Dave Kalama – ESPN Interview

Before there was $50,000 awarded for a single drop, before anyone won a Big Wave World Championship, and before high school freshmen started towing in at Jaws, there were the pioneers. They were big wave surfers who used new apparatus to see just how big they could go.

That crew included the likes of Darrick Doerner, Buzzy Kerbox, the infamous Laird Hamilton and his tow partner, Dave Kalama. Kalama comes from a family of Hawaiian legends — watermen who excelled at several pursuits and in any conditions. He and his crew represented a hairball, yet calculated part of surfing that reached well into mainstream interest. Recently, Kalama was touring the Mainland US, doing Kalama Clinics and promoting Naish paddle gear. I had a chance to ask him a few questions about the state of big wave surfing at Island Surf and Sail.

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Aloha, Dave

Visit Dave’s site: A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

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