Starboard’s Paddleboard Pro Rider John Hibbard’s Plan for Success in SUP

Starboard’s Paddleboard Pro Rider John Hibbard’s Plan for Success in SUP

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Last Friday, I got at you guys with this interview I had with John Hibbard’s Insider Info on the UK SUP Racing Scene

Now, we have a little bit more information about the man behind John has worked hard to bring together the paddleboarding community in the UK and  has a bunch of great information on races all over the world.

Here’s the original pro-rider interview we got with him I can’t wait to see what he has to say in his next interview…check back here for an update on some amazing tips he gave me on picking the right paddle.

How did you get in to SUP?
I saw it on the Internet and thought it looked pretty cool. That was two years ago. Now I’m hooked.

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2008?
It would have to be either winning the Uk sup distance title, getting 2nd in the Uk sup surf titles, setting a new record for paddling around Brownsea Island or taking the drop at Teahupoo. All of those were pretty special. That’s the beauty of the sport.

There are so many new challenges that you can achieve a lot if you want to.

starboard pro team john hibbard sup
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Who impresses you the most?
Ekolu Kalama is a fearless paddler. Going for a surf with Ekolu opens your mind.

Where are you favorite spot for SUP?
For me the beauty of sup in surf is that you don’t need the best waves. By choosing the right board you turn a slow, gutless wave into something a whole lot more interesting.
Tahiti is a special place though.

What has so far been your most exiting moment with SUP?
Probably paddling into Teahupoo for the first time. Or the first time I stood on a board and realized there was something pretty cool about it.

What do you prefer, surfing solo or in group?
Much prefer to me with some friends, trading waves and laughs.

What other projects are you working on right now?
Training for the longest paddle race in the Uk – if not the world.

What are your goals for 2009?
To win the Uk sup surf and distance titles. To complete the Devices to Westminster paddle race in the Uk. Something like 130 miles in 4 days. It’s the first time a sup paddler has been allowed to enter this historic race.

Apart from that I just aim to continue to spread the good word about sup (dont be a wave hog) and ride as many different spots around the world. Both surf and flat water.

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