How to hold your breath longer. There are no tricks to holding your breath longer and becoming a better freediver but there are ways that you can train. This tutorial details how to train for freediving, what aspects of our bodies we are training when we hold our breath, specific freediving techniques and the best exercises to maximise your natural freediving ability.

How do I hold my breath longer is probably the most common question that I get asked and the truth is that there is no simple answer. It’s also impossible to put all the information to increasing your breath hold into one video so I will be releasing several videos on the topic.

The information in this video really does require you to have some prior freediving knowledge like:

-How to breathe before a dive
-How to rescue a blackout
-Hypoxia and Carbon Dioxide theory
-Basic freediving safety

amit inbar sup foil 2 k long wave staeboard wide point 8'2 and go foil-עמית ענבר גולש סאפ פוויל
The Maliko Run Downwind Paddle on Maui


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