Grant Corgan and Dylan Thomas of Surf Ski Kauai on their Molokai Crossing in 2012.

“A little over a year ago we were given an amazing gift…the gift of getting to celebrate our love.  Jim and Caroline sent us on our honeymoon to the beautiful and magical island of Kauai.  During that time we had extraordinary healing, healing of living in the moment, and seeing the beauty.  One of the magical connections that Jim made was with us and Dylan Thomas of Surf Ski Kauai.   Dylan is a waterman extraordinaire, Surf Ski paddler and an all around phenomenal human being.  Jim had set it up with Dylan to take Grant out paddling in the Surf Ski, knowing the two would hit it off.  The tandem Surf Ski is a 28 foot long / 18 inch wide kayak of sorts, designed for open water/off-shore racing and riding waves”

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