Belharra Meets Hercules – Massive Paddle Sesh

Huge possibilities come to reality at Belharra in France as some of the world’s top big wave chargers attempt to ride “Hercules”. This edit has an incredible angle of World paddleboard champion Jamie Mitchell’s attempt of one of the biggest paddle in waves every attempted, plus his response to seeing the shot and an interview.

Cinematography by:
Vincent Kardasik

Edit & Post Production by:
Julie Kardasik

She’s Gone by The Ragged Jubilee

Shane Dorian
Benjamin Sanchis
Jamie Mitchell
Grant “Twiggy” Baker
Peyo Lizarazu
Pilou Ducalme
Stephane Iralour
Justine Dupont
Seb Saint-Jean

Special thanks:
François Liets
Seb Saint-Jean
Yann Benetrix
Fifi le “Bop”
Thierry Krawiec
David Dubes
Benjamin Sanchis
Shane Dorian
Justine Dupont
Laurent Pujol
Vincent Lartizien

Shot on Red Epic

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