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SUP Pro Talk Workshop with Suzie Cooney

Friday, January 4th, 2013

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Suzie Cooney has released an educational and informative 2 hour, 3 part video on stand up paddling. All levels of paddlers will appreciate this all points overview and in depth production. This video was produced on Maui as the SUP Pro Talk Workshop on the beautiful grounds of Lumeria Maui with Suzie Cooney. The unique presentation and hands-on class was designed to introduce all levels of stand up paddlers to open ocean safety and endurance, learn about the health benefits of SUP, and review what to do when minor and major medical emergencies or incidents might occur.

Additionally a special emphasis of the lecture discusses and illustrates proper wave etiquette and courtesy, board safety management, downwind paddling techniques and safety tips with a special emphasis of exiting Maliko Gulch, board and paddle review, display and talk of SUP related gear and accessories, and lastly an opportunity to learn “how to” increase your fitness specifically for the sport of SUP or stand up paddling, with a circuit style of training session where those who attended participated in to test their strength, balance and courage. There are plenty of helpful tips for all paddlers.

Special guests and speakers include Oahu physician Clay Everline, M.D. co-author of SURF SURVIVAL the Surfer’s Health Handbook and Jeremy Riggs, sponsored downwind paddling champion. Jeremy is also a private SUP coach. You can learn more about Jeremy at

Sponsors include: Naish International, Kaenon Polarized Eyewear, Indo Board Balance Trainer, Camelbak, Scosche Health & Fitness, Pocket Fuel Naturals. This video was produced by Carl Rozycki of InVision Maui Productions, Barb Utech.

Suzie Cooney, a local community and world-wide ambassador to the sport of SUP, a downwind race competitor and coach, is also a sponsored Naish SUP Team rider who specializes her expertise in fitness training with specifically designed programs to help all levels of paddlers increase their power and fitness for stand up paddling and other water sports.

This event and workshop also helped promote awareness for a cause that Suzie supports, mental health and raise money for the organization spirited by Glenn Close, Bring Change 2 Ninety percent (90%) of the funds raised were donated.

Since 2009, Suzie has organized (23) twenty three FREE professionally lead SUP events.  Most notable is the world’s first, free and largest SUP event that drew over 430 women from around the world. That event,  “Stand Up To Women’s Health & Fitness,” was produced in conjunction with the Four Seasons Maui, in January of 2010. It was supported by 30 local and national sponsors, included inspirational guest speakers, hula dancers, live music and amazing prizes.  Event day was met with unseasonably head-high shore pounding, board breaking surf. Because Suzie planned ahead and had organized adequate and amazing volunteers in both land and water teams (including a water medical team) no one was hurt. When Suzie’s volunteers included a Navy Seal boat of qualified waterman and lifeguards, only smiles were seen among the participants. What a positive way to begin a new movement.

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PocketFuel is My Rocket Fuel for Optimum Sports Performance

Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

by Suzie Cooney, CPT
I’d like to introduce to you what I use for a turbo session on the water and for the long endurance paddling runs down Maliko Gulch. I squeeze my PocketFuel into my mouth and get ready to feel the energy I need to perform and play.

Smart athletes and weekend warriors plan, prepare and properly fuel. The worst thing you can do is head out for a session and not have healthy, sustaining energy that you need to be at your best. Besides crashing on a wave having your energy crash is just as bad. I’m totally guilty for getting to the beach, all pumped up and heading out with only maybe a banana and cup of coffee. For me that is a disaster and the sign of a short, lame session and poor performance.

Twist, squish squeeze and enjoy! There are 5 crazy, delicious flavors and my favorite is called Chocolate Haze. Other flavors include Crunchy Banana Blueberry, Chunky Coconut Cherry, Chocolate Espresso and Chia Goji & Honey.  All are organic, gluten-free, vegan and packed with whole food ingredients; primarily almond.

The appropriate combinations of protein, carbs, healthy fats, potassium, magnesium, chloride, sodium nicely balance your electrolyte needs while you perform.  Remember, proper training requires you to plan ahead and plan after your session. Restoring your energy resources in your body will help you recover faster, repair the muscles you just broke down and allow you to charge again the next day.

Everything you need is just a squirt away. Sometimes a whole 3 0z. packet will last me a full 10 mile Maliko downwinder. I purposely have in my truck a packet and eat half along with good hydration about 3o minutes before I head down. What’s totally cool, is that since the package itself can easily fit into my hydration pack, if I need to sit and ingest more, it’s so easy and not messy and can stay dry even in big swells!  They also come in convenient 1.8 ounce sizes too, perfect to put in your surf shorts.

My body accepts all the ingredients very well and I can digest easily. Some other products that are designed to do the same thing cause my blood sugars to spike too high and then the worst thing happens, I crash and lose steam. Not cool.

To learn more about PocketFuel and where you can get the energy you need to power up your paddling, go to

A cool company, with smart folks who really get it. Let me know what you think? I’d love to learn what flavors you liked!
See you on the water,
Suzie Cooney, CPT
Owner of Suzie Trains Maui, LLC
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EVENT – NAISH SUP FUN – Beach Fitness & Paddle Challenge

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Paddle, Sweat & Bring your GRRR..

M A U I: Saturday, December 3.2011

Challenge yourself and your friends!


Location: Mai Poina Ole La’u Beach Park, South Kihei Road

Paddle off those extra holiday calories and come join the fun and see what you’ve got! Bring your board and bring your grrr, for the first of its kind beach fitness and SUP challenge! This non-competitive event will put you to the test from the sand to each buoy turn. Demo the new Naish 2012 SUP boards and learn some new training tips for SUP with Suzie Cooney, Naish Team SUP Rider and Maui’s elite trainer. Indo Board & TRX Rip Trainer demos.

Mass start of all paddlers, 3 buoy turns. Hit the beach running through beach circuit course then run to board complete second lap, return to beach for final beach circuit course then to finish and high fives!

Awesome raffle prizes from our generous sponsors for participants and finishers! (must be registered, participate, and finish to be eligible )

6:30 am – Drop off boards at drop off station near bathrooms ( we highly encourage
car pooling – parking limited )
7:00 am – On site registration, sign waiver, receive wrist band, register for prize
drawing (Participant Cap, 75 )
8:15 am – Indo Board & TRX Rip Trainer Demo Suzie Cooney
8:45 am – Skippers meeting, challenge and course review
9:00 am – SUP & Fitness Challenge Start!

To see course map go to

Need to rent a board for the event? Call the Naish Maui Pro Center: 808.871.1500