Join Bay Area resident Tom Sher as he paddle surfs 10 miles downwind on the famous Maliko Run on Maui, many paddlers’ dream. Go with him on his journey and learn how he prepared, what it felt like paddling in big open ocean surf and what surprised him the most!

The Maliko Run on Maui is an epic 10-mile open ocean downwinders paradise for those who love the ocean and for the most experienced paddle athletes. You must train, be safety minded and prepared.

Paddlers come from around the world who prone paddle, surfski, enjoy OC1 and OC2 and of course many stand up paddlers are also testing their skills.

It is a place that must be respected and treasured where everyone keeps each other safe. When in doubt, don’t go out. Always, ALWAYS wear a leash, wear bright clothing, take your phone or better, GPS radios and only go with the most experienced.

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