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Hey loyal and faithful Starboarders,

Help us with this survey and there’s a special incentive in it for you.

(nudge, nudge) Get entered to win ANY one of our boards in the 2011 Quiver of Paddleboards

So lets hit it:

I’ve got to be honest In the last couple of months, I’ve been getting some great ideas and requests for various new website functions and paddleboard features from you guys!

Now, I would personal love to call each of you up and talk to you about Paddle Boards(I have)  but…time is a limiting factor, and I want to be sure I’m delivering you all what YOU need.

You could help me out and answer my little paddleboard survey questionnaire. ; )

Get entered to win ANY board in our 2011 Quiver of Paddleboards (nudge, nudge).

>>>>So lets hit it:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sincerely yours,

Benton Jones

Online Marketing Manager
skype: starboard.benton

You pretty much rock!

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