George Greenough – Deep Tube Riding | Inner(lost) Limits of Pure Fun

Pioneer surf cinematographer, filmmaker and board designer George Greenough recently found some lost 16mm waveriding footage from the late ‘60s. It has never been seen… until now.

Long before HD video cameras went digital and dinky, Santa Barbara native George Greenough was strapping a full-sized film camera to his back and capturing POV footage from inside the tube. Not only did he envision the shot, he hand-built the water housing for his camera to make it happen. It was just one innovation of many from a man who helped define modern surfing as much as anyone in history.

Fast forward to 2014 and George is still inventing new ways to experience the ocean. The guys at Patagonia Australia caught up with George recently and he mentioned finding some lost footage from the days of shooting “The Innermost Limits of Pure Fun.” With support from Patagonia, George cut the footage together and added narration explaining his motivation and techniques for getting the shots. Music by Band of Frequencies brings a taste of the psychedelic vibe that permeated the original film. The footage premiered in August 2014 at Patagonia’s Cardiff, Santa Monica and Bowery surf shops, and now we’re releasing it for posterity.

We hope you enjoy this six-minute glimpse into surfing’s past. Special thanks to George, Glen Casey, Johnny Abegg and the crew at Patagonia Australia for making it possible.

More on George and this clip:

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