The Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of Surfspots

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Do you know what a bucket list is?

It’s simple enough—it’s a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” If you don’t have one yet start it off with these paddle surf spots.

Now, this isn’t just any old bucket list; this is the wet dream ultimate list of paddle board surf spots.

We polled, surveyed, and prodded the best paddle board pro team in the Stand Up Paddle Boarding Industry–Starboard SUP’s international team gave us their top spots and why you should be riding them today. There are a couple of strange paddle surf spots suggested to dip your paddle in…you might be surprised with the locations we chose.

Make sure you make it down to Connor Baxter’s bucket list. These Paddleboard Surf Spots are the sexiest waves available on earth and most definitely ones you need to be paddling immediately.

Dan Gavere’s Bucket List: Keeping it real representing the best America has to offer

5. Pacific City, OR Brew Pub with free outdoor hot showers on the beach
4. Newport, OR  3 excellent spots, usually not too crowded
3. Cardiff Reef SUP accepted there and it’s a great wave
2. Santa Cruz, great rights and some fun out of the way spots too.
1. North Shore Hawaii, because there are so many different spots to hit.

Sean Poynter’s Bucket List: Sean let’s the pictures do the talking

  1. Pipeline/Backdoor, Hawaii

Paddleboarding Pipeline

2. Snapper Rocks, Australia

Paddle boarding the Snapper rocks

3. Lower Trestles, California

Paddleboarding Lower Tresltes

4. Lances Right, Mentawais

paddle boarding at lances right

5. Macaroni’s, Mentawais

paddle boarding macaroni

6. Hossegor, France

Hoessegor, France stand up paddle board

7. J-Bay, South Africa

j bay paddle board

8. Dessert Point, Lombok

paddleboarding desset point

9. Playa Conchalio, El Salvador

paddlebaording at playa conchalio

10. Middles, Puerto Rico

paddleboarding middles puerto rico

I have chosen these waves as they are all waves that you can fit a stand up in the barrel, that is all that matters. -David Muir

David Muir’s Bucket List: Dave is a simple man with a simple plan of global wave domination.

10.Ulus Bali
9. Rifles Mentowies
8. Kerumas bali
7. Padang Padang Bali
6. Fiji Tavarua
5. France Hossegor
4. Mexico Econdito
3. Sunset Beach
2. Nias
1. Chopes

Mr. Connor Baxter the 15 year old pro rider who has gained a lot of respect around the Stand Up Paddle Board Marathon circuits recently.  A local to Maui his bucket list is grounded in solid experience and a deep love for the island of Hawaii. You can read more about him here Connor Baxter Gives You The Low Down On Winning The Mormaii 27 Mile Paillo Express

  1. Lanes Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a left and it is super powerful.
  2. Pier 1 Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a fun place to go to when it is big because it dose not close out.
  3. Outer Spreacks Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it has a nice barrow and it dose not get crowded.
  4. Queens Oahu, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a fun rip able wave.
  5. Sunset Oahu, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a challenging wave that pushes your limit.
  6. Secret spots in Hawaii like this spot because there is never anyone out there. Yeah…I’m not telling.
  7. Chicama , Peru I like this spot because it is one of the longest lefts in the world and I am goofy foot.
  8. Shikoku, Japan I like this spot because all the people out there are super friendly and not agro.

Will you’ve got to the end of the The Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of SUP Surfspots what spots did we forget?

What are your favorite paddle board locations in the comments


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