The Holy Grail is a great daily driver for waves that range in the 1-6’ surf. The overall outline of this board is unlike anything I have seen or ridden in my 34 years of surfing.
The tail is unique in many ways and the combination of rocker, and bottom contours make this board user friendly and silky smooth from rail to rail with speed.

The Holy Grail in 1-3 surf is very fast down the line because of its low – medium entry rocker and straight or staged rocker running through the center of the board. It also has the wide point a little front from center for additional foam under the chest which makes it a great paddler.

In the 3-6’ surf I felt confident off the bottom and in the pocket due to its medium to aggressive tail rocker, and pulled in tail design. This board combined with the Future Flex construction makes this board very versatile and fun to ride in variety of wave sizes and conditions.

This is a favorite of mine for 2017 for sure and I believe everyone should have one in their quiver!!!

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