Curtis Hesselgrave ~ Master SUP and Paddleboard Fin Designer

Fins - Curtis Hesselgrave SUP and Paddleboard Fin DesignerCurtis Hesselgrave is one of those guys you never hear about in the mainstream media and he deserves far more credit than he gets. He has done a ton of work in the designing and building process at my R&D at “DIVISION 585”, and over the years we have  been able to work together to make cutting edge stuff. Together have come up with some great templates back to my traditional paddle board designs which were ideal for the California kelp crossings and other areas. We have worked together by creating and testing paddleboard fins in all conditions, making them travel tested, changed tested, passed around tested,  race won tested and we are still on our journey for perfection.

He now offers three designs that cover you in any condition you may find and he is my pick for the best fin designer in the  world. I have raced using most of fins on all types of boards and with great results and he now offers three designs that cover you in any condition you may experience. I have turned other racers onto his designs for many reasons and the grey fins are the ones we use on Maui and Molokai, and on a 14′ downwind board I think the 9″ curtisbluewater is the best fin available the the tourquise fin is for weeds and kelp and shallow water.

Thank you Curtis for providing us with these great fins and here is some additional information of interest from the horses mouth. ~ Brian

These fins are 1.5 years of design evolution for racing fins for SUP.

The first one in the series is the keel style Hatchet Fin that we call the “Kelp Cutter”. It is 6.5” deep and blows through kelp paddies as if they were not there. When we first developed this fin E.J. said that he no longer had to go outside or around even the thickest kelp paddies.

The second design in the series is the yellowish fin and the red fin on the right. This fin was designed for the 2010 Catalina race to provide more stability than the kelp cutter and still shed some weeds. E.J. and Brandi smoked on this fin (they got it two days before the race) winning the 12’6” division by 5 minutes. Further testing demonstrated that the fin was a bit large and was not as quick on and off the bumps as we wanted. The newer version of this  fin is named the “Eel Grass” and is raked a bit more to help to shed light weeds and scaled down to 9” from the original 9.8” to make it a little quicker, while still maintain excellent directional stability.

The third design, the two smoke fins on the left and the blue fin in the middle, is named the “Bluewater” it is a dedicated  downwind fin and also designed for buoy racing where quick turns are a must. The three fins here are the prototypes and are three different sizes, all the same template. We did this to find the right amount of area. In testing leading up to the 2010 Molokai race the 9” version was found to have the best sea keeping qualities in the cross winds, quartering seas and large swell. The boys placed first in the three man 14” division quite a few places in front of the next division finishers. Rumor has it that Brian was doing soul arches and speed squats he was having so much fun – the gear worked perfectly. ~ Curtis Hesselgrave

Curtis Hesselgrave SUP and Paddleboard fin designerVisit Curtis and buy some fins and you will not regret it!!


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