving rail to rail are not a concern on a foil board design (assuming that all you want to do is foil on it, not a multi purpose board). So the primary design concerns are minimizing board size while maximizing lift, glide and tracking to catch the wave and have enough stability to paddle back out.

Watching this video testing 7’6×30 Foil board, I noticed that the tail of the board often touches the water when I’m pumping, increasing drag and making it harder to keep the foil flying.

The foil is mounted 20″ from the tail and it seems like the last part of the tail was not doing any good, so I decided to experiment and cut 10″ off the tail to make the board 6’8 long, making the distance from the tail to the foil 10″.

So far, I’m really happy with the shorter board. With the straight outline and double concave bottom shape with hard rails, the board still tracks relatively well and creates enough lift and glide to catch the wave. Once the foil lifts off, it is noticeably easier to control and is easier to keep flying without touching the water.
I have been working on a new foil design and recently tested the first prototype which was CNC’d from a solid piece of G10 fiberglass. Since the foil is quite thick, it weighs a TON, so I was doubtful that it would work at all, especially with the smaller board. Just getting the board with the super heavy foil to the water was a pain. Surprisingly, once on the water, the weight was not a big deal. The heavy Foil wing actually acts like the lead keel on a sailboat and makes the board more stable when paddling. Since the wing is submerged, the weight is not that noticeable. Flying it also felt stable and easy to control although I’m thinking that once we make the mold so we can build lighter composite construction foil wings for production, they will fly more quickly and longer and certainly be easier to transport. This is the first video using the shorter cut off board with the new, super heavy foil prototype, riding waves that are not steep enough to surf on a regular board.

SUP Foil Peru – Guillermo Arce

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

SUP Foil Leo ETIENNE 2016

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

SUP Foil in the Bay Surf all day

Saturday, February 4th, 2017

Shooting and flying and shooting and flying..

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Song Name: Crossfires
Artist: Spyryl

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Sup Foil Horue / Redwoodpaddle 2017

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Quand deux spécialistes se rencontrent , voilà ce que ça donne, Horue et Redwoodpaddle en Stand Up Paddle FOIL .

SUP Foil Exercise 08/Mar/2017

Wednesday, March 8th, 2017


SUP Foil en Loire Atlantique, France

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

SUP Foiling somewhere in France !

SUP Foil disaster. Crash on rocks

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Today I found out how strong the Go Foils are built. I hit the rocks shorty after take off with the full force of the wave behind me.

It just caused minimal damage and I could continue my session without noticing any problems.

SUP Foil Board

Monday, March 6th, 2017

SUP Foil board Currumbin Alley

SUP Foil – Home Flight with HORUE® | Official Teaser

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

New SUPFOIL project coming soon in 2016.

Foil and Stand Up Paddle by HORUE.
These products are amazing, go check out their stuff and buy the best hydrofoils.

Protection equipment by Forward Wip:
Eyewear by Bomber Eyewear:

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Sunset SUP Foilboarding on Maui; Lights on!

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Zane & Matty Schweitzer along with Abraham Shouse, finally get to connect their visions of SUP Foiling with Lights on their boards and the results are spectacular!
Filmed & Edited by Mat5o Media (Matty Schweitzer)
Music by; Stick Figure Music!

Storm Windfoiling | Foil windsurfing with 50 knots wind

Tuesday, July 11th, 2017

Foil: Horue Vini (
Board: Tiny Pro model 70L (
Sail: Goya Scion 2m².
Rider: Philippe CANERI.

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STARBOARD SUP/Go Foil “Sup Tomo” HydroFoiling session in Japan.

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Starboard HyperNut and GoFoil.
”Sup Tomo”によるSTARBOARD SUP HyperNut フォイルボード/Go Foil “KAI”モデルでのハイドロフォイルサーフィンセッション。
Highlights info row image
#rainydayfun @starboardsup #hypernut @gofoil @alexaguera151 design #kai model
@fcssup @fcs_japan @teva DOVE WaveAttack Surfing Wetsuits
STARCAP #livethetikilife #livebetterstories #sup #hydrofoil #foilsurfing #standuppaddle #suptomo @supfoilingmag #ハイドロフォイル #ゴーフォイル @teva #livebetterstories Go Foil Go Foil Japan Foil Magazine Alex AgueraStarboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing


Monday, June 26th, 2017

Behind a boat is Easiest way to learn to Foil.


Saturday, May 20th, 2017

STARBOARD SUP HyperNut 6’9″23″ 69L
#suptomo #foiltomo
#rstarboardsup #gofoil #alexaguera design #kaifoil
#fcssup #fcsjapan #teva #DOVESurfingWetsuits
#STARCAP #livethetikilife #livebetterstories #sup #hydrofoil #foilsurfing #standuppaddle #suptomo @supfoilingmag #ハイドロフォイル #ゴーフォイル #teva #livebetterstories #Starboard #StandUpPaddleSurfing

Spencer Brothers SUP Foiling

Tuesday, June 27th, 2017

Jeffrey and Finn Spencer take on the SUP foiling craze as they SUP surf on Maui.

South Padre Island Kite Foil n SUP Feb 8 2017

Friday, February 10th, 2017

South Padre Island
Kite Foil

Slingshot Hydrofoil Wing Analysis and Quiz

Sunday, December 24th, 2017


H1 Hydrofoil Wing: 30% larger Hoverglide Wing…great slow speed kite foil, good larger wave surf foil or for lighter riders, great slow speed wake foil.

H2 Hydrofoil Wing: Flattened H1 foil with the most lift of any of the “H” series wings. Very stable and stock wing with FSurf and Fwind hydrofoil package.

H3 Hydrofoil Wing: Tow-in Wing for tow-in surf and speed nuts…emphasis on the “nuts”

H4 Hydrofoil Wing: “bat wing” Slow speed and very dynamic great surf foil for most conditions and a fun slow speed wing for behind the boat

H5 Hydrofoil Wing: This is the stock hoverglide wing for kite foiling, can be used for larger waves with high speed and the stock foil for the Wake Surfer.

sky sup foil 1

Wednesday, January 25th, 2017

This video is about sky sup foil 1

Selfie Foil ride by STARBOARD SUP/Go Foil “Sup Tomo”

Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Starboard HyperNut and GoFoil.
”Sup Tomo”によるSTARBOARD SUP HyperNut フォイルボード/Go Foil “KAI”モデルでのハイドロフォイルサーフィンセッション。
Highlights info row image
#rainydayfun @starboardsup #hypernut @gofoil @alexaguera151 design #kai model
@fcssup @fcs_japan @teva DOVE WaveAttack Surfing Wetsuits
STARCAP #livethetikilife #livebetterstories #sup #hydrofoil #foilsurfing #standuppaddle #suptomo @supfoilingmag #ハイドロフォイル #ゴーフォイル @teva #livebetterstories Go Foil Go Foil Japan Foil Magazine Alex AgueraStarboard Stand Up Paddle Surfing