[SUP] Stand up Surf Paddle Compilation

Pretty extensive compilation of clips from the world of stand up paddle surfing through 2014. It’s missing some key footage from Jaws, Tahiti, Pipeline but entertaining nonetheless. Specifically interesting are:

  • Some awesome footage at 2:00 of Zane Schweitzer at Maxing Puerto shot by his ever present brother Matty
  • Stand Up world Tour at Sunset at 4:30
  • Some interesting California shackage at 9:10
  • Alaska at 14:00 ┬áTahiti Drone footage at @16:50
  • Some big lefts at what looks like Hookipa of Robbie Naish at 24:00
  • Kai Lenny owning big Chopes at 36:00
  • Some of the Hawaiian heavy’s surfing what looks like a Texas Oil Tanker boat wake at 41:00
  • Dan Gavere and friends surfing a Colorado standing wave at 42:00
  • Kail Lenny 42:00 at Jaws
  • More Stand Up world Tour action at 55:40


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