[VIDEO] Buzzy Kerbox – Laird come back to SUP racing

Buzzy Kerbox and Laird Hamilton go way back. Buzzy’s recently posted this video as a message to his old pal to come back to SUP racing to bring more attention to the sport. “Stand Up Paddling is a sport you popularized and it spread around the world like wildfire, you were the fastest guy in the early days why don’t you come race with us in the upcoming races?” Kerbox continue to tell his good buddy how much he would love to get back on it at the ultimate paddleboard challenge Molokai2Oahu or M20.


“Laird we go way back..bring one of your killer paddles and your Laird designed raceboards and come back to racing!..it would great for the sport and I would love it! But don’t forget to put your clothes on!” 🙂

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