We all know Rob Machado enjoys his Go Fish. But what does he ride when the waves get bigger and more punchy? The Midas. In this video Rob Machado explains how he designed The Midas, and why.

For more on this LFT shape, and to explore dimensions, go here:

If you’re curious about how The Midas relates to The Go fish, it’s simple – the Go Fish is fast and skatey in the weak stuff, and the Midas is quick and responsive in the steep stuff.

The Midas does have some fishy hybrid elements in its design though, so its performance on the small end of the wave spectrum is surprising.

Rob enjoys The Midas as a two plus one fin setup, or as a twin fin, when the waves are small, and he likes it with a thruster set when the waves are 4 to 5 foot plus.

Like the song? find it here:

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