SUP11City tour day 3 – Saving a cow giving birth andSUP in the World sport of Games in Friesland

SUP11City tour day 3 - Saving a cow giving birth andSUP in the World sport of Games in Friesland

Netherlands, September 8, 2011
Dag 3: Sun and blue skies, a cow giving birth en route and SUP at the World Sport for all Games in Friesland in 2016.

The participants of the SUP 11-City Tour experience an ultimate challenge. They paddle 220 kilometers paddle 220 kilometer in 5 days in extreme weather. After 2 days with extreme weather conditions the weather today was pretty good. Ten knots of wind, no rain, blue skies and sun!

The good weather conditions don’t change the focus of the athletes doesn’t differ from the first two days. A race is a race and the competitors will fight till the last day. The athletes paddled a distance of 44 kilometers today and needed to get their stamps at the start, on the way in Bolsward en Harlingen and at the finish in Franeker.

In Witmarsum where the paddlers need to take their 15 minute break, de first six guys arrive at 11.15 am. The first three ladies arrive about 25 minutes later. Again the first three are Angela van Hoof-Jackson, Anne-Marie Reichman en Simone Horsfield. The overall results show a close race between the first three girls competing. Anne-Marie still claims the first place after three days. The overall results will be published on our website this evening (

Results day 3: Workum Franeker

1. Bart de Zwart – 4:58:28
2. Ryan James – 4:58:32
3. Casper Steinfath – 4:58:36

1. Angela van Hoof – Jackson 5:41:27
2. Anne-Marie Reichman – 6:00:28
3. Simone Horsfield – 6:01:57

1. Team Hightide – 5:26:34
2. Team Men – 5:26:55
3. Team Starboard-Supmagazine – 5:44:41

World Sport for all Games 2016 in Friesland
Thiadrik Twerda, the councillor of Franeker is also responsible for sports and culture. Today he handed out the day prices. Twerda was very impressed and all the international athletes. He suggests that SUP would be a great sport to add to the World Sport for all Games in 2016, for which Friesland is nominated as host. A big compliment for the athletes. Of course we hope SUP will be an Olympic sport soon.

Special price for Team Hightide girls for helping out a cow giving labor.
The girl who paddled for Team Hightide today, was a little delayed on her way, passing by a cow giving birth. She went to look for the farmer who immediately took action.

Route en weather forecast for Saturday the 10th of September
Tomorrow the athletes will start at 09.00 am. at the famous 11-City Bridge in Franeker (Spaarbankstraat 26). The mayor of Franeker will give the start signal. De weather forecast is good. The wind will come from the south and will be about ten knots with a temperature of 24 degrees in the afternoon.

Bartlehiem, here we come!
Supporters can find the athletes in Berlikum (Gernierswei) between 10.00 and 11.00 am. Their 15 minute break will be at the Oude Leye ( (Lange Balkendijk 1). The first participants are expected to arrive at this point about 11.30 am. In the afternoon supporters can drive to the famous little bridge at Bartlehiem where the athletes will pass by. From there they will SUP to Birdaard and finish in Dokkum.

Free SUP lessons.
Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.
Follow the tour:
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook

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