Meet The French Brigade – The Incredible Frenchie Family “That Gives Back” and Feeds The Homeless!

These pups tear it up on a board, but they do more than play! Meet “The French Brigade”! Using their popularity, they “Give Back” by raising money for those in need and everyday they accompany their owner Miguel Escobar to donate food to the homeless. These Pups really know a thing or two about “The Power of Positivity!”

Marzig, Maximus, Major, Shanti Rose, Magnum, Moose, Money & Maverick are the infamous French Bulldogs of South Bay, California. These dogs can be seen skateboarding, paddle boarding, or running.

The French Bulldog known as the Frenchie is a small breed of domestic dog. Frenchies were the result in the 1800s of a cross between bulldog ancestors imported from England and local ratters in Paris.

The French Brigade is a crew of six French Bulldogs from Hermosa Beach, California. Like true Southern Californians, they love to skateboard, hang out at the beach, and SUP (paddle board).

They might be the coolest dog crew around!

Miguel Escobar spends time training some of the pooches to skateboard. With their low center of gravity, the pups take to skateboarding quite nicely. You might see them practicing their skills on The Strand. The French Brigade is a group of French Bulldog owners from the beach cities who arrange play dates for the canines. “Frenchies like to play with other dogs, but they really love to play with each other.”

Miguel Escobar trained his eight French bulldogs to cruise around on his skateboard. They’re known around SoCal as “The French Brigade,” and using their popularity as a way to give back to the community and the world!


To Rescue. At Bullies and Buddies we are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing bullies and other buddy breeds in Southern California.

Through love, training and patience, we have come to know and love each and every dog we’ve rescued as if they were ours. They’re all little angels and we want them to succeed. For this reason, we pledge to never take on more dogs than we can properly care for.

We are a foster based rescue and we rely solely on volunteers and donors to keep our doors open. We encourage you to join us on our mission and help make a difference to a dog in need.

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The French Brigade – Breaking World Records
Goal: Up to 30 Dogs on One Stand Up Paddle Board

Join Miguel Escobar, his French Brigade Dogs, and Julia Metcalf on September 30, 2017 in an attempt to set a World Record for the “Most dogs on a Stand Up Paddle Board”. All proceeds will benefit Hurricane Relief, Got Kids?, and Bullies and Buddies charities.

Six French Bulldogs and 25 fellow South Bay dogs have set a world record for the most dogs on a stand-up paddleboard. The record breaking event took place Saturday in King Harbor. The six bulldogs belong to Miguel Escobar, who regularly takes them stand-up paddling in King Harbor and skateboarding down the Hermosa Beach Strand. Escobar began preparing for the world record challenge six weeks ago by recruiting other dogs he saw stand-up paddling in King Harbor with their owners. The dogs rode a 17-foot long, 7-foot wide SupSquatch stand-up from Tarsan Stand-Up Paddleboards. Funds raised will benefit Frenchies Feed the Homeless.

Some members of the French (Bulldog) Brigade would rather cruise down The Strand on skateboards. Walking is so passe. Until you fall off. Chances are you’ve seen Miguel Escobar and his team of French bulldogs he fondly refers to as The French Brigade. They walk, they run, they skateboard and they paddle together in King Harbor Marina and along The Strand.

Miguel Escobar, and his Brigade of French Bulldogs, are known for skateboarding down the Hermosa Beach Strand daily. They can also be found feeding the homeless along the way. Besides feeding, providing, and maintaining bikes for the homeless in the South Bay as well as Los Angeles city regularly, Escobar, has done volunteer work in countries such as Haiti, Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, and Ecuador. He has created Mpire Ventures, a charitable organization, that raises money for local charities through the popularity of The French Brigade – his way of allowing the dogs to give back to the people. For more information about the French Brigade please visit as well as updates can be found at “The French Brigade Breaking World Records” on Facebook.

We are known in SoCal the French Brigade. We skate, run, jet ski, tube, paddle board and swim. We use our popularity to bring awareness to amazing causes. 🌎❤️

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