Ozzie Clark shot all hand held “I didn’t really have an idea on how to best shoot on the water. Looking back I have a few ideas now. Ran out of batterie on the second day of racing. I would like to attempt to make a second with a much larger production value. All of the voice over was done with my ear buds mic an used voice memos on my iphone to record. I really just had to go with what I had available to me. So please bare with me on the sounds issues. First time I have ever narrated anything and the reason I did was for people who know nothing about the sport would have some idea of what is going on in the film. I hope that i get another chance to do this again because I learned a great deal making this. Hope you enjoy!”

Robert Stehlik - SUP Downwind Coaching at Hawaii Kai
Aquarius: Freediving the Dream - The Amazing Dives of the World


Featured, Outrigger TV

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