Restaurants Is the Tour’s Guilty Pleasure

You’ve tuned in to Stab and Corona’s semi-live broadcast of the CT’s finest peripheral moments. In this Beach Chair episode we’ve landed on the shores of Tavarua and motored alongside it’s fantastic barrier reef to point lenses toward the action taking place at Restaurants in and around the 2017 Outerknown Fiji Pro. It’s a special stretch, as picturesque and mechanical as left handers come. During low tide fins tickle the live coral heads, at high, there’s a skatepark of pockets and high performance opportunities.

While the weather didn’t resemble its usual postcard self, for a short period there was enough energy bending into the island’s sweet spot to entice the likes of John Florence, Julian Wilson, Matt Wilkinson, Wiggolly Dantas, Connor O’Leary, super coach Glen ‘Micro’ Hall (once again looking fabulous on two fins) and commentary royalty Barton Lynch and Martin Potter. There’s little need to dive into descriptive language, so please allow our cast to entertain for the next couple minutes.

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