Sector 9: Rolling with Ben

Hop in the van and roll with New Jersey-based team rider Ben Graeff (aka ‘Ben Gravy’) as he makes his first trip out to Sector 9 HQ to shred everything from the ocean to the mountains with the 9-Ball crew.

Riders: Ben Graeff, Evan Gallen, Jack Gallen, Louis Pilloni, Josh Rolf, Cole Kurtz, Mason Ho, Shaun Ross, Bryce Tanner, Trent Carroll

Surf Session – Fat Wave (, Voyager (, Exodus (
Downhill Session – Louis Pro (, Jacko Pro (
Ditch Session – Wavepark (, Unagi (
Skatepark Session – Shaun Ross Pro (, Swill (, Fatwave (

Film/Edit: Louis Pilloni, Ryan Tomlinson, Ben Graeff
Music: “Never Tell’ by The Paddy Cakes

Follow Ben’s VLOG:
VLOG Downhill Day:
VLOG Surf and Park Day:
VLOG Mason Ho Day:

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