Rare clip of Dan Gavere: Owning the rapids on his Whopper Paddleboard

Recently we posted Dan Gavere’s Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of Surfspots and one of you guys pointed out this rare video of Dan owning on his Whopper Paddleboard.  We couldn’t not put up this video of Gavere paddling Punchbowl Falls.

If you’re craving more stand up paddle board videos check out Dan’s entire channel (he’s got some amazing videos of Nikki Greg  paddling  the Glenwood Wave)

Dan Gavere’s Stand Up Paddleboard Video Channel

Nikki Greg Paddleboarding the Glenwood Wave

Definitely a well down paddleboard video I’m looking forward to more paddleboarding videos from Nikki Greg and Dan Gavere! Check back here for all sortsa good stuff from them and our other paddleboard pro riders soon.

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