The writing was on the wall days before the swell even arrived, Winter storm Riley was going to deliver the goods to New Jersey. What people didn’t expect was just how long the wind and swell would stay in good graces. “It’s firing again” became an Instagram Stories mantra as locals dealt with leg burning long lefts for multiple days. As word got out, it became a rush of planes trains, and automobiles, as homebodies left their beloved zones, some heading south from New England which failed to fire (until today or the time of this post) and Outer Banks had Brett barley and others driving north with a visitor pass. The following edit above is filmed and edited (just-off-the-jet) by ace cinematographer Blake Michel with some of the local East Coast talent including Rob Kelly, Duran Barr, Brett Barley, Simon Hetrick, Stevie Pittman, Brad Flora, Michael Ciaramella, Sam Hammer, Schuyler Allen, Gilly, Shane Borland, Jude Clark, and Seth Conboy .

Photo: Shawn Casey

Race 9 FNB HiQMarine Series 2018 - Massive Swell
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