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You don’t want to miss this exclusive edit from Fiji’s mega swell. 
The reports said they would be some of the biggest waves ever to hit Cloudbreak, so we sent a legendary crew there to document – and ride – history.
Ever since the historic June 2012 swell at Cloudbreak in Fiji, big wave surfers have pondered the possibilities of the one that got away. You know the one. Some have called it the ‘unicorn wave.’ Well, six years later, the unicorn showed its face once again.
Mark Healey takes off his leash at the last second, diving as deep as he can through the back of this translucent beast. A handful of other surfers frantically paddling for the shoulder. Meanwhile, Healey’s board sits perfectly alone in the pitching lip, looking more like a toothpick than the 10-foot-plus chunk of fibreglass that it was.
Some have called it the ‘unicorn wave.’ Well, six years later, the unicorn showed its face once again – and perennial big-wave charger Ramon Navarro was on it.
While Navarro’s bomb – which you can witness in this fresh edit above, by legendary big-wave filmer Tim Bonython – was the biggest of the day, it sure wasn’t the only mind-blowing ride to go down. Guys like Kai Lenny, Natxo Gonzalez, Laurie Towner, Luke Shepardson, Kelly Slater, and others were there to make history. Click on the edit above to relive the greatest moments.


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