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Primi Downwind Dash Cape Town

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

The Final race of the PRIMI Naish SUP Downwind Dash series, Cape Town, South Africa. 20 weeks of downwind racing from October to March every year.

Robbie Naish DNA

Sunday, May 12th, 2013

Join NKTV for yet another epic season of ridiculous bumping, jumping, traveling and team shenanigans.…Watch killer airs and crazy-sweet tricks as loads of adrenalin are unleashed on the Cape Town South African sea by the Langeree & Richman siblings and “The Boss” during their recent trip to the RedBull King of the Air Contest.

Strap in, watch and get stoked as the Naish team takes kiteboarding on endless adventures to newly charted territories around the world with style.

Title: Naish DNA
Producer: Naish

Dave Kalama – Move’n on

Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

My exit from Naish has been getting much more attention than I expected. There seems to be a lot of conjecture–some of it is pretty dramatic–so I feel motivated to give some insight as to what would make me walk away from a great company like Naish.

First, I want to acknowledge the huge debt of gratitude I owe to Robby for sponsoring me in the first place. He brought me on to the team at a very precarious time for me, because South Point had defaulted on both Timpone and my contract, which left a big void in my income. With Robby’s support I was able to continue my waterman lifestyle and support my family. I have a huge appreciation for Robby and the Naish company, and the friendship and support he has given me.

Like any relationship not everything was perfect, it doesn’t necessarily mean one or the other is at fault but rather an evolution of different paths. The Naish company path is naturally driven by corporate responsibilities. My path is driven by personal goals, the challenges of the lifestyle I follow, and creative freedom. Robby runs his company very efficiently, and like any good, strong leader it goes his way, and that’s as it should be. It is his company, he has taken all the risk and made all the decisions that go along with being successful. But unfortunately for me that meant more and more that there wasn’t much room to make my imprint on the company. At the end of my contract I had to make the difficult decision to renew and carry on with the status quo or do something different.

Had I not learned to shape a few months ago I probably would have stayed with Naish and carried on with business as usual, but the exposure to shaping got my creative juices flowing again and in the end I just could not deny what has been one of the most enjoyable parts of my whole career–the creative process.

My whole career I’ve been very involved in the design and creation of all my equipment. Windsurf sails, windsurf boards, my own fin company, longboards, shortboards, tandem boards, tow boards, stand up wave boards and race boards, foil boards. I’ve worked with Gerry Lopez, Karl Hill, Bill Foote, Sean Ordonez, Jeff Timpone, Tim Patterson, Donald Takayama, Harold Ige and Mark Raphorst. All very accomplished shapers, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount along the way.

Now I have an opportunity to take all the knowledge and experience I’ve gained and couple my own vision and feeling into boards I can ride and perfect myself. It’s really exciting to try and get the outline right, the rocker how you want it, the rails shaped properly and then go out and ride it. The best part is I don’t have to try and explain to somebody how it felt or what is right or wrong with the board, and what needs to be changed. I know already. I can take that feedback and put it directly into the next prototype. It’s awesome and so much fun. It’s got me excited to go to the beach every morning and try to learn how to make everything better. I am far from a master at this craft but at least I can create what I believe works best.

So that’s where I’m headed. The path isn’t completely clear yet, but I’m moving in a direction that feels great to me. I wish everyone at Naish, and specifically Robbie, full enjoyment of the great success that their hard work over many years has brought them. But it’s time for me to move on.

Visit Dave’s site: A Waterman’s Journal: Dave Kalama

VIDEO – Kai Lenny Surf | SUP | Kite | Windsurf – Huge Southern Hemi

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

SUP surf kite and windsurf A massive southern hemisphere swell cut its path through the Islands of the South Pacific. On August 30th, 2011 the swell made landfall in Hawaii, marking the last day of Hawaiian Summer.

Hawaii based OXBOW Progression Team rider and SUP World Champion Kai Lenny (18 years old), tracked the swell with precision to his secret spot. He raced through the day against time and odds to be the first athlete ever to tackle 4 sports in one day (Surfing, SUP, Windsurfing and Kitesurfing), in 15-20 foot waves. This day made its mark in the history books as the largest south swell to hit the Hawaiian Islands in 15 years, and cemented Kai Lenny’s position as one of the world most versatile ocean athletes.
The OXBOW Production Crew captured Kai’s amazing day in detail. The 46 second teaser shows a glimpse of Kai’s performance with a Paparrazi style twist. In the spirit of “catch me if you can,” Kai moves with lightning speed through his day.
Being no match for the cameras, Kai’s ocean performance speaks for itself.


EVENT – NAISH SUP FUN – Beach Fitness & Paddle Challenge

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Paddle, Sweat & Bring your GRRR..

M A U I: Saturday, December 3.2011

Challenge yourself and your friends!


Location: Mai Poina Ole La’u Beach Park, South Kihei Road

Paddle off those extra holiday calories and come join the fun and see what you’ve got! Bring your board and bring your grrr, for the first of its kind beach fitness and SUP challenge! This non-competitive event will put you to the test from the sand to each buoy turn. Demo the new Naish 2012 SUP boards and learn some new training tips for SUP with Suzie Cooney, Naish Team SUP Rider and Maui’s elite trainer. Indo Board & TRX Rip Trainer demos.

Mass start of all paddlers, 3 buoy turns. Hit the beach running through beach circuit course then run to board complete second lap, return to beach for final beach circuit course then to finish and high fives!

Awesome raffle prizes from our generous sponsors for participants and finishers! (must be registered, participate, and finish to be eligible )

6:30 am – Drop off boards at drop off station near bathrooms ( we highly encourage
car pooling – parking limited )
7:00 am – On site registration, sign waiver, receive wrist band, register for prize
drawing (Participant Cap, 75 )
8:15 am – Indo Board & TRX Rip Trainer Demo Suzie Cooney
8:45 am – Skippers meeting, challenge and course review
9:00 am – SUP & Fitness Challenge Start!

To see course map go to

Need to rent a board for the event? Call the Naish Maui Pro Center: 808.871.1500

Chuck Patterson leaves Hobie to sign with NAISH!

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

NAISH SUP Team member Chuck PattersonWe heard today about Chuck Patterson’s decision to leave longtime sponsor board Hobie to sign to NAISH. Honestly, we believed Chuck to be a Hobie guy for life, but apparently the resources NAISH is able to provide was too much of an incentive. NAISH has a huge legacy in Windsurfing and Kiting obviously, and most likely Chuck had been exposed to Robbie during the time he was competing professionally in those sports. So no shocker there!

NAISH also has a broader international appeal, much like Starboard, and Chuck’s ability to connect across the pond is likely going to improve his own personal brand (if that’s possible) and  help develop the “Paddle with the Pro’s” Clinic opportunities with female SUP racer Karen Wrenn, who between the two of them have more experience in the sport than almost anyone outside of Dan Gavere and Nikki Gregg.

He now finds himself in the company of paddling masters, Vetea “Poto” David and Dave Kalama who has been with NAISH since October, 2008 as well as top racer Jenny Kalmbach and SUP Surf champ Kai Lenny. We will likely see Chuck spending a ton of time training and competing in longer more grueling races – recently he came 2nd in his age group class on a NAISH Glide 14‘ at the Hawaii Battle of the Paddle, even after suffering from a serious Staph infection a few weeks before which was definitely still in his body at the time of the race.

Chuck is a fantastic guy and as an ambassador to the sport of SUP, we at wish him the best of luck!

Find the NAISH Glide SUP at REI!