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Lately I’ve had nothing but freediving and getting back in the water on my mind. Gio, who has his own YouTube Channel Wilderness Medic, invited me to Mendocino to go abalone diving. He goes over basic safety tips for the Omer Allien freediving mask for anyone who is considering freediving or spearfishing. The following day I go over the regulations for abalone hunting which there are many. Penalties include thousands of dollars in fines, vehicles impounded, license’s permanently suspended and even jail time. Please learn any rules and regulations before taking up a new fishing activity.

We caught our limit of abalone and I even speared my first fish. It was a striped surf perch. Once we went home, I prepared the abalone and tried it sashimi style again and I breaded the tenderized abalone with panko flakes, after coating the meat in eggs salt and pepper. It was delicious!

Freediving Breathe Up and How to Breathe for Freediving: hold your breath longer
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