Pa’a `Eono Iron Crossing – Maui to Molokai to Ohau 2011

The Pa’a `Eono Outrigger Race is an historic race and it is the first of its kind in recent times and helps bring back part of the history of canoe paddling.

The PA’A ‘Eono Hoe is a progressive distance race.  For 2011, stage II was added:

  • Stage I – Pailolo Channel – Flemmings Beach, Maui to Kaunakakai, Molokai.  ~ 25 miles
  • Stage II – Kaiwi Channel – Papohaku Beach, Molokai to Maunalua Bay, Oahu ~ 32 miles

It featured six-person canoes, much like the Moloka’i Hoe orNa Wahine O Ke Kai races. But in the ‘Eono Hoe, the same six paddlers were required to start and finish the race (in other long-distance races, each team is allowed to have three or four relief paddlers available in an escort boat).

One goal of the Pa’a ‘Eono Hoe is to establish guidelines that allow builders to create faster racing canoes while keeping most of the basic design concepts of what constitutes a six-man outrigger canoe.  The intent is not to lift all design restrictions, which may lead to radical manipulations and questions about what defines a canoe.  PA’A wants to keep our sport unified while designs progress so we can continue to race each other on a level playing field…and ultimately go faster – after all, it is RACING.

In effect, it was a race of endurance and innovation.

Race Results

2:34:23 1 3:44:55 1 2 164 Team Kamanu OD MOpen Kamanu Composites Ka’apahu Kailua
2:40:56 2 4:01:59 2 4 162 Livestrong OD MOpen Pure Canoe Design Malolo Nui Kailua-Kona
2:41:44 3 4:19:00 5 8 7:00:44 Outrigger ConnectionOD MOpen M2 HardDeckVosa Kailua
3:02:06 4 4:16:32 4 8 7:18:38 Waikiki Beachboys  OD MOpen Kapa’a Kapa’a Honolulu
3:12:11 5 4:15:30 3 8 7:27:41 LANIKAI CANOE CLUB OD MOpen V-6 KAWAINUIKaneohe
2:47:13 1 3:47:52 1 2 178 Primo Spec MOpen Lightning
3:17:40 2 4:40:21 2 4 7:58:01 Hui Lanakila Spec MOpen Lightning Kaneohe
3:28:23 3 4:46:15 3 6 165 Lae Ula O Kai Spec MOpen Lightning Meherio PitiKahului
3:34:31 1 5:23:38 1 2 163 Hui Makule O’NappySpec M60+ Lightning Wailuku
3:46:08 1 5:07:11 1 2 176 30K Strokes Spec WOpenLightning Kailua
Pa’a ‘Eono – 6+ paddlers
Stage I Pts Stage II Pts TotalFin ID Team Name Division Canoe What model OC6 are you are racing with? City
3:23:08 4:24:59 Lanakila California Spec MOpen MIrage Kealahou Redondo Beach
3:34:31 1 5:04:05 1 2 169 Hui Nalu Spec M50+ Lightning Honolulu
3:30:48 4:51:58 172 Lovell Taylor OD WOpen 200lb. MirageLovell TaylorHonolulu
Pa’a ‘Eono – one stage
Stage I Pts Stage II Pts TotalFin ID Team Name Division Canoe What model OC6 are you are racing with? City
NA NA 4:47:14 NA NA 174 40 ounces to freedom Spec M40+ Lightning willie imua kaneohe
NA NA 5:17:45 NA NA 175 Beachgirls & Leahs Spec WOpenMirage Aukiki Honolulu
3:22:05 NA NA NA NA Waikiki BeachBoys Canoe Club  Spec WOpenLightning Olali Kailua
3:06:47 NA NA NA NA Wa’akapaemua Spec MOpen Lightning Haualialia Kaunakakai

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