The breathe up, how to breathe for freediving and freediving breathing techniques are the topics covered in this video and is possibly the most essential information for us as freedivers. Freediving breathing techniques and a correct breathe up ensure safety, comfort in the water and also allow freedivers to hold their breath longer.

– How to breathe up?
– What is hyperventilation?
– What breathing is safest?

Questions about breathing techniques for freediving and breath holds are some of the most common questions that I get asked so I hope this video answers some of those questions!

One of the issues that i’ve been grappling with is that I don’t want to create content that people feel supersedes freediving courses. At the same time though I get so many questions from so many divers who simply do not and will never have enough money to take a freediving course. So this video had been made for those people. Those who cannot afford the information and training that others can.

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