7 things freedivers ALWAYS do | Freediving Tips and Tutorials

Freediving Tips and Tutorials: 7 things freedivers ALWAYS do.

So you want to learn how to freedive? This video covers some basics to get your started. No matter where you learn freediving, the course will cover the items in the list.

***Online and Youtube Freediving tips and tutorials are great ways to learn about freediving. But, Youtube IS NOT a substitute for proper freedive training. Use this video is a basic guide before going on to seek more professional advice***

Full list of the tips and explanations from the video can be found here: http://www.freediverhd.com/2014/03/7-things-freedivers-always-do.html

If you do decide to start freediving as a sport, I hope all you guys will go on to learn to freediving from a professional freediving instructor.

The 2 most popular freediving courses are SSI, and AIDA, and you will receive a certification card. Groups of freedivers who so serious freediving training will often insist you have a certification before letting your train with the group or act as a buddy for others.

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