Training Day with SUP Elite Racer Rob Rojas

By Rob Rojas

Lets get creative!!!

Hey friends! Hope all is well out there in the active people world. I know everyone is out there striving to train harder, striving to paddle faster, striving to perfect their buoy turns, and always searching for that secret potion to improved performance. What I have been thinking about lately is how to make workouts more fun and how to get creative especially while away from home or the gym that we find all too familiar and perhaps even boring after a while.  

The other day I was at a well known populated island off the coast of California, (Catalina), on a trip. I had with me my inflatable SHUBU made by Boardworks, a Quickblade paddle, a pair of Oneill Hyperfreak shorts, an Oneill Squidlid, a mask, snorkel, and fins. I only had about an hour to kill as the sun was still behind the horizon and I was at Emerald Bay, Catalina. One of the most pristine mooring spots on the island.
I told myself “I only have an hour so I’m gonna kill myself, (figuratively speaking), during that hour. I inflated my SHUBU, (actually broke out in a sweat doing so), and started paddling around Indian Rock for my warmup. I saw the kelp was laying down pretty good which meant two things. Number one, I would get a good up hill paddle against the current, and two, when the current is running, so are the White Sea Bass. The White Sea Bass is a highly sought after elusive game fish fish found on the West Coast. Those who seek the White Sea Bass are a select group who don’t like to brag, are very patient, and exemplify what being a true sportsman is all about.
Okay, back to the workout. I paddled around Indian Rock and started to get a nice warmup going. After feeling good and warmed up I decided to do four rounds of an approx. 3/4 mile paddle around Indian Rock and a 200 yard soft sand run on the beach for a Battle of the Paddle style workout. After that, I jumped into a shorter distance interval set where I paddled approx. 200 yards around a far mooring can while trying to execute a good pivot turn, then beached my board and swam approx. 100 yards around a closer mooring can. In between the paddles and the swims I did 10 burpees on the beach. I ended up doing four paddles, four swims and 80 burpees and I had a blast! For a cool down, I donned the mask, snorkel, and fins and worked on a little breath hold diving to keep the lungs in check.
I guess the point I’m trying to make in all these ramblings about sea bass, mooring cans, and blow up boards is this. Vary your workouts! Make them fun! If you are short on time and are thinking to yourself, “I only have 30 minutes, what’s the use”, you are wrong!!! 30 minutes is enough time to get in an effective workout and you will walk away feeling energized and fresh! My rule of thumb is Increase the intensity and decrease the total time and decrease the intensity while increasing the total time.
Gonna go to bed now, but get out there. Paddle hard and have fun!!!


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