11 City Tour day 2, Extreme SUPing!

2011 11 City SUP Race

Today was the second day of the SUP11City tour, that will continue till September 11. The 3rd edition of the SUP 11-City tour takes place. Athletes experience the ultimate challenge as they paddle 220 kilometers (136 miles) in five days with heavy weather conditions, with wind forecasts up to 7bft. The second day was almost as tough as the first, with a south western wind blowing 4 bft.

Extreme second day

After the tough race of yesterday, today it was also hard to paddle for the forty athletes. The second day started in Sloten with a start sign of the mayor, who woke up early to cheer for the athletes. The route in the direction of Stavoren contained many open water areas with strong head on winds around 5-6 bft, which forced the athletes on their knees on the board to be able to continue. Today Bart de Zwart, Ryan James and Paul Jackson were leading again in the first part of the race. However in the second part, the youngest participant of the event the Danish Casper Steinfath caught up with the leaders and finished third after Bart de Zwart and Ryan James. First woman to finish was Angela van Hoof-Jackson with a small advantage on Anne-Marie Reichman, who finished second. Third was Simone Horsfield. Best team was Hightide. Several participants had to end the race before the finish because of the heavy weather conditions.


1. Bart de Zwart – 5 h. 46 min. 11 sec
2. Ryan James – 5 h. 46 min. 14 sec.
3. Casper Steinfath – 5 h. 48 min. 23 sec.
4. Paul Jackson – 5 h. 48 min. 38 sec.
5. Belarmino Diaz – 5 h. 58 min. 14 sec

1. Angela van Hoof – Jackson 7 h. 00 min. 00 sec.
2. Anne-Marie Reichman – 7 h. 2 min. 36 sec.
3. Simone Horsfield – 7 h. 14 min. 38 sec.
4. Pat Hernandez – 7 h. 59 min. 23 sec.
5. Team Naishup.nl Men – Ed Asselé – 7 h. 40 min. 0 sec.

Route and weather forecast
Tomorrow Friday september 9, the athletes will start in Workum: Hearekunst 25 and paddle to Franeker where they will finish at the elevencitybridge at Oud Kaatsveld. The weather forecast is much more SUP friendly the upcoming days, with 2 bft wind. However, there will not be much sun tomorrow.

Beside the ultimate challenge the SUP 11-City Tour is also a unique experience. Over 150 national and international paddlers from around the world (Hawaii, USA, France, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand) get to know Friesland, the northern province of Holland, from the water. Open fields with windmills, cows, and sheep will present itself along the water ways alternated by eleven historical cities built from 1700 onwards.

Participants paddle the original waterways, where ice skaters started conquering this historical tour 101 years ago on frozen waters. SUP 11-City supporters come from all over the country and from all over the world to Friesland to encourage participants from bridge tot bridge, and from town to town.

New team
Today we received a message from team South Africa, that they will participate next year. This is good news for the SUP11City tour, every year we become more international!

Free SUP lessons
Besides organizing the ultimate challenge in SUP, we also like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know this new, fun, healthy and outdoor sport. Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.

Follow the tour?
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to www.sup11citytour.com ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter http://twitter.com/sup11citytour and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/sup11citytour.

See you in Friesland in SUPtember!


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