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2013 Starboard 14′ All Star vs the 14′ Sprint

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

The newest Starboard race boards have gone through an evolutionary transition for 2013 making them faster, more stable and more finely tuned to various conditions. Paddleboard Specialists owner Gary Stone spent a weekend with Starboard designer Brian Syzmanski thoroughly testing the new models. Enjoy the commentary from Brian in this video clip. Paddleboard Specialists has the full range of 14′ All Star and Sprint race boards in stock for immediate delivery as well as a 14′ x 26″ All Star brushed carbon available for demo.

For more info on our entire line of Starboard SUPs give us a call at 1-877-473-1199, email us at or visit

Starboard European Roadshow with Zane & Annabel

Monday, June 24th, 2013

PA friends Zane Schweitzer and Annabel Anderson having a killer time in Europe!

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Brian Szymanski Talks Design – Starboard All Star

Thursday, January 17th, 2013

Brian Szymanski talks through the design characteristics of the 12′ 6″ Starboard All Star


Starboard Shortboard Stress Test

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

The Spanish Starboard team attempt to wreck the 7’7″ in full Carbon

Starboard introduces the world’s first multiplex flex blade and shaft range

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

Blade Technology

The angle of the paddle blade though the water and the blade’s size dictate the power and efficiency of each stroke. All our blades are foiled to minimize drag and maximize power transfer throughout the stroke. A well-balanced paddle blade squanders little energy.

The blade’s size can be compared to the gears of a bike: the higher the gear or the smaller the blade, the less effort each stroke consumes with less forward motion generated. The lower the gear or the bigger the blade, the more energy will be used and the more forward motion will be activated. For long paddle sessions, lighter people, or those with a high cadence stoke, a smaller blade is recommended. Many people who entered SUP with a surfing background prefer the larger blade sizes that provide the immediate power produced by a few strokes for fast and late drops into waves. Starboard offers seven blade sizes in three constructions to fit your power requirements, comfort needs, and budget.

Starboard’s Carbon Tech and Vision Tech blade constructions are both hand laminated and built with the same lightweight Divinycell PVC core and super-strong ABS rail for durability.

Carbon Tech blades feature full carbon outer skin lay-up for maximum performance.

Vision Tech blades feature a fiberglass outer lay-up with a Carbon-Pine spine providing a more forgiving feel with extra rebound.

Tufskin blades are strong, durable ABS foils based on the Endura 525cm blade and they have a forgiving nature

Shaft Technology

Everything in the universe is relative and the flex of a paddle shaft is no exception. The general reflex momentum of the paddle shaft is crucial as a paddle with correct flex and rebound characteristics will provide better power transfer and more speed with less fatigue. Starboard has carefully selected shafts with optimal stiffness, deflection and rebound to maximize the power potential of each stroke, while ensuring the required durability for heavy loads when used in surf.

Premium Carbon shaft features the regular stiffness and rebound preferred by most riders in most conditions. Our heavier team members prefer the flex characteristics of the Premium Carbon shafts

Carbon Reflex shaft has more flexibility and higher rebound at the end of the stroke than the Premium Carbon shaft. Both carbon shafts feature matt finish for enhanced grip. Lighter riders like Connor Baxter and the ladies team get more performance with the more flexible Carbon Reflex shafts.

Starboard’s new Glass Rebound shaft feels lively in hand with the flex and rebound characteristics more typically found in high-end carbon shafts. The Glass Rebound shaft provides a truly winning combination by providing an economical fiberglass shaft with the performance characteristics similar to a carbon shaft. Glass Rebound shafts feature matt finish for enhanced grip.

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Lightest Weight, Quickest Response

Tuesday, September 20th, 2011

Lightest Weight, Quickest Response

Paddleboards are relatively long so swing weight is simply crucial. Every 100 grams saved can be felt when carving on a wave. Our new Brushed Carbon wave boards are up to 3kg lighter than our AST technology, which already is the industry Benchmark. The incredible weight saving makes the Brushed Carbon boards feel 1 to 2 feet shorter. The boards are monitored by the tightest QC system available. A combination of a ultra light carbon weave and medium density extra high quality PVC sandwich foam wrapped around a light density EPS core. The full PVC wrap sandwich with Carbon our strongest offering for big wave days. The first real performance technology to be introduced to the world of paddle boarding.

Brushed Carbon Technology
• The lightest technology
• The quickest response
• Light paint job protecting overheating
• Full deck and bottom wrap of high quality carbon
• Full deck and bottom wrap of high density PVC foam.
• Ultra lightweight Startouch deck grip.
• Blue Hexcel flex fins.

Lightest Weight, Quickest Response is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

11 City Tour day 2, Extreme SUPing!

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

2011 11 City SUP Race

Today was the second day of the SUP11City tour, that will continue till September 11. The 3rd edition of the SUP 11-City tour takes place. Athletes experience the ultimate challenge as they paddle 220 kilometers (136 miles) in five days with heavy weather conditions, with wind forecasts up to 7bft. The second day was almost as tough as the first, with a south western wind blowing 4 bft.

Extreme second day

After the tough race of yesterday, today it was also hard to paddle for the forty athletes. The second day started in Sloten with a start sign of the mayor, who woke up early to cheer for the athletes. The route in the direction of Stavoren contained many open water areas with strong head on winds around 5-6 bft, which forced the athletes on their knees on the board to be able to continue. Today Bart de Zwart, Ryan James and Paul Jackson were leading again in the first part of the race. However in the second part, the youngest participant of the event the Danish Casper Steinfath caught up with the leaders and finished third after Bart de Zwart and Ryan James. First woman to finish was Angela van Hoof-Jackson with a small advantage on Anne-Marie Reichman, who finished second. Third was Simone Horsfield. Best team was Hightide. Several participants had to end the race before the finish because of the heavy weather conditions.


1. Bart de Zwart – 5 h. 46 min. 11 sec
2. Ryan James – 5 h. 46 min. 14 sec.
3. Casper Steinfath – 5 h. 48 min. 23 sec.
4. Paul Jackson – 5 h. 48 min. 38 sec.
5. Belarmino Diaz – 5 h. 58 min. 14 sec

1. Angela van Hoof – Jackson 7 h. 00 min. 00 sec.
2. Anne-Marie Reichman – 7 h. 2 min. 36 sec.
3. Simone Horsfield – 7 h. 14 min. 38 sec.
4. Pat Hernandez – 7 h. 59 min. 23 sec.
5. Team Men – Ed Asselé – 7 h. 40 min. 0 sec.

Route and weather forecast
Tomorrow Friday september 9, the athletes will start in Workum: Hearekunst 25 and paddle to Franeker where they will finish at the elevencitybridge at Oud Kaatsveld. The weather forecast is much more SUP friendly the upcoming days, with 2 bft wind. However, there will not be much sun tomorrow.

Beside the ultimate challenge the SUP 11-City Tour is also a unique experience. Over 150 national and international paddlers from around the world (Hawaii, USA, France, Norway, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand) get to know Friesland, the northern province of Holland, from the water. Open fields with windmills, cows, and sheep will present itself along the water ways alternated by eleven historical cities built from 1700 onwards.

Participants paddle the original waterways, where ice skaters started conquering this historical tour 101 years ago on frozen waters. SUP 11-City supporters come from all over the country and from all over the world to Friesland to encourage participants from bridge tot bridge, and from town to town.

New team
Today we received a message from team South Africa, that they will participate next year. This is good news for the SUP11City tour, every year we become more international!

Free SUP lessons
Besides organizing the ultimate challenge in SUP, we also like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know this new, fun, healthy and outdoor sport. Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.

Follow the tour?
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook

See you in Friesland in SUPtember!


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SUP11City tour day 3 – Saving a cow giving birth andSUP in the World sport of Games in Friesland

Monday, September 12th, 2011

SUP11City tour day 3 - Saving a cow giving birth andSUP in the World sport of Games in Friesland

Netherlands, September 8, 2011
Dag 3: Sun and blue skies, a cow giving birth en route and SUP at the World Sport for all Games in Friesland in 2016.

The participants of the SUP 11-City Tour experience an ultimate challenge. They paddle 220 kilometers paddle 220 kilometer in 5 days in extreme weather. After 2 days with extreme weather conditions the weather today was pretty good. Ten knots of wind, no rain, blue skies and sun!

The good weather conditions don’t change the focus of the athletes doesn’t differ from the first two days. A race is a race and the competitors will fight till the last day. The athletes paddled a distance of 44 kilometers today and needed to get their stamps at the start, on the way in Bolsward en Harlingen and at the finish in Franeker.

In Witmarsum where the paddlers need to take their 15 minute break, de first six guys arrive at 11.15 am. The first three ladies arrive about 25 minutes later. Again the first three are Angela van Hoof-Jackson, Anne-Marie Reichman en Simone Horsfield. The overall results show a close race between the first three girls competing. Anne-Marie still claims the first place after three days. The overall results will be published on our website this evening (

Results day 3: Workum Franeker

1. Bart de Zwart – 4:58:28
2. Ryan James – 4:58:32
3. Casper Steinfath – 4:58:36

1. Angela van Hoof – Jackson 5:41:27
2. Anne-Marie Reichman – 6:00:28
3. Simone Horsfield – 6:01:57

1. Team Hightide – 5:26:34
2. Team Men – 5:26:55
3. Team Starboard-Supmagazine – 5:44:41

World Sport for all Games 2016 in Friesland
Thiadrik Twerda, the councillor of Franeker is also responsible for sports and culture. Today he handed out the day prices. Twerda was very impressed and all the international athletes. He suggests that SUP would be a great sport to add to the World Sport for all Games in 2016, for which Friesland is nominated as host. A big compliment for the athletes. Of course we hope SUP will be an Olympic sport soon.

Special price for Team Hightide girls for helping out a cow giving labor.
The girl who paddled for Team Hightide today, was a little delayed on her way, passing by a cow giving birth. She went to look for the farmer who immediately took action.

Route en weather forecast for Saturday the 10th of September
Tomorrow the athletes will start at 09.00 am. at the famous 11-City Bridge in Franeker (Spaarbankstraat 26). The mayor of Franeker will give the start signal. De weather forecast is good. The wind will come from the south and will be about ten knots with a temperature of 24 degrees in the afternoon.

Bartlehiem, here we come!
Supporters can find the athletes in Berlikum (Gernierswei) between 10.00 and 11.00 am. Their 15 minute break will be at the Oude Leye ( (Lange Balkendijk 1). The first participants are expected to arrive at this point about 11.30 am. In the afternoon supporters can drive to the famous little bridge at Bartlehiem where the athletes will pass by. From there they will SUP to Birdaard and finish in Dokkum.

Free SUP lessons.
Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.
Follow the tour:
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook

Stichting Stand Up Paddle
Boskleane 10
9255 JH Tietjerk

SUP11City tour day 3 – Saving a cow giving birth andSUP in the World sport of Games in Friesland is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

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SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1

Sunday, September 11th, 2011

SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1

It’s on! From today on to September 11, the 3rd edition of the SUP 11-City tour takes place. Athletes will experience the ultimate challenge as they paddle 220 kilometers (136 miles) in five days with heavy weather conditions, with wind forecasts up to 7bft. And tough it was today, with a south western wind blowing 5 bft. Unfortunately the weather forecast for the rest of the week will not improve. Freezing it is in Friesland.

Heavy first Day
It was a tough race today with strong wind conditions: south west 5 bft. Mainly crosswinds for the participants. Leaders in the first stage of the race were Bart de Zwart, Ryan James and Paul Jackson. For the women Anne-Marie Reichman, and Jackson were leading. Finally Bart de Zwart reached the finish first after 5,5 hours, closely followed by Erik Devaux, and third Paul Jackson. For the women it was Anne-Marie who finished first after a race of 6,5 hours, secondly Jackson and third Horsefield. The first of the teams was team Hightide. Several participants had to end the race before the finish in Sneek, because of the heavy weather conditions. Despite the rain, the sun appeared so now and then between the clouds, a good way to warm up the atmosphere.

“A big storm passed by last night. At the start it was a little calmer with 20-30 knots.
I had a good start with 3 others right behind me. Ryan James, Paul Jackson and Jake Jensen. We had head wind right from the start. We worked together for a couple of hours. 2 km before or reststop in Sneek I pushed up the pace with who Ryan came along and we had minute on the other two at the stop a nice gap to start the rest of the race.
We worked hard for the next 2 hours and increased the gap. Hard work with fierce winds. And then we got to the lake 30 knots from the side and almost impossible to get to the otherwise where we wanted. Ryan start well but fell a few times. It was about 30 minutes paddle on our left side.
When we finally got to the other side, it was still Ryan and me. It came to a sprint to the finish where I narrowly beat Ryan by 3 seconds.

1st Bart de Zwart 5 hrs 28 -Starboard
2nd Ryan James 3 seconds -Starboard
3rd Paul Jackson 8 minutes 10 seconds -Fanatic
In women Anne- Marie came in 1st” -Starboard

-Bart de Zwart

Free SUP lessons
Besides organizing the ultimate challenge in SUP, we also like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know this new, fun, healthy and outdoor sport. Free SUP lessons will be offered to everyone by our SUP sponsors at the end of each day, where the athletes will cross the finish line.
Follow the tour?
During the event athletes can be followed via Internet. All paddlers will carry a GPS tracking unit, so you can follow them LIVE (7-11 September) along the tour. Go to ?follow the tour live?. The SUP 11-City Tour can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook

See you in Friesland in SUPtember!

SUP 11-City Tour 2011 Day 1 is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

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2011 Naish Paddle Championships Recap from Maui

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

The 2011 Naish Paddle Championships Maui Event was held on Sunday July 24th.  The race is from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor – a 9.54 mile downwinder. There were 238 competitors from Europe, Japan, Tahiti, the US Mainland, Australia, Brazil, and Hawaii participating in the 6th Annual Event.  The forecast leading up to the event was pretty grim. Winds were getting lighter and rainsqualls were expected. Watching the newscast the night before was not very encouraging! Driving to the event with Bart de Zwart, Chuck Patterson and my mom around 11:00 looked dreary – overcast and not a whitecap in site. Luckily the race didn’t start until 1:00pm.  And, that was just enough time for the trade winds to start kicking in. Watching the wind fill in, seeing some whitecaps – what a wonderful site!!!  The skippers meeting was at noon, followed by a Hawaiian Blessing – Pule – which is always a great way to start the race.

The start was inside Maliko Gulch between buoys. And there were 4 staggered starts for the different divisions. The starting sequence was Prone paddlers first, followed by the 12’6” SUP Class – which I was in, then the 14’ SUP Class, and finally the Unlimited SUP’s. There were three minutes between starts. My goal was to be the first SUP to hit the beach – and not let anyone pass me – no matter what board they were on.  So, when it was our turn to go – and that horn blew – I knew what I had to do. I sprinted hard right from the get go and I was the first to round the point outside Maliko. It was good having the prone paddlers in front of me, because it helped pushed me to stay in front. I was really stoked, because I was catching some good bumps, the wind was decent and I was staying in front of the other SUP’s. When I got closer to the finish, I started to see Jamie Mitchell in front and then I really turned it on to try to catch up to him. But I just couldn’t catch him. So I ended up being second to the beach – but I was the FIRST SUP.  And, since I did have a head start – I was fifth Overall and only 4 minutes behind the first place finisher – Dave Kalama on an Unlimited and I was on a Starboard 12’6” Surf Race.

It was a great event from the Pule to the Downwinder to the Finish where there was great food, live entertainment – lots of people; all around it was just a fun beach day with all my friends and family.

But – then there were the Awards!!!  And – You are not going to believe what I won!!!

The Waterman League gave the 14’ and 12’6 Classes extra awards for the First to finish.  And, the award for the winner of the 12’6ft Class, was a Roundtrip flight to Fiji with accommodations for the Namotu World Paddle Challenge on November 13th-18th. Thank you Tristan!!!

Fiji – is now on the Race Schedule.

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Rainbow Sandals, Maui Jim Sunglasses, EFX Technology, Dakine, Nike 6.0, GoPro Cameras, On It Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Sunrite Maui, SIC and Hi-Tech Sports. Also a big Mahalo to Maliko Watersports, John Gangini and Blair Thorndike and all the event organizers and volunteers.

Aloha –
Connor Baxter

WPA National Race – Recap by Connor Baxter

Friday, June 24th, 2011

WPA National Race – by Connor Baxter:

The 2011 Wet feet WPA National Race was a super fun event. I flew over to Oahu from Maui on Friday and the event was on Saturday. The WPA – World Paddle Association – has a series of qualifying events for the Hennessey’s World Event in San Diego in September. An event I definitely want to compete in.

The morning of the race there was no wind, so I was pretty bummed. But the race started at 12:00pm, so there was some time for the wind to pick up. And, sure enough around 11:45am the wind started to blow about 10-12 mph. And once we were all on the start line there was good wind.

The race was on the North Shore from Sunset Beach to Haleiwa, which is about 7miles. There were 105 competitors – 90 were Stand Up Paddlers and there were 15 Prone Paddlers. Once the race started Scott Gamble and I took off and were in the lead. There were good bumps until we got to Waimea – where the wind turned off and the little wind we had was slightly offshore.

When there was still about 5 miles left, Scott pulled a huge gap on me, because I was a little too far outside – and hence he took the lead. So all I was thinking was “anything can happen”. I waited until I saw a good opportunity and I paddled like crazy and made up some ground on him – but I didn’t catch up. Then I did the same thing again – and finally caught up to him and I started to pull away from him.

As I got closer to the finish, the third place guy, Kaeo Abbey caught up to Scott and was right behind me and was starting to catch up. As we rounded the point, Kaeo caught a wave and was right next to me so for the last little bit it was a full sprint to the beach. So I put my head down and gripped my paddle tight and ended up winning – and am now qualified for the World Event. Super stoked.

The top six places are:
1 – CONNOR BAXTER 1:03:08
2 – KAEO ABBEY 1:03:17
3 – SCOTT GAMBLE 1:04:12
4 – JOEY NAPOLEAN 1:06:40
5 – ROBERT STEHLIK 1:07:54
6 – KAINOA BEAUPRE 1:08:37

I want to thank my sponsors for all their support – Starboard, Nike 6.0, Maui Jim Sunglasses, Dakine, EFX Technology, GoPro Cameras, On It Pro, Waterman’s Sunscreen, Sunrite Maui, SIC and Hi-Tech Sports.

Also a big Mahalo to all the event organizers and volunteers. It was a good fun event!!

Zane Schweitzer Interview

Monday, February 14th, 2011

Here is an interview with Zane Schweitzer from the Waterman League sent to us by Margareta, Starboard’s marketing manager.

Zane Schweitzer Finalist Sunset Beach World Tour 2011

Congratulations 17 year old Zane Schweitzer. Last year you won the Jr class. This year is the first time you actually enter the Pro class and you end up with only 3 athletes in the world finishing in front of you. There is no doubt you have great talents and a bright future in SUP surfing.

1. What’s your overall impression from the event? It was such an amazing event right on the North Shore of Oahu on one of the best surf breaks in the world. Tristan did a great job organizing the competition, the judges were really good and the announcers were very on top of it too. Having this event televised was awesome because I had friends watching the event from all over the world, so between the live feed and the television show it should bring much more attention to big wave sup surfing. The waves were pretty good most of the event and you always feel so lucky anytime you can be surfing big waves with only three other people in the water.

2. When did you realize you made it to the finals and what went through your mind at that stage? I thought I heard the announcers in the semi’s about a minute before the heat saying that one of the competitors had gotten their wave count and that I was still in 2nd, when nobody got anymore waves so I just kind of hoped that was right. But when I came in people just came rushing up to me congratulating me on making it. Then the TV crew confirmed it when they were interviewing me and I was so stoked knowing that I was realizing my dream of making it into the finals!

3. How do you prepare yourself for an event like this? I am always surfing, whether it is on my shortboard or my SUP. I am always in the water. I think it helps that I windsurf too because I am used to throwing around a big board in the water, but my shortboard surfing techniques really made me feel confidant today.

4. What equipment did you use? When the waves were big (10 – 20 feet) I used my new 9′3″ Custom Duane Ignacio Starboard Gun that I helped design since I am only 135 pounds my boards can be a bit smaller right now. But today for most of my heats I used my 2011 stock Starboard Tiki Pro. I love it, it handles great, and I really feel comfortable on it!

5. What are you looking for in a board that must be able to perform on this level? I like a very narrow board, with sharp rails, and a loose board, that can easily move on the wave. Today my board’s speed really helped me too in the heat before the quarters I caught a big barrell and was trying to race ahead of the wave just to escape the pound. My equipment worked great for the conditions.

6. Did you have a strategy during the heats or did you just “follow the flow”? It’s a little of both. I always try to start off with a few long rides just to get a few scores on the board, and then I try to hold out for the set waves to get the big scores. If the waves aren’t coming to me, then I pull out as many moves on the waves as I can.

7. This is the second year of the Stand UP World Tour, could you notice any difference in the atmosphere or the competitors this year compared to last year? Totally! The sport is growing so much every month and the level of the athletes is improving each event. The equipment is better, the guys are better, and we are all pushing the limits of the sport. It is pretty cool.

8. The waves were quite big this year, 20 ft plus. Were you ever scared or felt uncomfortable? I love surfing big waves! But, I grew up in Hawaii and learned really young to have respect for the ocean, and if you aren’t a little afraid you are just stupid. I have watched the best surfers in the world get pummelled there, but I felt good, everything was clicking, I timed getting out pretty well, and loved riding the bigger waves for sure. The best feeling is being able to be in the water with just three other surfers since normally there are tons of people in the water and we had it to ourselves! I wish the conditions were always like that!

9. Tell us about your most memorable wave from the event. My favorite wave of the day was definitely in the Semi Finals. Everything just was clicking. I caught one nice sized wave from the outside, dropped in and hung five before doing a few bottom turns and then up the lip again, but then as I was trying to get the reform I did a board 360 made it into the new section and pulled of two more 360s in the smaller part of the wave. I was stoked! I wish I would have had a wave like that in the Finals too.

10. What do you plan to do next? I am going to Mexico next month for another SUP wave event in Punta Sayulita then a few windsurfing events before France for the second leg of the Standup World Tour. I can’t wait! I just want to keep improving my results throughout the tour.

11. Anything else? Yeah! I want to make more Go Pro movies. I have a lot of fun making them, and get a lot of hits on them so I think people like to check them out too. It is a great way to promote SUP to more and more people. And I love going on travel adventures like the trip I took with Starboard to Peru. I just want to keep surfing, traveling the world, competing, making movies and doing what I love with a bunch of really good friends in the water!

Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up

The Starboard team descended on Dana Point for the Third Annual Battle of The Paddle in San Clemente California. October 2nd and 3rd saw 863 paddlers and over 10,000 spectators which made for BOP the largest Stand Up Paddleboard event in the world.  This year brought out top athletes from every corner of the world to compete.  Starboard’s team definitely had the US presence; bringing in our top riders from around the world. The riders brought their best physically and mentally and Declan Sacre brought the best boards for them.

Some of the highlights to catch up on; Starboard SUP Team honors go to Bart De Zwart (52:52) in the open race, riding a 14-foot board out paddled and out maneuvered every size of paddleboard out there to get fastest time. “Because there were so many racers (350) they had staggered starts for the unlimited, 14 foot and 12’6. Connor and Zane went on the 12’6 and me on the 14ft.” Said Bart. “The start went well with just about 10 racers ahead of me I slowly started to work my way to the front. With so many racers getting around the buoys was a challenge again. Near the finish I only had 2 unlimited racers seconds in front of me but since they started one minute ahead of me I only had to stay close to get the overall. After the last wave ride I finished right behind the 2 unlimited.”

15 year old Connor Baxter did Starboard proud coming in 6th overall in the men’s elite is definitely amazing. The testing grounds for athletes to push themselves and their equipment to the limit is the Elite Class. This year it was broadcast live to 60 countries and showed the best paddlers worldwide giving their all to go down in history as the Battle of The Paddle Champion.  160 people in this class, 5 miles, 4 laps, and 100 yard beach sprints, make this battle what it is.

Zane and Connor were neck and neck pushing the limit in the 18 and under 14ft class taking 1st and 2nd respectively. Zane is quoted as saying “Battle of the Paddle was held on no better time possible, the weather was beautiful, clear and warm, the waves were big enough to make the races exciting, and today the day after the event, it was 55 degrees and raining all day.”

The Starboard team did great things at the Battle Of the Paddle. This event brought out the best in each person there and has grown the sport and competition tremendously. Pat Huber the director of Rainbows Sandals Marketing is quoted as saying “We do it solely because we believe SUP is good for the family as it is something most everyone can do. It has brought a lot of families closer together, including our own.”

battle of the paddle bart stand up paddleboard

BOP California

Battle Of The Paddle: Starboard SUP Team Round Up


The SUP Holland 11 City Paddleboard Race Round Up: 5 Days 136 Miles 1 Start

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Hey guys,

You all probably already know about the 11 City Tour through Holland that one of our top stand up paddleboard pro’s Anne Marie-Reichman produced, directed, and starred in to support the Right to Play Charity. This is the 5 video 5 days 136 miles of the 11 city paddleboard race round up, tons of respect to all of you that made the 220 kilometers (136 miles) paddle this year. (Sorry guys some of these are from 2009, we’ll have the most up to date soon enough

If you didn’t hear about them go ahead and check out this article I wrote a little while back to get your bearings “The semi-official 5 Reasons to Go To Anne Marie Reichman’s Race SUP 11-City Tour and 3 Reasons Not To”

This event was in part to support Right to Play an organization many of our paddleboard pro-riders have had the honor to work with in the past. This organization really does do amazing things

“Right to Play is supported by Athlete Ambassadors, who have experienced the power of sport, and its ability to build essential life skills such as self-esteem, discipline, fair play, respect and teamwork. They serve as powerful role models for children, and exemplify the positive power of sport.”

It all Began With This Start

We’ve got a couple of guys demonstrating the drafting technique through the cities canals.

Hey guys, we just got back from the SUP 11 City Tour here’s some videos Anne Marie shot. We’ve got a bunch more clips and such in our event roundup over at ye’olde’starboard blog if you want to check them out

The SUP Holland 11 City Paddleboard Race Round Up: 5 Days 136 Miles 1 Start is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog


K-15′s For a Cause

Monday, September 13th, 2010

K-15's For a Cause

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Rider Girard Middleton (Owner of SoBe Surf) took First Place at the National Kidney Foundation Pro Am Surf Fest Stand Up Paddle Surfing Competition this Labor Day Weekend, the largest Charity Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing Event in the world! “it was My first win, and was especially meaningful to me…Dedicated to my Father who is in rehab from a recent stroke and not doing well. Before the event, my mother asked me to win this one for him.” says Middleton, who also placed 3rd overall in the 6 mile ocean race event on the Starboard K-15 racing paddle board.  Girard pulled through for his father with style and grace winning the Paddleboard Surfing Competition on the Starboard 8’x26” “Tiki” model.

Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Riders took the top two spots  with Girard Middleton and Iain McFarland finishing 1st and 2nd respectively… congrats also do to Paul Chambers a stand up paddler from Hawaii placing Third on his Starboard Element, Stuart Schuck from S. Carolina 4th, and last year’s winner David Siljestron 5th, and Jon E.B finishing 6th.

Starboard’s Stand Up Paddle Boards Swept The NKF SUP Ocean Race Open Class

Starboard K-15’s sweep the top 3 spots at the National Kidney foundation Pro Am Surf Fest this Labor Day Weekend! Congratulations to Starboard Stand Up Paddle Board Team Riders Iain McFarland and Girard Middleton of “SoBe Surf” who took 1st and 3rd… another in a long line of wins for McFarland…. And to Frank Dillenburg for placing 2nd overall!

“The NKF of Florida, Inc. is a vital resource for kidney patients and their families – helping them learn how to cope with the physical and psychological aspects of the disease and providing them with hope for the future.”

Girard Middleton’s father is a man I’m sure much like Girard; always a smile on his face, a genuine humbleness about him and a life dedicated to pursuing his passions.

Our hopes and best wishes go out to his father, be well and recover.

Keep paddling,

Benton Jones

Starboard International

K-15′s For a Cause is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

One Exercise That Will Change The Way You Paddleboard Forever

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

1 Exercise That Will Change The Way You Paddleboard Forever

One exercise that will change the way you paddleboard forever and an interesting interview with Starboard Pro Team Rider Nikki Gregg ~ Starboard’s Margareta

Somewhere in between paddleboarding rapids and managing her paddleboard fitness boot camps starboard’s Margareta caught up with Nikki Gregg at her home in Oregon.

To check out the full interview that’s chock-full-of pictures, videos, and insight head on over to the, Official Starboard SUP Blog. Nikki was nice enough to share the links of her stash of beginner training videos.

Nikki is putting these training clips in her fitness video that’s releasing in March so after hours of begging she said we could post these up for the weekend. These videos and the whole interview won’t be up much longer.

If you want to view the existing videos and have one last chance to check them out here.

1 Exercise That Will Change The Way You Paddleboard Forever is a post from: THE OFFICIAL STARBOARD PADDLEBOARD STARBOARD SUP – The Official Blog

Starboard’s Paddleboard Pro Rider John Hibbard’s Plan for Success in SUP

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Starboard’s Paddleboard Pro Rider John Hibbard’s Plan for Success in SUP

starboard pro team john hibbard sup

Last Friday, I got at you guys with this interview I had with John Hibbard’s Insider Info on the UK SUP Racing Scene

Now, we have a little bit more information about the man behind John has worked hard to bring together the paddleboarding community in the UK and  has a bunch of great information on races all over the world.

Here’s the original pro-rider interview we got with him I can’t wait to see what he has to say in his next interview…check back here for an update on some amazing tips he gave me on picking the right paddle.

How did you get in to SUP?
I saw it on the Internet and thought it looked pretty cool. That was two years ago. Now I’m hooked.

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2008?
It would have to be either winning the Uk sup distance title, getting 2nd in the Uk sup surf titles, setting a new record for paddling around Brownsea Island or taking the drop at Teahupoo. All of those were pretty special. That’s the beauty of the sport.

There are so many new challenges that you can achieve a lot if you want to.

starboard pro team john hibbard sup
_MG_4665_1 copy

Who impresses you the most?
Ekolu Kalama is a fearless paddler. Going for a surf with Ekolu opens your mind.

Where are you favorite spot for SUP?
For me the beauty of sup in surf is that you don’t need the best waves. By choosing the right board you turn a slow, gutless wave into something a whole lot more interesting.
Tahiti is a special place though.

What has so far been your most exiting moment with SUP?
Probably paddling into Teahupoo for the first time. Or the first time I stood on a board and realized there was something pretty cool about it.

What do you prefer, surfing solo or in group?
Much prefer to me with some friends, trading waves and laughs.

What other projects are you working on right now?
Training for the longest paddle race in the Uk – if not the world.

What are your goals for 2009?
To win the Uk sup surf and distance titles. To complete the Devices to Westminster paddle race in the Uk. Something like 130 miles in 4 days. It’s the first time a sup paddler has been allowed to enter this historic race.

Apart from that I just aim to continue to spread the good word about sup (dont be a wave hog) and ride as many different spots around the world. Both surf and flat water.

Brian Szymanski shaping EJ’s new 14′ Prototype

Sunday, August 8th, 2010
14' Racing board for EJ used in Tahoe

Starboard Proto 14'

I’ve been in my shaping room for the weekend but managed to put some time in the water as well. Here is a slide show of some pics of the new Starboard prototype that EJ is going to be racing in Tahoe.

One thing I’ve figured out through experience is that hot weather makes lighter boards, so I’ve worked hard to get this together this weekend. I used only one layer of carbon on each side with custom laps and patches to keep in comp light. I really am interested in seeing how this runs downwind, because I’ve have a feeling we got a magic one.
Living in Cardiff is awesome because I get to do resin work then go for a SUP at Cardiff Reef, add another  layer and get back in the water – and again! In fact now that my family is out of town for a few days I’ve getting in three sessions a day. Board building is supposed to be fun after all, and this is especially true when you’re building boards for guys like EJ!

Paddle On!


John Hibbard’s Insider Info on the UK SUP Racing Scene

Friday, August 6th, 2010

John Hibbard Starboard Rider

Starboard Team Rider

I’ll tell you more about what’s going on in the UK SUP race scene in a second, let me tell you a little bit about John first. He “didn’t quite care for paddleboarding” at first, but Svein Rasmussen the founder of Starboard got him on a  10’0″-34″ super stable board like the Whopper Club. Now, John Hibbard rides with the best in the sport and has been riding with Starboard for a long time.

John is a legend in his own right, heading up the largest paddleboard community website in all of the UK and arguably Europe. If your based out of the UK check out his site for info on races at

psst….John knows paddles. Straight up. John knows paddles.  He gave me what amounts to 3 golden rules for picking the right paddle to get your winning stroke down; this will help everyone on a paddleboard from beginners to pro’s you can check out that article at the Starboard Blog next week.

double psst….win a race board?>>>The feedback we got from our survey was awesome!
We are giving away two paddleboards from our 2011 quiver for survey respondants
so you just doubled your chances of winning

So back to the Insider Info on the UK SUP race scene, here’s a quote from John that sums

up this step in the evolution of paddle board athletes extremely well.

Note: If you read one piece of article today about stand up paddle boarding let it be this one

Everyone is coming in now, everyone wants a piece, everyone wants to be the first and the fastest. We are pulling in people from every sports industry, SUP is an everyman, woman, and child sport. Challenges from distance sports like rowers, triathletes, physically and mentally strong and it will be interesting to see how those guys get involved and push our level up. Full on athletes its awesome for the sports and everyone can learn from each other and  help everybody else step up.

A lot of paddle board pro riders are fine riding side or trimming its second nature, rough weather we’ll still beat  a rower with out too much problem. But in ideal conditions or artificial environments like swimming pools on mile 27 that’s where that mental attitude of a seasoned athlete disciplined in rowing can get ultra competitive.

There is more to be said about winning than just muscle and mental when you are in an increasingly more competitive sports climate it comes down to gear.  Boards engineered with racers in mind and steady feedback from a team of 30 beta testers known as the Starboard Paddle Board Pro Team that are out there winning races on our 2011 quiver of race boards and competing with the top athletes. We’ve engineered in some innovative technologies that will keep you competitive from your first race to your last.

Check out what John had to say about them;

The “original paddle boarder” is going to have to start learning how to train like an Olympian and it’s going to be a very interesting time coming in 2011. Just take a look at the initial uptake of new faces onto the race scene.

Starboard’s racing paddle boards are definitely design for speed: You guys have the development duo of Brian Szymanski and Ernst Johnson and the power of those racing shapes. Their new shapes have come through with the surf and race class and brought racing to another level.

Brushed carbon boards that are lighter and stiffer than other boards out there. Any advancement you’re going to get is in those boards (the 2011 raceboards.) At such a high level and at a such a competitive level even gaining a couple of feet can mean winning by a couple of feet. 12’6 and 12’6 plus has been an amazing shape and width.

The 12’6 is progressive and maneuverable, you don’t worry about falling in on a choppy day and the balance…the balance is nice and stable.


Parting is such sweet sorrow!


Send me an email or take our survey at

With your feedback we can probably make this e-mail/blog/boards even better.


-Benton Jones

P.S. If you want to get more Paddleboard Tips and Techniques and a Subscription to Starboards Paddle Board E-Mail

Post a comment or e-mail me and I’ll add you to the list.

Starboard 6’6″ designed by Brian Szymanski

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Starboard impossible 6'6"When first introduced to SUP, I was curious. Coming from a professional surfing background, the whole idea of SUP’ing came across a little boring. For all I knew, it was a sport where old guys would stand on top of oversized boards and paddle around with an oar to easilty catch waves . As a young surfer, it just didn’t sound appealing.

Then I came to experience it first hand… . It was an activity that tested my abilities as a surfer- my balance, strength, and natural sync with the movement of the ocean.

After a while I found how it puts a new twist on the methods of traditional surfing. Instead of testing your abilities only while being on the wave, SUP challenge you during the entire session- when you’re standing on the board, paddling, catching and surfing a wave. It is a great tool to fine-tune your surfing style. SUP’ing is an activity that I have taken a great liking to and look forward to each session as an opportunity to further improve my skills.

Starboard SUP needs your opinion on something

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010



Hey loyal and faithful Starboarders,

Help us with this survey and there’s a special incentive in it for you.

(nudge, nudge) Get entered to win ANY one of our boards in the 2011 Quiver of Paddleboards

So lets hit it:

I’ve got to be honest In the last couple of months, I’ve been getting some great ideas and requests for various new website functions and paddleboard features from you guys!

Now, I would personal love to call each of you up and talk to you about Paddle Boards(I have)  but…time is a limiting factor, and I want to be sure I’m delivering you all what YOU need.

You could help me out and answer my little paddleboard survey questionnaire. ; )

Get entered to win ANY board in our 2011 Quiver of Paddleboards (nudge, nudge).

>>>>So lets hit it:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sincerely yours,

Benton Jones

Online Marketing Manager
skype: starboard.benton

You pretty much rock!

The Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of Surfspots

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Hello faithful reader,

Do you know what a bucket list is?

It’s simple enough—it’s a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.” If you don’t have one yet start it off with these paddle surf spots.

Now, this isn’t just any old bucket list; this is the wet dream ultimate list of paddle board surf spots.

We polled, surveyed, and prodded the best paddle board pro team in the Stand Up Paddle Boarding Industry–Starboard SUP’s international team gave us their top spots and why you should be riding them today. There are a couple of strange paddle surf spots suggested to dip your paddle in…you might be surprised with the locations we chose.

Make sure you make it down to Connor Baxter’s bucket list. These Paddleboard Surf Spots are the sexiest waves available on earth and most definitely ones you need to be paddling immediately.

Dan Gavere’s Bucket List: Keeping it real representing the best America has to offer

5. Pacific City, OR Brew Pub with free outdoor hot showers on the beach
4. Newport, OR  3 excellent spots, usually not too crowded
3. Cardiff Reef SUP accepted there and it’s a great wave
2. Santa Cruz, great rights and some fun out of the way spots too.
1. North Shore Hawaii, because there are so many different spots to hit.

Sean Poynter’s Bucket List: Sean let’s the pictures do the talking

  1. Pipeline/Backdoor, Hawaii

Paddleboarding Pipeline

2. Snapper Rocks, Australia

Paddle boarding the Snapper rocks

3. Lower Trestles, California

Paddleboarding Lower Tresltes

4. Lances Right, Mentawais

paddle boarding at lances right

5. Macaroni’s, Mentawais

paddle boarding macaroni

6. Hossegor, France

Hoessegor, France stand up paddle board

7. J-Bay, South Africa

j bay paddle board

8. Dessert Point, Lombok

paddleboarding desset point

9. Playa Conchalio, El Salvador

paddlebaording at playa conchalio

10. Middles, Puerto Rico

paddleboarding middles puerto rico

I have chosen these waves as they are all waves that you can fit a stand up in the barrel, that is all that matters. -David Muir

David Muir’s Bucket List: Dave is a simple man with a simple plan of global wave domination.

10.Ulus Bali
9. Rifles Mentowies
8. Kerumas bali
7. Padang Padang Bali
6. Fiji Tavarua
5. France Hossegor
4. Mexico Econdito
3. Sunset Beach
2. Nias
1. Chopes

Mr. Connor Baxter the 15 year old pro rider who has gained a lot of respect around the Stand Up Paddle Board Marathon circuits recently.  A local to Maui his bucket list is grounded in solid experience and a deep love for the island of Hawaii. You can read more about him here Connor Baxter Gives You The Low Down On Winning The Mormaii 27 Mile Paillo Express

  1. Lanes Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a left and it is super powerful.
  2. Pier 1 Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a fun place to go to when it is big because it dose not close out.
  3. Outer Spreacks Maui, Hawaii I like this spot because it has a nice barrow and it dose not get crowded.
  4. Queens Oahu, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a fun rip able wave.
  5. Sunset Oahu, Hawaii I like this spot because it is a challenging wave that pushes your limit.
  6. Secret spots in Hawaii like this spot because there is never anyone out there. Yeah…I’m not telling.
  7. Chicama , Peru I like this spot because it is one of the longest lefts in the world and I am goofy foot.
  8. Shikoku, Japan I like this spot because all the people out there are super friendly and not agro.

Will you’ve got to the end of the The Ultimate Paddle Boarder’s Bucket List of SUP Surfspots what spots did we forget?

What are your favorite paddle board locations in the comments


Benton Jones