Starboard 6’6″ designed by Brian Szymanski

Starboard impossible 6'6"When first introduced to SUP, I was curious. Coming from a professional surfing background, the whole idea of SUP’ing came across a little boring. For all I knew, it was a sport where old guys would stand on top of oversized boards and paddle around with an oar to easilty catch waves . As a young surfer, it just didn’t sound appealing.

Then I came to experience it first hand… . It was an activity that tested my abilities as a surfer- my balance, strength, and natural sync with the movement of the ocean.

After a while I found how it puts a new twist on the methods of traditional surfing. Instead of testing your abilities only while being on the wave, SUP challenge you during the entire session- when you’re standing on the board, paddling, catching and surfing a wave. It is a great tool to fine-tune your surfing style. SUP’ing is an activity that I have taken a great liking to and look forward to each session as an opportunity to further improve my skills.


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