I edited some of the best footage from one of the best surf movies out there “Second Thoughts” for your viewing pleasure all in a 9 minute clip. These three (Timmy, Travis, Brett) are legends for going out and exploring the unexplored all for the love of surfing! It is my dream to one day get to travel and surf Panaitan after already having great luck in the Mentawais and Bali back in 2006.

Blackwatch & Quivver – “Loveless”

Alone on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, three surfers bring us some of the most amazing surfing footage from one of the most dangerous reefs in the world! Timmy Turner and friends Travis Potter and Brett Schwartz allow viewers to come along with them for a month long adventure, braving the elements, struggling to provide food and water, hoping to avoid injury, and non-stop surfing!

Surfing Big Epic Swamis from the movie Longboard by Ron Dziubla/Melenhead


Super Sessions

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