Olamau Race is the Ultimate Unlimited Outrigger Canoe Challenge in Hawaii. It is a 100 mile race that will take place over three consecutive days, this year it’ll take place June 12, 13 and 14, and will be held entirely on Hawaii Island (Big Island). Prizes will be awarded for each leg of the race as well as for overall race performance. There are no length, weight or design restrictions on the canoes. No sails or any other artificial means of propulsion are allowed. Canoes must have an Ama and only outrigger paddle blades are permitted; no kayak or double bladed paddles are allowed. Each team may consist of a maximum of 12 paddlers, with only 6 iron paddlers participating in each stage of the race.

Disaster = 3 Surfers +10 Beers+One SUP+Rock Point
Surfski Downwind Basics


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