Hanging With Master Designer Brian Szymanski at the NCP Shaping Room

Brian SzymanskiI often try and cruise over to the Ding King at about 5.30pm because I can almost always catch Brian in full creative mode, and  I was not disappointed today. Although usually I’m prepared with my GoPro HD but today I was just returning from a work appointment  and all I had with me was my crappy old blackberry 8330 – the worlds worst video camera. After this my GoPro is staying in my truck!

Anyway, it was good enough to capture some super interesting tidbits with regards to the new 14′ SUP SURF prototype with a California Rocker, which Brian is working on for the Battle of the Paddle etc. This board will be as user friendly as a race board can be, stable yet fast and a great board for mere mortals and heavier guys wanted some extra stability without sacrificing glide.  I plan on owning one of these as soon as possible – Cool stuff Brian thanks Bud!


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