H1 Hydrofoil Wing: 30% larger Hoverglide Wing…great slow speed kite foil, good larger wave surf foil or for lighter riders, great slow speed wake foil.

H2 Hydrofoil Wing: Flattened H1 foil with the most lift of any of the “H” series wings. Very stable and stock wing with FSurf and Fwind hydrofoil package.

H3 Hydrofoil Wing: Tow-in Wing for tow-in surf and speed nuts…emphasis on the “nuts”

H4 Hydrofoil Wing: “bat wing” Slow speed and very dynamic great surf foil for most conditions and a fun slow speed wing for behind the boat

H5 Hydrofoil Wing: This is the stock hoverglide wing for kite foiling, can be used for larger waves with high speed and the stock foil for the Wake Surfer.

2018 Slingshot Surf Foil
How to Foil ► SUP Hydrofoil for Beginners


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