Waka Ama/OC-1 Saturday 3/12/16 and Prone Paddleboard Surf Race 3/13/16 with #TheUltimateWaterman in #NewZealand. Super stoked to start this major competition with some good momentum racking up points from my 4th place finish in OC-1 and my 1st place finish in the Prone Paddleboard Surf Race/Paddleboard Surf Life Rescue! Mahalo Dolphin water crafts for the amazing Prome Paddleboard and mahalo Kai Wa’a Hawaiian canoes for my Pink Standup For The Cure edition OC-1/Waka Ama! Mahalo Pulama Collier and the Pacifica Festival for all the mana and good times at the Hawai’i Halau workshop and at the Pacifica Festival!

Who is JOB 4.0 PREMIERE - Soft-top surfing at Jaws Ep. 1
My Irish Mother Nature by Conor Maguire


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