tahiti contest.

Well we’re into the second day here at the waterman’s league world tour and have been trying to figure the place out.Pretty fun wave with a bit of a shifty peak. Not many barrels yet, but apparently the swells have been too south. dave Muir has had people talking as he’s been ripping the place apart on his 9,8×29. The first round of the trials were held today in pretty challenging choppy onshore conditions. They decided to call it quits because conditions were just too sloppy, so round two is on hold till 6.30 tomorrow morning. I managed to get second in my heat of three people so am still in the game. But there are quite a few tahitian rippers in the trials, so it’s not going to be easy. Unlike the pace of life here. It’s sunday today, and everybody is on ultra cruise mode. We’re doing it pretty tough too staying at Le meridean hotel which is right in front of the wave. It’s too perfect.

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