[SURFSKI] Maraamu Surfski Downwinder 2013

Maraamu surfski 2013 is a downwind race between the island of Tahaa and Bora Bora. Surf, surf and more surf. Mara’amu, the prevailing wind from July to October, can blow between 25-35kts from the southeast. It will generate a windswell that one can surf from Tahaa to Bora Bora. The Mara’amu Surfski Race is more than a race. It’s the gathering of all the polynesian surfski paddlers. A channel crossing, a challenge that is the climax of the paddling surfski season. For a competitive paddler, it’s a great achievement to write his name to the Maraamu Hall of Fame. From all over the world, you will come to compete with us


1 ROBINSON Clint 02:33:30 14.85 Australia
2 COTTER Jeremy 02:35:49 14.63 Australia
3 BOOTH Michael 02:40:18 14.22 Australia
4 LAUGHLIN Lewis 02:45:37 13.77 RA’I
5 FLORES Hiromana 02:48:09 13.56 Maona A Ine
6 DEAN Eric 02:48:13 13.55 Papeete Va’a
7 TEPA Léopold 02:48:55 13.50 Huahine Surf Ski
8 AH-MIN Mihimana 02:51:24 13.30 EDT
9 TEITI Tauirai 02:52:58 13.18 Te Ava Piti
10 GENDRON Victor 02:53:23 13.15 Papeete Va’a

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