“CHIMNEYS” Inside Downwind Run – Long Island, USA – Nov 2017

This “Inside” downwind run starts at Nothport Fishing and Boat Ramp opposite the Northport Power Station, Long Island, NY, USA and ends at the mouth of the Nissequogue River near Kings Park Bluff and the Old Dock Inn. It works in a NWW wind and is 6.5miles / 10.5kms long.

On this day we ere planning on ending at West Meadows Beach heading towards the chimneys on the other side of Smithtown Bay of the Port Jefferson Power Station which is due east of the Northport Power station, but the wind was not in the right direction. Had we done this it, we would have completed the “Chimneys Outer Downwind Run”.

Conditions were pretty radical with winds gusting 30 knots. Boards were SICMaui F16v3, SIC Bullet 14v1 TWC and Blue Planet Bump Rider 14 x 27″

All riders wore leashes, full PFDs, and carried VHF radios. In addition 2 riders carried PLBs

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